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Curriculum Planning Chart Generative Topic (Blythe et al, 1998): Multiculturalism Concept Standard Assessment Facts Skills Subject:

Social Studies Problems to pose Activities:

The big idea, the "enduring understanding" (Wiggins, 1998; a broad way of making sense of the world, or a life less Every student has a unique culture made up of beliefs, values, traditions, celebrations, holidays, clothing, language and food In the United States and our classroom, people come

[from SDP Scope and Sequence] 3 Quarter Social Studies Competencies: Students will define culture, understand the importance of beliefs and traditions in families, describe how holidays and celebrations preserve family culture, understand the diverse backgrounds of Americans, discuss how people share their customs and traditions [from PDE State Standards]

- Completion of family culture interview in which students talk with their families to gain important information about their culture - Completion of Cultural Treasure Box that includes representations of important parts of students culture - Completion of Cultural Treasure Box writing assignment in

Students will know: - Culture includes beliefs, values, traditions, celebrations, holidays, clothing, food and language - Culture comes from ones family, religion and country - What countries their family comes from - Culture can be learned from family - Key facts and

Students will be able to: - Conduct an interview as a form of research - Integrate information from interview with classroom learning about culture to compose a two sentence description of elements of their culture - Create representations of important elements of their culture - Present their

- What are some of the traditions, celebrations and holidays of your family? - Why does your family celebrate? - What are some of the foods your family eats at holidays and celebrations? - Do you or other members of your family speak another language? Do you or other members of your family ever use words or phrases from another

- Family culture interview - Cultural Treasure Box - Treasure box share day/ celebration - Mapping where students families come from

8.2.1.C Identify holiday and cultural celebrations in a community and why Central problem they are celebrated / issue / or essential 8.4.1.A Explain why question cultures celebrate (intended to "get at" the 8.4.1.C Identify concept; the holidays and motivator) ceremonies of selected world What are some cultures of the unique aspects of your [from NCSS culture? Standards] Thematic Standard: culture and cultural diversity Thematic Standard: people, places and environments

from many diverse backgrounds

which students will choose three items from their treasure box and write two sentences explaining each - Participation in treasure box share day (students will share their boxes with one another and have the opportunity to ask questions about other cultures) - Participation in and contribution to class discussions about culture

details about some of the important elements of their cultures - Every person has a unique cultural background

knowledge and ideas orally to the class - Ask appropriate, respectful questions of others - Use templates to organize and record their thinking and learning

language? - Do you or members of your family ever wear special types of clothes? - What religion do you belong to? Does your family do, say, think or wear anything special because of that religion? - Where is your family from? Does your family do, say, think or wear anything special because of that?