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Teacher Professional Growth Plan

Jolayne Mowers Time Frame: PS1 (November 7-December 13)/ Ongoing Goal #1: To become more familiar with the curriculum for different subjects outside of my major. KSA 4: Subject Disciplines you teach. (Acquiring knowledge in one or more subjects or areas of specialization). Smaller Objectives: 1. Go over other programs of study for the grade level I will be teaching in before my practicum begins and be aware of a few GLOs and SLOs for each. 2. I will inquire of my TA ways they teach the various subjects and if they blend them together as a more effective way of teaching. 3. During practicum I will aim to teach a few lessons in as many subjects as possible in order to become more confident familiar with other subject material. 4. I will reflect on lessons I teach in other subjects and evaluate how they went and the areas I could use improvement on. 5. Use my subject major and integrate it into other subjects as a resource to allow for engaging teaching, as well as it being a stepping stone for me to explore unfamiliar subjects in a familiar way. Benefits: Knowing and being competent in a variety of subjects will allow me to be a more versatile teacher, especially at the elementary level where you are often required to teach many subjects. It will be important for me to know other material so that when students ask questions I am more equipped to answer. I will be learning more and using that to help them learn. Resources: -The Curriculum Lab (Textbooks used in classrooms, Programs of Study, etc.) -Websites (Learn Alberta) -My teacher that I will be working with in PS1 Goal #2: To work on classroom management, such as, involving every student in answering questions. Having a smooth routine that will allow lessons to be engaging and including everyone. KSA 7: Students needs for physical, social, cultural, psychological security. (Knowing how to engage students in creating effective classroom routines). Smaller Objectives: 1. I will observe the methods my TA carries out in the classroom and how they have set up their classroom and run it on a daily basis.

2. Make use of different ways of choosing children to answer, such as, the use popsicle sticks with students names on them as a random draw. 3. Keep a personal chart/list with who I have previously called on to ensure that I am not always relying on certain students. 4. Monitor student participation as a guide of who is answering and seeing if that correlates to if they understand what is being taught. 5. Bring prior knowledge of any classroom management techniques I have seen in other experiences and see how they could possible apply in my PS1 classroom. 6. Depending on my classroom I will look for ways to include the students in carrying out classroom management. 7. I will create a routine that will guide what happens when I teach a lesson and explain and teach it to the students with their input and ideas. As a follow up I will ensure that I keep it the same and follow through with any structure I have set up. Benefits: Classroom management build community among students and a safe environment where they can learn as effectively as possible. It lowers the amount of disruptions and allows for smooth transitions. It will help me as a teacher build and expand my strategies for different techniques used in the classroom. It will also help me to maintain equality among the students and hopefully avoid any favoritism, ex. when choosing students to answer questions. Resources: -Prior knowledge from being in other classrooms, and strategies used in our PS1 classes -My TA for PS1 and methods he/she may personally use in the classroom -Books on various classroom management techniques

Goal #3: To be more open to technology use in the classroom. And to learn how to use technology effectively and in a way that engages the students without it becoming overused. KSA 10: The functions of traditional and electronic teaching/ learning technologies. Smaller Objectives: 1. I will become more familiar with the Smart board through use in my PS1 practicum. 2. Incorporate computer research into a project and show students how to effectively gather information and then deliver that information to their peers. 3. Have students not only use the Smart board/ different technology but teach them reasons technology can be useful in certain situations as well as reasons for traditional methods. 4. I will aim to incorporate ICT objectives into various lessons for both the students learning and my own. 5. Maintain a level of balance between teaching traditional ways and using technology.

Benefits: Technology is becoming a major part of not just teaching but every aspect of life. It is important that I am able to be open to new methods and be able to feel competent to take them into a classroom and teach with them as well as showing students how to use them. Resources: -Various technology (Smart board, computers, etc.) -Methods my TA already uses in the classroom -Websites/books on bringing technology into the classroom -Knowledge from Communications and Technology class