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T!RM()!!*S: +ne Term ,!AR L!-!L: T.R!! L!ARNING AR!A(T+$IC: .!ALT. AN/ $.,SICAL !/UCATI+N

AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM Personal Social and Community Health

General Capabilities: Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative thinkin Asia and Australia&s en a ement 'ith Asia !thical "ehavi#ur $ers#nal and s#cial C#mpetence Sustainability Intercultural Understandin

Cr#ss%curriculum pri#rities: Ab#ri inal and T#rres Strait Islander hist#ries and Cultures



Accessing different sources of health informatio n and examining the accuracy of these sources Investigating how health messages influen ce health decisions Examining health messages from different sources and exploring choices, behaviours and outcomes conveyed in these messages

SPECIFIC LESSON O !ECTI"E Students will understand the difference between healthy and un healthy foods. To gain an understanding of why we only eat certain foods and not a lot of unhealthy foods. To gain more knowledge about animoto and what a healthy menu looks like.

ASSESSMENT #$hat % ho$& Students will be able to work collaboratively in groups and able to have a class discussion. dentify and locate the un healthy and healthy foods in the food pyramid and e!plain why it is in that category. "ble to present an effective animoto video showing what they have learnt about nutritional foods.

TEACHING % LEARNING E'PERIENCES #in(lu)e learner )i*er+it,&



Task #$ Students will sit on the mat in front of the interactive white board and have a partner sitting ne!t to them. They will then play the food balance game on the interactive white board and work as a whole class. Task 2$ Students will then look at a demonstration video using animoto and talk about what they need to use to make the animoto video. Task %$ Students then will work in pairs and make their own animoto video& this is only a %' second video. Task ($ Students will then present their videos to the whole class.

)hat are the main differences between healthy and un healthy foods* )hat were some important key notes you had to remember while making your animoto video* "re students able to publish their ideas onto the blog website effectively* "re students able to present their videos to the class and create a discussion about their video*

http$++nutritionforchi , children will find an e!ample of an animoto video that the teacher has pre prepared. http$++www.kidblog. org+home+ Students will upload their animoto videos and write a comment on another pairs and say what they like about it. http$++www.animoto .com Students will create their nutritional video using this website.