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allocation of your limited resources to maximize your profits? Most efficient schedule to minimize costs? Most efficient remediation strategy to minimize environmental damage?

Evolver is an advanced, yet simple-to-use optimization add-in for Microsoft Excel. Evolver uses innovative
Genetic algorithm (GA), OptQuest, and Linear programming technology

to quickly solve problems in finance, distribution, scheduling, resource allocation, manufacturing, budgeting, engineering, and more

Recipe - a set of variables which can change independently. Grouping - a collection of elements to be placed into groups. Order - an ordered list of elements. Budget - recipe algorithm, but total is kept constant. Project - order algorithm, but some elements precede others. Schedule - group algorithm, but assign elements to blocks of time while meeting constraints.

Solver limits adjustable cells to 200 Solver requires you to identify the problem and match it to one of its algorithms In Evolver adjustable cells can be classified as integer, any or discrete (in steps) Evolver provides solving methods Evolver provides project solving and scheduling solving methods