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In a chemical plant working with biofuel production, a pipe of cross-section A = 0,005 m and length L = 70 cm carries 3 biofuel (=0, density

= 800 kg/m ) at velocity u = 0,1 m/s. A faulty valve introduces an additive chemical (improving the fuel properties) into the pipe at x=45 cm along its length at a rate of 0,01 kg/s. The diffusivity of the chemical in water is = 0,1 kg/m.s The chemical is subsequently broken down at a rate proportional to its concentration (mass of chemical per unit mass of biofuel), this rate amounting to , where = 0,5 kg/(m,s). The downstream boundary condition can be approximated by d/dx = 0, set up a finite-volume calculation with 7 cells to estimate the concentration along the pipe with followings discretization scheme for advection: a) Central scheme b) Upwind scheme For both of these schemes: 1) Discreticisation the equation (step by step discretization of transport equation should be given). 2) Write table of coefficients 3) Write matrix form. 4) Solve the system of equations using Jacobi iteration method Hint: all the above steps should be written in details

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