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My Planning

Morning my friends, How are you today ?. ok and now i will give some information about my planning. My name is Yayang Nugraha, I live in pasekon and now i am seventeen years old, I am student in M! N " M!N#$ s%hool and now I am stay in third %lass. !fter pass in this s%hool I will %ontinue study to H$!&'H !(!#$MY. )hy ? be%ause I want be%ame a #o%tor, that is my aspiration when I %hild. *rom me be%ame a #o%tor that is the noble work. )hy ? be%ause the do%tor %an %ured the si%k people+patient. !nd that %an alleviate problem to patient. If I be su%%ess #o%tor, i want open new %lini%. o that the peripheral people not always %ame to hospital wi%h far and e,pensive, they are %an %ame to me wi%h supply easy and more than %heap. 'hat is the reason, why i want %ontinue to study in H$!&'H !(!#$MY. I think enough from me. !nd remember don-t stop for dreamed, be%ause we li life for dreamed. !nd also don-t forget hard work and pray to god, so that we are dreamed %an matreali.ed. 'hat is key to be%ame su%%ess man. 'hank you.