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Other: 1. Look after Directors personal expenses 2. Order ID Card for Students And Books for (JIM !SO" C!S# $. Deposit cas% &o t%e 'ank (. Mana)e t%e sales and replenis%*ent of all *erc%andise+ e.). caps+ 'a)s+ t,s%irts etc

JOB: Responsible to: Hours:


DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Accountin : 1. ecorded Salar- pa-*ents and keep it a file+ ti*es%eets for all staff 2. .a-*ent of !./ $. .a-*ent of &ax (. 0eneral Led)er for eac% co*pan1. &rial Balance S%eet for eac% co*pan2. .rofit and Loss S%eet for eac% co*pan3. Annual Cas% flo4 s%eet for eac% co*panA!"inistr#tion: 1. Look after all *atters related to !./ and &ax 2. Look after all *atters related to5 a. M6A '. M7I c. "OA d. DA&S $. .repare Milea)e clai*s for runners and recorded and keep it a file. (. Monitor !LI& Stationar- and Stocks a. /ollo4 up *aintenance issues 1. Bu- stationer- for staff(M8DI6+JIM !SO" C!S# 2. Source purc%ases and find 'est prices 3. Liaise 4it% deli9er- of all ne4 e:uip*ent and furniture etc ;. Order Staff efres%*ent( 4ater# <. Monitor staff attendance and punctualit1=. eport to OM concernin) staff issues

11. Monitor utilities and *ana)e a. &eleco* '. "nifi c. &ena)a

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