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Santa Rita, Aurora, Isabela 3316


October 5, 2009

Dear Brethren,

What is the most worthy cause on earth to which we could give our support? Is it not the
eternal salvation of our fellow man?

This is the purpose of Aurora Christian Alliance Fellowship to aggressively win people to
Christ, integrate them into church life, disciple them to become responsible citizens, to
engage in planting missionary churches and in holistic developmental ministries, and
rejoicing in worship in the community and beyond for the glory of God.

We started our worship service in the house that we are renting, while our group is
growing we decided to rent the Aurora Teachers Training Center, but we are only using
this building for only 2 hours every Sunday. It is also a great sacrifice on our part to
bring in our musical instrument and bring home again after the service.

The cost for us to have our own church building needs a big amount and our fellowship
could not afford but by faith we declared our dreams to God. Glory to God a generous
sister in the Lord donated a 500 square meter lot for our church, the members also gave
sacrificially and right now we have 80 thousand but still not enough for our rough
estimated target budget of 300 thousand.

Last Friday October 2, 2009 I was inform by the Training Center in charge that we will
no longer used there building starting this October and we could not find a good worship
place we are again force to held our service in the house we are staying. I am now
appealing to your rich generosity brethren to participate in our fund raising campaign so
we could start our construction as soon as possible.

We appreciate any amount you can donate for our church building construction. The
amount that you will give will be of great help to the evangelization of the people in
Aurora, Isabela, Philippines.

Therefore as we have opportunity let us do good to all people especially to those who
belong to the family of God. (Gal. 6:10)

For more information call mobile No. 09299706352, email:

Gladly Serving,
Ptr. Marcelo C. Bangilan