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The mission was organized as follows:

January – June July - December

President Lynn J. and Sister Ardith Poulsen President Armand and Sister Julie Johansen

Finn Engstrøm Jørn Ivar Berg Douglass S. Gardner

First Counselor Second Counselor Executive Secretary

Office Missionaries

Elder Alan and Sister Susan Arnesen

Sep 2008 – Aug 2010
Assistants to the Presidents

Eldste Tanner Leatham Eldste David Cramer

Jan To Apr

Eldste David Cramer Eldste Nathan Henshaw

May To Jun

Eldste Nathan Henshaw Eldste Benjamin Kerr

Jun To Aug

Eldste Nathan Henshaw Eldste Andrew Phillips

Aug To Oct
Eldste Gilbert Eldste Andrew Phillips
Oct to Dec

Mission Structure and Organization

Three zones. One in the stake and two in the mission

Two mature elders in each zone as zone leaders

Some Strengths and Achievements

Missionary support to the Institute Outreach Center in Oslo

Relationship with local leaders and members. Open home concept.
Strong ward mission leaders
Desire and dedication among missionaries. Focus on baptizing and
constant focus on practical training
Study and evaluation plan

Some challenges

Conversion of “well established Norwegians”

Training and transportation costs
Young missionary force. Constant need to teach and re-teach
Practice and re-practice in order to “internalize”
Small unit support

Missionary Couples December 2009

Elder Maurice Thomas and Sister Susan Thomas
Outreach Center Oslo
Feb 2009 – Jul 2010

Elder Forest Berg and Sister Liisa Berg

Arendal Branch
Jun 2009 – Dec 2010

Elder Gerald C. Sorensen and

Sister Nancy Anne Sorensen
Trondheim Branch
Aug 2009 – Feb 2011

Elder Garth Leo Heer and

Sister Judith Anne Heer
Narvik Branch
Dec 2009 – May 2011

Elder Mark H. Johnson and

Sister Karen Eilene Johnson
Bergen Branch
Dec 2009 – Jun 2011

Mission Roster December 2009

Tyler Alexander Rimo Arndt Jason Bartholomew Daven Brush

Lucas Bryan Michael Buckley Christopher Burns Scott Caffery

Kyle Carlson Tanner Carr Riley Crandall Jacob Christensen

Andrew Dearden Sean Eagar Hillary Emery Amy Engebretsen

Daniel Farrer Brodie Fish Spencer Gardner Preston Gilbert

Dana Glosova Geoffery Grover Michael Guitteriez Brannick Harris

Nathan Henshaw Jordan Hill Ty Hess Landon Hillyard

Joseph Hunsaker David Jaffa Stephanie Johnson Torvald Johnson

Logan Jones Michael Knudson Jonathan Lange James Lewis

Chaz Liddle Steven Linge Richard Loveridge Kelly Maxwell

Brandon Mathews Sofie Mølholt Michael Millard Stephen Miller

Andrews Phillips Parker Pratt Jacob Reese Kirk Richardson

Eric Severson Nathan Smith Alicia Wallace Guy Watts

Elizabeth West Mitchell Whitehead Jordan Wilbur Matthew Wright

Colby Young