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FTEC105 Laboratory Exercise No.

4 DRYING/DEHYDRATION METHODS Introduction Objectives: This laboratory exercise helps students to identify the different dried products made from some of the commodities found in the Philippines and to determine the drying methods used for each product. Methodology: Each group will be given two agricultural products/commodities found in the country and they will need to identify/enumerate the possible dried products that can be made from each commodity. In addition, the drying methods for these dried products must also be determined and discussed. Finally, the group will decide which drying method is the best for each dried product. Results of this activity must be tabulated in the written report based on the format below. Each group must also prepare a powerpoint presentation of their outputs to be reported on the next lecture class. COMMODITY DRIED PRODUCTS DRYING METHODS USED BEST DRYING METHOD USED

Group 1 Ube, Mango Group 2 Potato, Pineapple Group 3 Cassava, Pepper Group 4 Banana, Coffee Group 5 Philippine culinary herbs (choose 1), Coconut

Results and Discussion Conclusion