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Conversation with at 9/19/2013 11:33:45 PM on moha (beehive) (jabber) (11:33:45 PM) shweta.vishwakarma@oracle.

com/SHVISHW-LAP (beehive): zaheer ji (11:33:47 PM) (beehive): Good eve (11:34:04 PM) (beehive): agar aap jaag rahe hain to pls ping dekh lijiye (11:34:05 PM) (beehive): Re: Reg. RFC 3-3JKKTR3 - Central Plastics - SSO issue - Please release by Central Time mornin g on 19-Sep-2013 even if SSO issue is still there - Customer needs the EBSO inst ance (11:34:16 PM) (beehive): ye mail Dj ne aap ko assign kiya tha kya (11:34:17 PM) (beehive): ? (11:35:39 PM) (beehive): Hello Satya, We have plan to speak to Stephen hingey and henceforth release to customer. zaheer - Kindly review satya note. Regards, Dhananjoy (11:56:50 (11:56:56 (11:57:02 (11:57:02 (11:57:05 (11:57:09 (11:57:17 PM) PM) PM) PM) PM) PM) PM) mohammad.ahmed: done (beehive): thnx mohammad.ahmed: RFC 3-3JKKTR3 (beehive): GN mohammad.ahmed: rel to the csutomer (beehive): thnx thnx mohammad.ahmed: nps