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Jeffrey Crowley
(Education Assistants Name)

School A
(School Placement)

2012 201!
(School "ear)

E#$CA%&'N ASS&S%AN% E(A)$A%&'N *EP'*%

*es+onds a++ro+riately to difficulties and ,rin-s Concerns to a++ro+riate indi.iduals/ Promotes an atmos+here of res+ect for the children/ 1aintains an ethical and confidential en.ironment/ E0ercises res+onsi,le ,eha.iour towards attendance and wor2 schedules/ #emonstrates fle0i,ility to chan-es in schedules3 wor2 assi-nments3 etc/ Addresses conflict with others a++ro+riately/ &s an acti.e team +layer/ Acce+ts in+ut and su--estions willin-ly/ 1aintains a calm com+osure under +ressure/ 4ollows classroom3 school3 district3 +ro.incial +olicies and +rocedures/ Addresses concerns at a++ro+riate times/ 1aintains a +rofessional a++earance3 demeanor/ See2s current information on issues relatin- to 5o, duties6e0ce+tionalities/ #emonstrates initiati.e and a,ility to wor2 inde+endently/ Additional Comments7 1r/ Crowley demonstrates +rofessional ,eha.ior at all times and +romotes a +ositi.e learninatmos+here/ 8or2 schedules should ,e followed dili-ently/

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Improvement Recommended


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Relationship with Students

#emonstrates +atience and an understandin- of the students e0ce+tionality and +uts that understandin- to +ractical use/ *eco-ni9es the stren-ths and challen-es of the students/ Ad5usts interaction with students de+endin- u+on the students needs Encoura-es social interaction3 inde+endence and self esteem of the students/ &s a role model for the children #emonstrates an understandin- of3 and an a,ility to im+lement3 all as+ects of the students +ro-ram #emonstrates a sense when a student in the class re:uires assistance/ #emonstrates a constant a++roach when dealinwith ina++ro+riate ,eha.iour/ 1odels enthusiasm when wor2in- with children/ Attends to +hysical needs of the children in a timely manner/ 4osters student inde+endence and self esteem/ 1a2es +ositi.e use of down time/ Promotes sociali9ation of students/ Pro.ides +ositi.e feed,ac2 and reinforcement when dealin- with ,eha.iour concerns/ Additional Comments7 1r/ Crowley :uic2ly and effecti.ely res+onds to student needs/ ;e has e0cellent ra++ort with students/

Performs Well 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Improvement Recommended


Teacher Support
#emonstrates a sense of when teacher re:uires assistance/ Pro.ides feed,ac2 to teacher when necessary/ 1aintains awareness of -oals and o, of classroom teacher/ Shares o,ser.ations of children willin-ly with teachers without ,ein- as2ed/ 1aintains accurate records usin- a++ro+riate and clear lan-ua-e/ $ses a++ro+riate le.el of s+ea2in- .oice/ 4ollows teachers lead at all times 1aintains classroom records3 files3 etc/ effecti.ely and in accordance with esta,lished rules and -uidelines/ Performs clerical duties as assi-ned/ #emonstrates 2nowled-e of technolo-ical e:ui+ment/ Shares res+onsi,ility for school ,eha.iour code3 cleanliness3 and +ositi.e a++earance/ Additional Comments7 1r/ Crowley wor2s .ery well with classroom teacher and wor2s towards hel+in- to maintain a +ositi.e classroom en.ironment/ ;e is dili-ent in 2ee+in- records and +ro.idin- documentation when needed/

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Improvement Recommended


0 0 0

Professional Growth %o ,e com+leted ,y Education Assistant/

'utline ways in which you ha.e underta2en within the +ast twel.e months to -row +rofessionally/
&s currently ta2in- +art in school ,ased learnin- team/

Professional <rowth <oals for the ne0t twel.e months7

Plans on ta2in- the Autism Su++ort 8or2er online course offered ,y the district/

E#$CA%&'N ASS&S%AN% E(A)$A%&'N *EP'*% S$11A*"

'.erall E.aluation7 Performs 8ell #e.elo+in&m+ro.ement *e:uired

E.aluators Comments7 (use additional +a-es if necessary) 1r/ Crowley +erforms well in all areas/ ;e emanates +rofessionalism and e0ecutes all res+onsi,ilities well/ ;e shows consideration for all students and staff mem,ers/ 1r/ Crowley should follow wor2 schedules closely/

Education Assistants Comments (use additional +a-es if necessary)

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