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Talk about...

A ! What do you think of when you hear the
word "art"? ! Who are your favourite painters or artists? Why? ! How do you feel about contemporary art? ! Did you have art lessons when you were at school? If so, what were they like? ! Are you any good at painting or drawing? Were you good when you were a child?

! Can any object become a work of art? ! Who's the most famous living artist in your country? What do you think of their work? ! Are there any artists whose work you really dislike? ! Would you prefer to be an artist, a teacher or a lawyer? Why? ! Do you think art galleries and museums should be free? Why or why not?

! What's the best art gallery or museum you've been to? Why? ! Do you think video installations can be works of art? What about photography? ! Is fashion ever an art? ! William Morris said, "have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful". Do you agree? ! What's your favourite building and why?

! John Keats wrote, " Beauty is truth, truth beauty." What did he mean? Do you agree? ! What's the most beautiful work of art you've seen? Can you describe what it looks like? ! What artworks do you have in your home? What artworks would you most like to have? ! What's the last poster, postcard or painting you bought? What do or what did you like about it?