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LANGUAGE CONTENTS (K5. 1st. 2nd) ORALIDAD: La dramatizacin de canciones. LECTURA: Los cuentos a partir de pictogramas.

ESCRITURA: Los enunciados a partir de acciones. Functions -Introducing oneself and others. -Naming objects and characters in context. -Performing and describing actions. Exponents -I can/cant -Jump/Dont -My name is -Hello, Im . -Whats this? -Its a -Is it a ? Vocabulary -Greetings. School objects. Days of the week. Colours. Places: School, park, square. Numbers.

Contenidos Curriculares: rea del Conocimiento Social. Historia: Periodizacin del tiempo (k-2) Conocimiento Artstico. Teatro: El juego teatral a travs del cuerpo, los sonidos y colores.

Thematic Unit:

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LANGUAGE CONTENTS (3rd. 4th) ORALIDAD: -La comunicacin oral de diferentes temticas empleando vocabulario especfico. -La memorizacin de canciones. LECTURA: -Las letras de las canciones. ESCRITURA: -Las agendas de actividades. Functions -Telling about daily routines expressing frequency. -Giving and following commands. -Communicating ideas using connectors. Exponents - do (this). Commands related to context (class vocab.) -Lets How often do you? I always/sometimes/never -Its windy and cold. I likebut Vocabulary -Action words. Weather conditions. Routines: Go to school/gym class. Have lunch/breakfast. Wash hands/Brush (my) teeth. Social language. Subjects: Math, Language, Social Studies

LANGUAGE CONTENTS (5th. 6th) ORALIDAD: La exposicin de temticas con apoyo de fichas. LECTURA: La comprensin global del texto. Informacin explcita e implcita. ESCRITURA: El cuestionario Functions -Making requests and asking questions to obtain information in different contexts. -Giving warnings and advice Exponents -You should/shouldnt -You can/cant -Whats the meaning of? -How do you say/spell? -May I ? -I dont understand. -Where is ? -Can you help me? Vocabulary -school things, action words, rules, consequences, routines, social language.

OBJECTIVES: K5. 1st. 2nd - To teach students how to identify and name different things. - To make students sing songs and make movements related to them.

Suggested Activities:
- Dialogues (role plays). -Memorizing chants, songs and riddles. -Puppet shows. -Games using flashcards. -Rules with dos and donts. -Read books with school themes. -Order a sequence of routines. -Create a poster. -Order the sentences (requests/social language). -

OBJECTIVES: 3ro y 4to-To encourage Ss to give and follow commands. -To make Ss talk about their own daily routines at school and at home. 5to y 6to-To make Ss write and role-play dialogues related to requests. -To promote good behavior by writing advices (rules of the classroom).

-Material elaborado por el Centro de Recursos y Prof.coordinadores de Lengua del Dpto de SL y LE-