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High School

Course Aim
Approach marketing as an integrated set of tasks and functions. To build a skill
and knowledge base that combines the ideals of economics, finance, career
planning, and strategic planning.

Course Description
Students will lean about the various functions of marketing and it’s history. They
will also discover how each function works together in the real world. Students
will learn the strategic integration of marketing and how it is always changing.


Marketing (second edition) by James L. Burrow, Thompson-Southwestern 2006


Throughout the semester course, students will earn pints for:

• Homework assignments
• Essays
• Projects
• Quizzes / Tests

The final semester grade will be based on the following scale/criteria: one-quarter grade
(40%), a second quarter grade (40%), and a semester exam (20%).

Course Outline:

Chapter 1 – Marketing Today

• What is Marketing
• Businesses Need Marketing
• Understanding the Marketing Concept
• Marketing’s Role Today and Tomorrow

Chapter 2 – Marketing’s Impact on Society

• The Impact of Marketing

• Criticisms of Marketing
• Increasing Social Responsibility
Chapter 3 – Marketing Begins With Economics

• Scarcity and Private Enterprise

• Observing the Law of Supply and Demand
• Types of Economic Competition
• Enhancing Economic Utility

2nd Quarter

Chapter 6 – Marketing and Customers

• Consumer Behavior
• What Motivates Buyers
• Types of Decision Making

Chapter 7 – Competition is Everywhere

• Market Segments
• Competitive Advantage
• Competing for Marketing Segments
• Learning About Competition

Chapter 9 – The Marketing Strategy

• Developing a Marketing Strategy

• Assessing Marketing Mix
• Product Purchase Classification
• Plan for Marketing
• Develop a Marketing Plan


Semester Exam