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Packaging Project

Types of Materials 1) Air bubble film (Bubble Wrap) Available in sheets Gives cushioning to the packaged item 2) Pol eth lene !oam "urable #ight $eight %esistant to moisture Absorbs shock& reduces potential impact on item

') !oam %ubber (ighl fle)ible& break resistant *sed to protect more sensitive items (like (ard drives) +) Pol st rene !oam ,hermocol sheets -asil available .ustom shapes for immobili/ing product in carton ,he four materials mentioned above are all plastic based pol mers0 ,herefore the are not bio1 degradable and pose some level of ha/ard to the environment0 Specific Vendors .ompan name2 *nited Associate -ngineers Packaging 3aterial 3anufacturers 3eeting set up for +th 3arch Notes: Packaging material vendors seem un$illing to provide a custom solution for shipping sporting goods0 ,he are instead asking $hat the e)act re4uirements for "ecathlon are0 ,here are thousands of different sporting goods and hence being ver specific $ith regard to packaging materials is not feasible0 5ome broad categories $ould have to be outlined0 6ne custom solution for all products is to line the inside of each and ever carton $ith P- foam

sheets on all sides& possibl using adhesive sheets0 6n top of the P- foam& air bubble film can be stuck0 ,his $ould provide t$o la ers of cushioning $hich $ould ensure that even if the item does not sit perfectl in the carton& it $ould not e)perience much impact from moving around ,he disadvantage $ith the above solution is that a large amount of P- foam and bubble $rap $ould be used and this is not environmentall friendl nor the most cost efficient0 (o$ever& since it is one process of packaging for all items& it $ould save time and ensure an overall standard of packaging for all items0 7n terms of Printing #abels& 6n each side of the carton& a simple& sleek "ecathlon logo printed just once0 ,he possibilit of the shipping8logistics compan handling the packaging could be e)plored since the might alread have all the packaging materials read and the are also likel to have all the procedures in place0 7t $ould save time from "ecathlon9s point of vie$ but it might increase costs and finding a shipping compan that does a competent job on meticulousl packing each sports good might be a significant challenge0