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The Unconscious Conscious Spiritual Culture of Jamaicans

What is unconscious consciousness? It is the Spirit of Gods Heart presentthe breathwithout the mental awareness of why. To know within the soul, but not to assess why.
Despite what academics/school-based people think with the human mind, asking why is not the same as reasoning. Why? Is a question of the soul being open, and saying: feed me more knowledge so I can put the puzzle together in my consciousness. Reaso ningthe application of logica method of putting a puzzle together, is an attempt of the mind to respond to something you already heard or recognize. We learn with our soul not with our mind.

To know (DivineBeautys mark) is to first receive. We receive/hear by listening with the soul before listening with our ears. Hear with the soul (it is always open), and then hear with the ear, after comes prayerful reasoning should your mind take control.
What is consciousness? It is the fruit of life expanding itself in the soul and the world.

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Consciousness does not rely on what is in a book or on humans. Consciousness is a living force called awareness that seeks a willingopenhost. When you say yes I am listening then God says yes in a willingness to respond to your questions. The result is always a shift first in the soul and then a shift in the mind. Because we are built to first receive. We are built to receive Gods vision of Beauty. Learn more about what unconscious consciousness looks like in a developing country like Jamaica read below. Why should you care? When you learn consciousness you recognize which force you are dealing with.

Copyright: Dayes, 2013

Always Discerning and Contemplation 24/7
Habit of Asking Questions: have you noticed?, why do you say that?, why do you think that? and how do you know that? and where the proof?. Its an unconscious consciousness of relationships and dialogue. o They know what helps them grow. o We are all built knowing what helps us growwe search for it.

Long periods of

independent thinking and pick up the dialogue later

Resembles/Perceived as/Sounds like: I was thinking about Todays academic people call that contemplation o Thinking and contemplation in this sense are references to my soul was burning on this image

Excited about

God talk, prayer and calling out truth and evil

Centering on distinguishing good from evil: spiritual not legal Preach and debate Dialogue as method of teaching Take a moral stance (which is to affirm their principles publically) They do not like shadow peoplesay one thing and do another which is divided people

Radical Hearts of Extremes: Battle for a

fixed principle

When they are no longer interested in the relationship they walk away from tension permanently Because of limits in education received they can get confused as to what is of God. o They love spiritual wealthRAW TRUTH like the hurricanesbut their soul receives stories, like we all do, that material and spiritual wealth as possible without soul tensions. o It is not possible to cling to material wealth and spiritual wealth. What is the Holy Spirit going to do with material things? God permits you to decide without forcethe soul chooses to ascend or remain degrees away from God. The deeper the soul, the less it clings to material wants. The soul will always have material needsthe body is real and God created.

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Child-Like Playful: Life is a witness of struggle and Joy

Testify to over-coming problems because of God. o Gratitude and awareness that they need relationships to move into Gods love Laugh off problems because they expect struggles as normal o This is called acceptance, hope, and realizing that life is unfair

Respect for self, others, and parents is respect for God: maker concept
Dont bad-mouth your parents in public Trust the hands that have nurtured and protected you Let people make their choices freely with balanced knowledge, but let them also know there are consequences. Respect means recognizing boundaries not imposing your own against the spirit of another. o Imposing: force re-conditioning o Respect comes before interior peace

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Struggles of unconscious consciousness.

Why must people expand from unconscious consciousness into continual consciousness. To Love but, a failure to recognize Limits each Spirit of God can hold. Conscious consciousness = full awareness/recognition and interaction in the soul/psyhe/Spirit world

Caribbean People
No Tact When Communicating Orally: Motivated soul to respond (to spiritual) because they despise bush beating ideas and feelings and sneaky behavior. o o High vibrations respond.hurricanes, earthquakes. Low vibrations listen

Truth responds and is silentsilence is also a response

Love Visible Order and Too Trusting Spiritually Recognize where there is natural order that is consistent in bringing lifepeace, growth, laughter there is God. Growth is not vague = the soul recognizes growth. Growth is a spiritual design. E.g. Farmers know the soil is good when things grow, but they know they do not order the soil. Tendency to assume people desire/want to help them (assumptions are of the heart). o Assumption that every heart burns for God and in God. Problems: Easily influenced to trust people: Too open psychologically to new ideas. o All ideas come from the Spiritual world but are not ordered in God of Light. o Light causes things to grow. o

Limits, Sexuality expressed, and fun are interwoven understandings of being human
Interest is a search for all or nothing fidelity: God Interests is a game of battling the will-power of the minds between the opposite sex.: Human Problem: when love is perfectly in harmony there is no battle of will power because will is the soul of God.

Copyright: Dayes, 2013