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Monday -Weighted pullups -5x5 -Alternate the pullups with cleans and presses (military, not push presses!

) -2x24kg kettlebells, also 5x5 -Rock bottom front squats with a one second pause -2x32kg kettlebells -5x5 -Snatch with a 32kg kettlebell -5 sets, hard but not to failure -Alternate the snatches with strict hanging leg raises -5 sets Wednesday -One arm C&Js with a 32kg kettlebell -10 min, play it by ear -Heavy abs -5x5 -Pullups -100 total -Alternate the pullups with front squats, sets of 10 with 2x24kg kettlebells -Snatches or swings with a 24kg kettlebell -alternate sets of 10-20 with 100 yd jogs (not sprints! the jog is for recovery) for as long as you can handle it -Cough up a hairball! Friday Same as Monday Next Monday Same as Wednesday Go hard for 3 weeks and then back off for 1