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Philosophy of Education Every individual has a different philosophy of education that helps them define the emphasis for

their teaching. Many people view education as the key of life and stability for their future. Education is a positive process of human growth by which one gains greater understanding and control over oneself. Education is more than being literate it can be the most important investment to brighten an individuals future and reduce poverty and inequalities. Education gives people critical skills that can help provide better lives for them and their families. Having an education can help you have a better understanding and concepts of life, said Parsons. As for the students role in the classroom it is asking questions, expressing their own ideas and participate. Getting involved and being active, students should contribute to everyones questions not only the teachers. Being motivated for what theyre learning and comprehend what is being taught, if not ask questions to understand. They should comprehend what is right and wrong and know what they are responsible for doing. The teachers role should be somewhat similar but being professional and showing respect to everyone. Their role isnt to become the students friend but a role model or counselor. An effective teacher should know about their students and how they learn best and gain knowledge. They should be willing to adjust when necessary, demonstrates interest, high expectations and be organized. They should also be prepared before class begins, task orientation and should not waste academic teaching time. I think that students learn best in groups because they interact with one another and get involved in class. When I went to observe the dual class I noticed that the more questions the more the students were involved. Its a good idea to reward students who have followed directions and done their homework. That will make students look forward for achieving and

completing their tasks and group activities. Being engaged with groups and being able to teach each other, if some are having difficulty understanding the material. I think that having high expectations for students will help them in the future because they will be prepared for the following grade. I think that students learn best by making mistakes and solving the problem. Being problem solvers can help them in the future and I believe that they can be visual thinkers as well because they solve problems by learning by their mistakes or observing others. Based on what I have read in my education book, Those Who Can, Teach says that classroom management refers to the actions teachers take to create an environment that is respectful, caring, orderly, and productive Jacob Kounins research on classroom management in the elementary school grades explains which skills can help teachers improve their classroom management and keep students on task (Kounin, 2010). The first concept was withitness, know whats going on. Smoothness is very important because that demonstrates the ability of the teacher that knows how to control her/his class and has everything flowing at good pace. Effective teachers avoid slow-downs and try to do their best for their students to achieve their highest potential.

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