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Curriculum planning chart Generative Topic (Blythe et al, 1998): Culture

Concept* ("The student will understand") (The big idea, the NCSS I. a: explore and "enduring describe similarities understanding" and differences in the [Wiggins, 1998]; a ways groups, broad way of societies, and cultures making sense of the address similar world, or a life human needs and lesson) concerns NCSS I. c: describe in In a world of ways in which over 7 billion language, stories, people, we are folktales, music, and more similar artistic creations than different serve as expressions of culture and influence behavior of people living in a particular culture NCSS I. e: give examples and describe the Central problem / importance of cultural issue / or essential unity and diversity question (intended within and across to "get at" the groups concept; the NCSS II. A: demonstrate motorvator) an understanding that different people may How can describe the same understanding event/situation in our own diverse ways, citing classmates reasons for difference cultures help us in views understand the world around us? Standard Assessment (How will you have evidence that they know it?) Graded classwork: map, cultural description writing Groupwork: researching, presentation, poster making Participation: groupwork Facts ("The students will know") There are many cultures around the world

Subject: Social Studies

Skills ("The students will be able to") Identify on a map the country their family originated, including classmates

Name: Ruishu Wang

Problems to pose ("Guiding questions" or "unit questions") What do you Writing to pen pals want to learn around the world about each other? from a country we studied What can the cultures in our Interview family classroom teach and classmates us? Group research on various countries How can we in similar regions, share cultures if focusing on one we are miles shared aspect apart? (holidays, celebrations, How are stories food, music, etc.) shared around the world if we dont Group presentations speak the same on language? abovementioned countries How are our Booklet of own schools different cultures and from ones in others other countries? Activities:

We have so much in common with people everywhere even halfway around the world

Although lifestyles may be different in another Sharing Culture culture, we could booklet: detailed share similar compilation of characteristic their own traits cultures and of others Graded homework: interview, map

Interview family members/membe rs in their cultural community about their culture Compare and contrast with another student cultures and characteristic traits