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A Mothers Bravery Brownish and heavy her eyelids barely moved, it was the end of the day she

was worried about. Nothing tomorrow can bring her she hadn't already had, her children were in the heart of it this time. With the ferociousness only a mother can produce, she stroked right back at the life that threatened them. It wasn't going to be an easy one, she decided and almost smiled at the irrelevancy of the idea. Stood there she did, determined to defy destiny into the fiery mouth of danger she ran into. With the fragile existence of the young ones in mind, the call of arms she answered, as he had once taught her. Against the cold she used her heart's warmth, hunger she fought with love so flavoured and palatable. Into sadness she walked peacefully and diminished it, so that it doesn't crawl into their innocent minds and she guarded, caressed, and nurtured them, their safety becoming her honourable quest. When she looked at them sleeping, embraced by the warm fire she maintained with care, she heard his words and felt his dying breath. There was more hope in that moment than she ever saw before. She would live and run and smile and her eyes will glow, when she will tell them about their father, a truly great man he was.