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Aronicas Behavior Management Plan General Description: In order to help create an environment conducive to learning in the classroom, rules and procedures need to be implemented. In my classroom, students will always receive positive reinforcement as well as receive consequences to help encourage positive behavior. Please refer to my behavior chart for guidelines in my classroom! Classroom Environment: Ms. Aronica will develop classroom procedures at the beginning of the year. Students will take turns having various jobs and responsibilities around the classroom. Students will know what is expected of them based on classroom rules. Being consistent with classroom management helps create a positive learning environment and helps the classroom run smoothly. Rotation of jobs inside the classroom helps the students feel successful in the classroom, while having a sense of belonging. Positive reinforcement will be implemented to encourage positive behavior. Consequences are necessary for students to understand that disruptive and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Classroom Rules: 1) Be an active listener. 2) Always do the right thing. 3) Treat people the way you want to be treated. 4) Raise your hand when you want to speak. 5) During carpet time, sit in your assigned square. 6) Respect your friends and teachers. 7) Be responsible for your materials. 8) Walk quietly in the hallway. 9) Have fun while learning!

Consequences for Breaking the Rules: 1) First warning - A verbal warning will be given (think about it) . 2) Second warning Student will be given a reflection sheet for them to complete. The reflection sheet must be signed by a guardian and returned the following day. 3) Third warning - Teacher chooses consequences depending on the severity of the behavior and number of past occurrences. The parent will be notified based on the students behavior. If a child continues to misbehave, a conference will be set up with the parents. An individual behavior plan will be assigned to the student. Postive Reinforcements : 1) Verbal Praise. 2) Target Talk- example: I love the way Ben and Ashley are sitting quietly on the carpet. 3) When a student is noticed for outstanding behavior (super student), I will let him or her choose a classroom reward from the Sweet Treat List. The sweet treats include: Read to the class- the student will get to read a short story to the class of their choosing. Sit at the teachers desk for a day OR use the teachers chair for a day Bring in an item from home for show and tell Swap desks with another student for the day Have lunch with the teacher (alone or can bring a friend) Use a bean bag chair for a day Game choice on the SMARTboard or Promethean Board Pick a game for the class to play at the end of the day

*At the end of the week, the students who earned five or more star stickers will be able to go to the treasure box on Friday!