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By: Brother Claudas M. El - From: Moorish Holy Temple


The Moors, descendants of the ancient Moabites were the root of civilization. They were the founders and the master builders of the present Holy City of Mecca, located in Saudi Arabia. The ancient Moabites were a people always on the move. They received permission from the Pharoahs of Egypt in ancient times to settle and inhabit North-West Africa, (America today). They were the founders and are the true possessors of the present Moroccan Empire. The historical events took place long before the great earthquake which caused the great Atlantic Ocean, when the great city of Atlantis stood where the Atlantic Ocean stands today. When the Ancient Moabites use to trade and transport with their brothers in the surrounding Kingdoms. These historic events took placed long before Europe was even thought about. RELIGION The religion the ancient Moabites followed was the Islamic faith, (the oldest in the world). A Moslem faith which came from the heart of Allah. The Moors were responsible for the arts, science, and mathematics which the world owe its debt to today. FIRST NATIONAL FLAG The first flag in the world was the Moorish flag. The Moorish flag is over 10,000 years old. It is red with a five pointed green start in the center. The five pointed green star stands for Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. HISTORY OF THE MOORISH FLAG About 2,000 years ago when Jesus of Nazareth was born, (in Bethlehem of Judah in the house of David), the Moorish flag stood. The Moorish flag also has great history in the battle of 1812. In that year, the flag went down in what is called Battle Creek, Michigan, the last and longest stand of the Moors of North-West Africa against the conquering European armies. T. Compte Bey, a Moorish Sheik and leader of the last Moorish Armies went down under Old Glory, (the Moorish flag). At that time all of Europe was on the move to settling in the so-called New World as well as parts of the Asia and South-East Africa. The Moorish flag went down under the conquering French-European armies who established a FrenchMoroccan colony (in that country) in the year 19123 A.D. 100 years after the Moorish flag went down in Battle Creek, Michigan, U.S.A. The Moorish flag did not go up again in America until 1925, 113 years later when Prophet Nobel Drew Ali was sent to earth by Allah, (the never sleeping God), to uplift fallen humanity. Drew Ali went to Washington, D.C. at the time of the Coolidge Administration and asked for the Moorish flag, which was hidden in the vaults for 113 years.



The Moorish flag went up in Morocco 44 years later when the Moors of that North-East African country received their independence from France. March 2, 1956, Prime Minister Bekkar from Morocco and M. Pinean from France signed the agreement that restored Moroccos full independence. Lives were lost to achieve the freedom from the French MORE ON ANCIENT MOORISH HISTORY Long before the coming of Jesus of Nazareth, the Europeans who were living in the mountains of Europe, (in the Stone Age period), were on their way into becoming nations. The first known European leaders to establish a nation was Romulus and Remus, who as babies were nursed by a she-wolf in a mountain cave. In later years they were the founders of the Eternal City, Rome, Italy which became a Roman Empire in later years. Prophets had come and gone since the rise of Europe. One of the great Prophets to come on the scene 2,000 years ago was Jesus of Nazareth, who was the true blood of the ancient Canaanites and Moabites. Jesus was sent to earth by Allah to redeem the Israelites from the iron hand oppression of the pale-skin nations of Europe, (Rome) who were governing a portion of Palestine at that time. Rome crucified him according to their law. There was peace for a long time, (622 years) until Mohammed came upon the scene and fulfilled the works of Jesus. Mohammed the Conqueror, (570-632 A.D.). Founder of the uniting of Islam in the Middle East. Before the coming of Mohammed who was (Jesus Reincarnated), the Moslems of Asia and Africa began turning away from the religion of Islam, the same religion taught by Jesus years before. They started worshiping idols and statues. Mohammed unlike Jesus started spreading the religion of Islam with the sword through out Arabia. He became known as Prophet Mohammed the Conqueror, founder of the Uniting of Islam in the Middle East. His famous words were, There is but one God, ALLAH, and Mohammed is his Prophet. The onslaught of Moslem warriors took the world by surprise. In 121 years they had conquered all of Arabia, Egypt, Persia, and the North coast of Africa. THE MOORS HELP ON THE SPREAD OF THE RELIGION The Moors were the ones who spread the religion of Islam to the North Coast of Africa. In the year 711 A.D., 89 years after Mohammed had passed, the Moors invaded Spain. They invaded by way of Gibraltar. The Moors settled in Spain. They brought a rich and splendid culture to that backward land whose people along with the rest of Europe were still in the somewhat dark ages with their mid-evil superstitious beliefs. The Moors at that time and long before had a large Moorish Empire. The location was Morocco, North-East Africa itself and North-West and South-West Africa, known today as North and South America. This vast Empire existed long before the great earthquake which caused the Atlantic Ocean up until Europe invaded the so-called New World. The Moors invasion of Spain coincided with the decline of Visighoth, ruler and King Roderic who was overthrown. During Moorish rule in Spain, the Spaniards were allowed to exercise their own religion, Christianity under Catholicism. The Moors ruled Spain for 800 years.

MOHAMED 2nd OF 1453 A.D.


In the 15th century, ALLAH once again sent the spirit of the Prophet back to earth. This time in the form of Sultan Mohammed II, the conqueror who was this time of Turkish nationality. In the year 1453 A.D. the Turks under the leaders hip of Mohammed 2nd stormed the city of Istanbul, the Capital of Turkey which had fallen into decay from the Eastern Rome Empire who had conquered the city years before. After Conquering the city the name of Istanbul was changed to Constantinople. Immediately after the defeat of the Romans, Sultan Mohammed ordered the famous Byzantine Church of St. Sophia to be converted into a Mosque as symbolizing the transformation of Constantinople into the Capital of a great Moslem Empire, Mohammed was the sponsor of many charitable institutions and government reforms. MOSLEM EMPIRES DECLINED In the 15th century, the Moslem empires were declining as Europe began to climb to power over parts of Asia and Africa. In the year 1492 A.D. or about that time, it was also the declining of Moorish rule in Spain and later a complete fall to slavery in what was later to be known the world over as in the country of North America. After a long battle in Spain, the Moors finally was defeated and exiled. At that time the ruling of the Moroccan Empire itself was ruled by Ben Husive, whose name became well known during the great wars between the Moors and Spain. In the final days of the battle when the Spaniard had the upper hand, a large number of the Moorish armies retreated back to North-West Africa, (America). They retreated to their main headquarters which was said to be called today, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. WHO HELPED THE SETTLES CONQUER THE MOORS AND ESTABLISH A CHRISTIAN GOVERNMENT?_____ Going back into history of the 17th century through the teachings of Brother Prophet Noble Drew Ali Reincarnated, we find that the Moors were not the only inhabitance of North-West Africa. There were also as we know them today, the American Indians who are really, the Shiminites of the Shiminite tribes, the brothers of the Moors who also lived in the Americas. Unlike the Moors who were always industrious, the Shiminites were a lazy group of people under Moorish rule in a Moorish Government at that time. When the intruders first came to what they called, The New World, the so-called Indians who at that time spoke the language of their brothers and the Moos betrayed them to the Europeans. The intruders being a stranger to the New World used the Shiminites as army scouts against the Moors and also as scouts for the wagon trains when they began moving west. The Shiminites would show the enemies where they stood a possible chance of defeating the Moorish armies. The Shiminites also would show the enemies where the Moors kept their families hidden when they went out to battle. The Moors use to hide their families in the mountain caves to protect them from the enemies when they went out to battle. When the Moors returned to the caves, they would find their families slaughtered. This method of battle in later years proved to be one of the main causes for European victory over the Moors. Another method the Europeans used was to call a so-called peace conference between themselves and the Moorish Chieftains. While holding the conference and smoking the peace pipes, they would offer the Chieftains high-spirited drinks, get them drunk and kill them out; (now what good is an army without its leaders?).



The Shiminites were paid and paid well for their part in the eventual defeat of the Moors. They were put on what was set aside as Indian Reservations. On the reservations they were taken are of by the new government which still holds true for today. From about 1412 until 1774, 282 years, the Moors were losing the battle to the enemies. 1774 found a large percentage of the Moorish nation was defeated and conquered. Some of the Moorish armies in the mid-west remained free and still were fighting. They were classified by the established European government as renegades. Rewards and bounties were placed on their heads. NATIONALITY AND BIRTHRIGHTS TAKEN AWAY FROM MOORS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by 1774, most of the Moorish armies were defeated. The European settlers did nothing to the Moors at first. They just studied them, the way they ate, lived and act. After being conquered and put into slavery, all history of the Moors and put into slavery, all history of the Moors and their teachings were collected by the Europeans and burned. In the year 1779 at 6th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Moors were stripped of their names were Bey and El, dating back in ancient times to Abraham and Hagar, who were really Abraham El and Hagar Bey. NEGRO, BLACK AND COLORED The degrading names of Negroes, Black, colored, Ethiopians, coon, dark and shine, which had no connection with civilization was put upon the Moors of Northwest Africa, (now the United States of America). The Moors were never to rise as a nation of proud people again, so said the governing Europeans at that time. They were put into slavery, bound in chains and sold to European slave Masters who used them in the South, mostly on the plantations that great cotton, sugar, tobacco, and rubber. The slave masters also used the slaves on the eastern waterfronts and the Mississippi River. They used them on any other job that needed manpower. THE SLAVE TRAINS A large percentage of the slaves were used in the south because of the plantations and the need for more manpower in the south because of the plantations and the need for more manpower. The slaves were not brought to America from Africa as the European so-called Historians put it in their books. The Truth is that the Moors living in the north were sold on the slave markets in the northern cities. After being sold, they were chained to each other and forced to march on the roads to the south. They were forced to march while the slave masters and their helpers rode horses, carrying guns and whips to keep the Moors from rebelling. Some of the slaves would make it on the long march and some would not. The sisters with babies were made to carry them in sacks, on their backs. The sisters expecting were made to walk, some losing their babies before they were even born. The number of slaves that were moved to the south was so great that the north was left with only a hand full of Moors.



CONQUERED TERRITORIES BECAME BRITISH, COLONIES, 1763-1776 In the year 1763, when the European conquering settlers from England was gaining the upper hand in the great battles between themselves and the Moors of North-West Africa, the conquered territories became colonies under the British Empire. This was eleven years before the Moors were conquered, their names, nationality and birthrights taken from them. A government was set up over the English territories by the King of England who had complete authority in those days. The governor ran the colonies, collecting taxes from the settlers for the British Empire. Orders were transferred back and forth from England to North-West Africa by British ships which carried the Kings messengers back and forth. By 1776, after thirteen years under British rule, the settlers of North-West Africa wanted independence from England. These were the poor class settlers who in the old country came from the gallows for crimes committed against the British crown. In England during that period of time, criminals convicted of various crimes including rape and murder had a choice in some cases. They either served their time in the gallows of England or volunteer their services to the crown by going to the British Colonies in the New World and help in its new developments. These were the people who later broke away from England and started the revolution. From their new armies, the self stylers picked a man to lead them against the British. His name, George Washington. MOORS DEFEATED TWO YEARS BEFORE THE REVOLUTION. The Moors were defeated two years before the out break of the revolution. Before the settlers broke away from the British, the Moors were defeated with the combined forces of British Troops and settlers. WAR LASTED SEVEN YEARS The war lasted seven years with the defeat of England. Independence Day was established on the Fourth of July 1783, Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania, which became the Capitol of the New Continental United States. General George Washington was elected its first President. He was called by the European settlers, The Father of our Country. The Constitution to run the new government and other famous government documents were drawn up about the time of the new said governments establishment. A promise was made that the defeated Moors would never rise as a nation of people again. SLAVERY TIME The Moors were put in total slavery. They were forced to march from the north to the south on foot while the new slave masters rode on horse back with the whips and the guns. The sisters with babies were forced to carry them in sacks on their backs. If they were too much in weight, the sisters were made to leave their helpless babies on the country road-sides.

SLAVERY TIME (continued)


Mothers to be were also made to walk, losing their unborn in some cases. The migration of slaves that moved south was so great that the north was left with only a hand full of Moors. The Moors were sold on the slave blocks in the southern cities. They were also sold on slave blocks in the northern cities and shipped south. SECOND GENERATION IN SLAVERY BOTH PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY The slaves of 1779, the first generation were only slaves physically. Bound in chains only. Mentally as afar as their minds went, they were free. The Moors knew who they were and where they came from. The on coming generation were different. At birth, they were taken away from families and raised by the slave masters in their homes. This act was one of the greatest physiologies pulled off by the European settlers. The slave masters taught the second generation what they wanted to. The words Negro, black, colored and act became a part of the young slaves hearts and minds. The slaves were taught that their slave masters were White. Definition: White meaning purity, purity meaning God, and God meaning the Rulers of the Land. These teachings became a part of the lives of the second enslaved Moorish generation. The ideologies of the European teachings grew in the Moors up until the 20th century which still goes strong. During the early part of slavery, the masters form time to time had rebellion among their slaves. To keep them in line, the Europeans set examples out of some of the slaves while others were forced to look on with horror. The rebellious slaves were put out against the wall, long nails were driven through their ears and the slaves were pulled from the wall with their ears still hanging there. Some were even hung from trees. This kind of example kept others in line. MOORS SUFFER FINAL DEFEAT The last of the Moorish armies left was located in the mid-west. The armies were led by Sheik T. Compte BEY. The European armies met BEY and his forces in the mid-west in one of the most bloodiest and longest battles ever fought in America. It became known as the battle of 1812. T. Compte BEY and his Moorish armies went down with the Moorish Flag in that great battle. The Europeans named the area where the battle took place, Battle Creek, Michigan. The Moorish Flag was never to come up again until 1925, (113 years later), when Prophet Noble Drew Ali was to come upon the scene. The Moors in their final days before complete defeat took all their riches, their gold, silver, and etc., put them in the mountains and a Moorish Sheik or Sheikess sunk the mountains beneath the earth, never to rise again while the Europeans were rulers of the so-called New World. As time went on, there have been some gold and silver discoveries in the north and south west, but all the Moorish riches have never been discovered up to the so-called Modern Times. METHODS USED TO SET SLAVES AGAINST ONE ANOTHER The slave masters in their dealings with the slaves created dislikes among the Moors, now so-called

METHODS USED TO SET SLAVES AGAINST ONE ANOTHER (continued) Negroes and etc. They set the darker complexion Moors against the fairer ones.


The darker ones were made to work in the fields while the fairer ones did the house duties. In some cases, the house slaves were used to spy on the ones working in the fields. They were called the Uncle Toms. FORCED INTO CHRISTIANITY The Moors during the time of slavery were forced into Christianity with the whip and gun. The first church the Moors were forced to attend was The First African Baptist Church of Richmond, Virginia. Today the church is located in the same area, as it was three hundred (300) years ago. (Location, 14th and Broad Streets. The heart of downtown Richmond, Virginia. A Moorish Historic Land Mark. At time went on, the elders of the Moors passed on, leaving the second generation whom was under the slave masters influence. The slave masters no longer needed to stand over the Moors and preach. The job was turned over to the second and third generation of Moors who now knew only the slave marks of Negro, Black, Colored, etc. TWO FAMOUS MEN OF THE 19TH CENTURY Before the 19th century came to a close, two great history makers of that time came in the making. John Brown, who long before the start of the civil war formed a small group of European followers, (Europeans in the forms) called the abolitionist. Their mission, to emancipate, (to set free) the enslaved Moors from the southern slave masters, bringing them north, across the Mason-Dixon line to freedom. Abraham Lincoln was the second to go down in history, becoming the sixteenth (16th) President of the United States of America. Lincoln was responsible for the physical freeing of the Moors in 1865 A.D. after five (5) years of civil war between the north and south. JOHN BROWN The man responsible for the emancipating of the Moors from southern slave holders. Browns actions at that time were considered a crime to both the north and south since a civil war was not in the making at the time. Browns raid in 1859 conspicuous figured in the bloody struggle from Kansas. At that time Brown was determined to emancipate the Moors, (as many as he could) to freedom. With few followers, Brown seized the Federal Arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia, planning to use it as a base for his operations. Brown was captured, found guilty of treason and murder, and hanged. ABRAHAM LINCOLN 1860 saw the elections of Abraham Lincoln from the state of Illinois, a Republican. After his successful election into the White House, Civil War broke out between the states. The Northern states became known as The Union States of America. The South, the Confederate States of America. The President of the Confederate States, Jefferson Davis who was said to have had children from a Moorish sister, at that time known as Negro or Colored woman. The war was finally won by the north with the help of freed slaves in the year 1865 with the coming later of the Reconstruction period, the uniting of the north and the south once again as one nation.



President Lincoln only half finished his job. The Moors were never given back their nationality and birthrights which would have made them once more a nation of people again. They were turned loose only physically. They were given the last name of their former slave masters. Example: Williams, Thomas, Watson, Anderson, Jones, Smith, and etc., which did not connect them with any nation of people. Lincoln wanted to do more for the ex-slaves. As a person knowing the truth, he wanted the names, nationality and birthrights returned to the Moors. This act was never accomplished. LINCOLN TAKES SECOND FOUR YEAR TERM OATH OF OFFICE, BUT NEVER LIVED TO COMPLETE IT President Abraham Lincoln, (Born February 12, 18090-1865), took his second four year term oath of office, January 1865 but did not live long to complete that second four year term. For Friday evening April 14th, six days after the surrender of the Confederate Army at Appomattox, the President was assassinated at the Ford Opera Theater, Washington, D.C. while attending an opera program with his wife. Saturday, April 15th, (the next day) Lincoln passed at 7:21 a.m. With the assassination of President Lincoln, the Negro problems still remained unsolved. The answer to the great problem as not touched or solved until Prophet Noble Drew Ali, founder to the uniting of Islam in America came on the scene (48) years later. THE KKK The ending of the civil war did not bring a total end to the defeated southern Europeans thinking towards the Moors who were well known then as Negroes and etc. The diehards united together and organized a terrorist group dressed in white robes and hooded mask. They called themselves the Klu Klux Klan, (KKK), a European so-called white supremist cult whose main purpose, to terrorize, tar, feather, burn and hang the Moors through the south land without being recognized. Before getting their victims, the Klan would burn big crosses in front of the Moors home. This was their trademark even up to the present 20th century. The KKK members were any one from a regular towns men and country European citizens. Some of their members even held jobs as the town sheriff, the judge, the mayor and etc. Later the Klan cult were against the Catholics and the so-called Jews living in America. They became the most feared cult group in America even up tot he 20th century. THE VIGILANTES Another organized cult in the south were known as the Vigilantes. They were also made up of European citizens who took the law into their own hands when they thought the Sheriff and his deputies were not doing their jobs right. In most cases the Vigilantes took the law into their own hands and most of the time, the victims, (especially the Moors) ended up hanging from the nearest tree.



At the turn of the century, (from the 19th to the 20th century), the welcome doors of America ruled by the Europeans opened for their immigrant brothers and sisters of Europe who came to the United States of America to seek a new start in life. They came in large numbers from England, Ireland, Italy, Poland and etc. The United States of America became a dumping grounds of the trash collect from all parts of Europe. They had settled mostly on the eastern coast of America. THIRD MAN COMES TO THE AIDE OF THE MOORS OF AMERICA Prophet Noble Drew Ali, (1886-1929). Before the close of the 19th century, Allah the never sleeping God of the Universe sent a Redeemer to Earth who could do job 16th President of the United States could not complete. Prophet Noble Drew Ali was the man. The man to finally break the great Roman Seal and lived to talk about it.

THE BIRTH OF THE PROPHET It was said by one of the very elderly living members of the 20th century, that when the Prophet was born on that day of January 8, 1886, there was a tremendous earthquake, (the Prophets Spirit hitting the Earth). Prophet Noble Drew Ali was born among the members of the Cherokee tribes in the state of North Carolina. It marked the first time the spirit of a Prophet of Allah had been on earth since 1400 A.D., (486 years) who at that time was Prophet Mohammed 2nd. PROPHET GOES TO EGYPT After reaching the age of manhood, the Prophet went to Egypt. The Egyptian Sages, who were Wise men of the Middle East, knew of the coming of the Western Prophet before he set foot on Egyptian soil. When the Prophet arrived, the Sages took him to the Egyptian College where Jesus of Nazareth attended almost 2,000 years, before. The Sages put the straps on his back. The Prophet went through the Halls of Learning, as did Jesus before him. The Sages took the Prophet to the great Egyptian Pyramids, (located in the desert, where the first Prophet, Gersire of about 75,000 years before, wrote on the walls of the Pyramids, revelations of the future.) In the Pyramids, the Sages took the Prophet 2,000 feet down into the secret chambers where he conquered the spirits of the fire, water, earth, and air. Later the Prophet returned to America to start on his great mission. He was first called The Egyptian Adapt.) REVIEW OF THE PROPHETS YOUTHFUL PERIOD It was said the Prophets Mother passed before the young baby grew into boyhood. It was also said that before passing, his mother had a great feeling that her son would be a great leader some day. Before passing, the Prophet's Mother entrusted the child in the care of her sister asking her to Take care of my

REVIEW OF THE PROPHETS YOUTHFUL PERIOD (continued) Son, for one day he will have a great job to do.


The sister was very jealous of the child. One day after his Mother had passed, the Aunt put the young baby in the burning furnace, leaving him to die, but Allah the never sleeping God who had prepared the form in advance for the great work he was to do at manhood saved the child from the burning furnace. There were scars left on the one side of the Prophets face and hands as evidence of what he had been through as a child. The Prophet spent his younger life traveling with Gypsy group. While with Gypsies, the Prophet was blamed for a theft in the camp. An old Gypsy lady came to his defense and he was later cleared of the charges. ALLAH SPEAKS TO HIS PROPHET While walking alone one day the voices of Allah spoke to his future Prophet. He said, If you go, I will follow. The Prophet did not except the job at first, but the voice kept after him, If you go, I will follow. The Prophet did not except the job at first, but the voice kept after him, If you go, I will follow, until finally the Prophet excepted. The Prophet left the Gypsy camp never to return. He later went to Egypt. THE PROPHETS FORERUNNER Marcus Garvey, (1890-1940). Before Prophet Noble Drew Ali set out on his mission, a way was prepared for his coming by his forerunner, Marcus Garvey, (who was John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus almost 2,000 years before). Forerunner, meaning; one who prepares the people to meet the coming savior. In this case, it was Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Marcus Garvey could not go to the Asiatics of America and tell them their true identities, (of being Moors of America), because he himself was not a citizen of America as Prophet Noble Drew Ali was. Marcus Garvey was a Jamaican, West Indian from the Island of Jamaica, at that time, part of the British Empire. In those days, before the coming of the Prophet, foreigners from Europe, Asia, Africa, the West Indies, and etc., who came to the shores, of America were taken off the boats before coming into America. They were taken to a small Island out side New York Harbor and schooled by the European Immigration Officials concerning the Asiatics of America. The Immigration Officials told the foreigners that the dark people of America were known as Negroes, Black, Colored and etc. If one would make an attempt to tell the Asiatics, (Moors) who they were or get too friendly with them, they would be immediately deported back to their homeland. This law went for Marcus Garvey also because he too was a foreigner. So Garvey had to be careful in teaching his followers. He worked in silence with the so-called Negroes of America. Garvey organized what was called The Back to Africa Movement, which meant back in the mind to the teachings of the so-called Negroes ancient forefathers past. At one point, Garveys movement grew large in number. At one of his meetings which was attended by the young J. Pearsall who later became Brother J. Pearsall BEY, a member of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Garvey told the people, There is one coming, whose shoes I am not worthy to tie. When he comes, dont turn him away like a sift, but except his teachings and you will be all right. He was speaking of Prophet Noble Drew Ali.



Before out to teach, the Prophet traveled through out the south, examining the conditions of the Asiatics of America. He found in his examination that it was through the various slave name calling that caused the people to suffer as they did, not the shade of their skin that so many people thought held them back or down. 1913 A.D. - THE YEAR OF HAPPENINGS (EVENTS) The Prophet returned to the east coast to begin his great mission. Newark, New Jersey was the city Prophet Noble Drew Ali first started teaching. He began his mission at the youthful age of twenty-seven (27) years of age, 1913. The Prophet was very successful in drawing a large crowd in his first attempt. Later as time went on, the Prophets accomplishments were temporarily stopped. He received his first of many troubles to be faced him. A new comer came into the picture. He was an Arab from the Moslem Middle Eastern Country of Arabia, who came to Newark teaching Arabic. Being that the Moslem religion and the national side was new to the followers of Noble Drew Ali, the Abrabian became more interesting to mot of the people. The Prophet never taught a foreign language tot his followers. He taught the people in the language they knew all their lives, English, a language that has been with the people since slavery time, 134 years ago or so. The Prophets followers began leaving the Canaanite Temple, following a foreign stranger they knew nothing of. The Prophet spoke to some of his followers elaborating on the event that had taken place. He told the gathering how the foreigner had come in and scattered his children, (his followers). The Prophet predicted that something would over take the Arabian for what he had done.

1913 A.D. - THE YEAR OF HAPPENINGS (EVENTS)(continued)


1913 A.D. - THE YEAR OF HAPPENINGS (EVENTS)(continued)


The Prophet also said, You have a flag in Washington, now try and get it. Of course his followers did not know what the Prophet was talking about. If they had went, they would not have known what flag to ask for. The prediction came true, for later the language teacher was arrested in New York City for impersonation. Afterwards the Prophet left the city of Newark, knocking the dust of Newark off his boots. He journeyed west, teaching as he went. The Prophet settled in Chicago, Illinois a mid-western city, ranking as second largest city in America. Later the Prophets home and Headquarters was located at 3603 Indiana Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. WORLD WAR I In the year 1914 or so after the rebirth of Islam in America, World I broke out with Germany and Turkey against England and France, and a few years later the United States entered the war on the side of England and France. They came to be known as the Western Allies. During the war months, the United States declared that the war was a white mans war. The so-called Negroes of America were not drafted in World War I until America and its Western Allies began losing ground against powerful Germany. With these reports reaching the government officials, the Asiatics were immediately drafted into the Armies. The Germans sent word back across the battle fields of Europe saying, If you take the stovepipes out, (meaning the Asiatics), we will beat you. American not only kept the Asiatics in, they began putting smut on their faces passing for Asiatics which gained them advantages in the war.

PROPHET STOPS THE WAR In the year 1918 A.D., Germany's powerful Emperor Wilrlem Bill Kaizer with his planes and big army and nay forces was preparing to attack the United States of America who had entered the war. Prophet Noble Drew Ali personally intervened. He met the German Emperor on the battlefields of Europe and told Kaizer to turn back his armies. Kaizer refused. The Prophet reached up and pulled back the blue ethers and Kaizer saw legends of Moslem soldiers in full armor mounted on horses with their fezes and turbans, ready to ride in the defense of Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Upon seeing this miracle, the German Emperor said to the prophet that he would then go into Exile. He went into exile later and the war ended mysteriously with no explanation on either side of the fighting lines on what happened. A secret known only to the Moors of America. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS After gaining members in Chicago the Prophet told them in a statement, If the star and crescent did not appear on December 18, then I am not a Prophet of Allah. Friday, December 18, 1865 the star and crescent appeared in the heavens. Allahs sign to man that Noble Drew Ali was his Prophet and that Islam hung low in the western skies which was printed in the European newspaper across the nation.



The Prophet made an historic trip to Washington, D.C. in 1925 to get back the things that would make a nation of respected people out of the Moors of America. Before going, the Prophet needed money to obtain his objectives. Nothing was free in those days just like they are not free today. He made and sold Asiatic Tea, Oil, Compounds, and other things that were good for the form and sold them to his followers. In Washington, the President, Calvin Coolidge, the 30th Chief Executive of the United States at that time, did not want to see the Prophet. Diplomatic maneuvers were arranged to keep the Prophet out of the White House. Being a diplomat himself and a Prophet of Allah, the Moorish Leader got through the Security guards and into the White House without their knowledge. When the President looked around, there stood the Prophet. The Prophet unlike other so-called Asiatic leaders after his time, did not go to Washington asking for Civil Rights. He was a true Moorish Diplomat who had no one with him but Allah who spoke through him at all times. The Prophet asked the President for Divine Rights, (highest authority in the land), to call his people and teach the principles of their ancient forefathers the Islamic religion. The Prophet asked for the names and nationality which was taken away from the Moors back in the year 1779, (146 years before). THE PRESIDENTS ANSWER TO THE PROPHET The President told Prophet Noble Drew Ali, As long as I keep my schools and churches open, you wont get ten to follow you. In answer to the Presidents statement, the Prophet said, The sheep knows the Shepards voice. With that, the Prophet was given the Divine Rights to go forth and teach the Mohammedan Religion in America plus give the Asiatics back their free names, nationality, and birthrights which was taken away from them 146 ears before. TAKEN TO SECRET VAULTS IN WASHINGTON, D.C. The Prophet was taken down into the secret vaults where the European Official for 146 years had the secrets of the Moors of North West Africa hidden. In the old flag book, the Star, (Green Star), was missing from the Moorish Flag. The Prophet told the European Officials to return it. So it was done. PROPHET OFFICIALLY STARTS OUT ON HIS MISSION IN AMERICA Armed with the legal Divine Authority to teach Islam in America, Allahs Prophet went out among the down trodden Asiatics of America. (Fallen humanity.) and began His call. Come all ye Asiatics of America and hear the truth about your nationality and birthrights, because you are not Negroes, Black, Colored, or Ethiopians. Come and link yourselves back with the families of nations. Some came and some didnt. The Asiatics, (so-called Negroes, etc.), started coming in large numbers to see what the Prophet had to offer them as a nation of People. Some came because they truly believed that they were not the names they carried since slavery time and they were hungry for the truth, some came because of the crowd which began to grow in the organization, and others came to see what it was all about. The Prophet now with a large following, and to become even larger in the near future began journeying to the various cities in the U.S.A., opening up new Temples as he went. He did not have time to beach because of the big task of organizing the Temples in the various cities which took most of his time.



Prophet Noble Drew Ali organized the movement in the year 1925 A.D. as first The Moorish Temple of Science. It was legally incorporated as a civic organization under the laws of the state of Illinois, November 29, 1926. 1. Temple No. 1 Bro. Mealy El, Grand Sheik 3603 Indiana Avenue Chicago, Illinois Temple No. 2 Bro. White Bey, Grand Sheik 209 Rose Street Charleston, W. Virginia Temple No. 3 Bro. Pryor El, Grand Sheik 587 1/2 Fifth Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin Temple No. 4 Bro. Lomax Bey, Governor 1023 Illinois Street Detroit, Michigan Temple No. 5 Bro. Crumby Bey, Governor 1709 Arcena Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Temple No. 6 Bro. Moshy El, Governor 1225 North Ft. James Street Richmond, Virginia Temple No. 7 Bro. Childs Bey, Governor 2334 East 37th Street Cleveland, Ohio 15. 8. Temple No. 8 Bro. Brown El, Governor 2511 W. Fullen Street Pine Bluff, Arkansas Temple No. 9 Sis. Whitehead El, Grand Sheikess 862 Townsend Street Chicago, IL. (2 Temples in Il.) Temple No. 10 Bro. Pollard Bey, Governor 84 Springfield Avenue Newark, New Jersey Temple No. 11 Bro. Thomas El, Governor 817 South Broad Street Philadelphia, Pa. Temple No. 12 Bro. Gulvier El, Governor 84 Hines Street Youngstown, Ohio Temple 13 Bro. Cook El, Governor 705 South Sharp Street Baltimore, Maryland Temple No. 14 Bro. Sheppard Bey 458 Harding Street Petersburg, Virginia













Temple No. 15 Bro. Robinson Bey 910 Williams Street Lansing, Michigan



The Prophets hard work towards establishing Temples proved to be good. By the year 1928, Temples were set up in fifteen (15) different states throughout the United States. The name Moorish Temple of Science was changed to the Moorish Science Temple of America, May 1928, in accordance with the legal requirement of the State of Illinois. OBJECT OF THE ORGANIZATION The object of the Organization as quoted from the Moorish literature, To help in the great program of up lifting fallen humanity and tech those things necessary to make the members better citizens. METHODS USED IN CALLING FOR MEMBERS The method used in calling the lost nation of people, (the so-called Negroes), Sheiks, (Adepts in the Moorish Science Temple of America, armed with the Moorish Koran, Questionnaire, Moorish Literature, the Moorish Constitution, and the Moorish and American Flags like the Prophet did before, went out on the street corners in the various cities throughout the United States where there were Temples set up or about to be set up and made their speeches. They wore their Fezes whenever they went out on such a mission. Like the Prophet did before them, the Sheiks asked the people to stop and hear the truth about their names, nationality and birthrights because they were not Negroes and etc. The methods used in the 1920s proved to be very useful. MOORISH HISTORIC REVIEW Prophet Noble Drew Ali told his disciples in Chicago in 1925 that the Star and Crescent would appear in the heavens December 18th proving that Allahs Prophet was in the land. On that day, the Prophets prediction came to pass. The Chicago Daily Tribune, Saturday, December 19, 1925. The paper said, CRESCENT & STAR. The symbol of Islam hung low in the western sky last night at sunset. The Moon and the planet Venus were in conjunction, with Venus following the horns of the Crescent. The figure of the Crescent and Star is one of the most beautiful sights of the heavens and is rather rare. It was much admired ages ago before Mohammed adopted it as his symbol.