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Holographic Data Storage


Holographic Data Storage will store up to 1 TB of data on a DVD sized disk, or Into any storage device typical DVD disk space capacity range in few Gbs, but just imaging if you are allowed to save 1 TB (around 1500 CDs capacity) of data on a single DVD disk, which you can access in few microseconds at the speed of light, such promising results can be obtained using holographic data storage technology.

What is Holography ?

Optical Method by which Large amount of data can be stored in relatively small areas by writing data in pages, as three dimensional holograms on a photosensitive crystal or polymer medium

What is Holographic System

Leverages More Data Storage 1500 CDs or 200 DVDs Data in Single DVD. Optical Storage Method Data Stored as Optical Interference Pattern known as holograms

How Holographic Data storage Works

Laser beams splits into 2 beams. Beams works as object beam and Reference beam. To read the stored data, the media is illuminated by original reference beam. Thousands of Holograms can be stored in the same location by simply changing angle of reference. Multiple Data Recording is possible by Using Light at Different angles

Work Flow

Work Flow

Holographic Technology at Glance


Associative memory capability

Access All the Data in Few Microseconds Storage Capacity Increased Multiple Folds