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Name Of Nominee: Margaret Mackenzie Jarvis School: AMES Category: Vocal Performance

American College Testing (ACT) English: 29 Math: 25 Reading: 30 Sci./Reasoning: 28 Composite: 28

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Reading: Mathematics: Writing:

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MARGARET MACKENZIE JARVIS 1373 PERRY HOLLOW DRIVE SSID: 1874418 SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84103 ID: 1396 (801)633-0613 Grade: 12 Grad Year: 2014 State Core Code 09040000010 09040000010 03210000011 32020000240 08040000010 08040000010 06020000045 07050000001 35020000005 02040200010

Student Transcript
5715 South 1300 East Salt Lake City, UT 84121 (801)278-9460 Gender: F Birth Date: 5/15/1996

Site 2010-2011 School Year 9 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 9 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 9 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 9 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 9 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 9 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 9 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 9 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 9 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 9 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 2011-2012 School Year 10 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 10 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 10 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 10 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 10 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 10 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 10 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 10 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 10 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 10 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 10 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 2012-2013 School Year 11 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 11 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 11 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 11 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 11 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 11 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 11 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 11 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 11 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 11 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 11 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 11 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 11 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 2013-2014 School Year 12 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 12 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 12 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 12 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 12 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 12 Academy for Math Engr & Sci 12 Academy for Math Engr & Sci Transcript Summary


Description AP Human Geography AP Human Geography Arabic 1 Computer Tech Earth Science Earth Science English 9 Geometry Intro Info Tech Mixed Chorus (Combined Choir)
School Year GPA: 4.000

Credit 0.500 0.500 1.000 0.500 0.500 0.500 1.000 1.000 0.500 1.000

1 A A A A A A A

2 A A A A A A A

Term Grades 3 4 5





School Year Credit: 7.00

* = Not included in GPA

04020000056 02010000021 09050000020 09050000020 03210000021 08020000010 08020000010 02040200010 06020000055 04050000010 07080000105

Aikido AP Art History AP Euro/Hist AP Euro/Hist Arabic 2 Biology H Biology H Concert Choir (A'Cappella) English 10 Health Sec. Math 2 H
School Year GPA: 3.968

0.500 1.000 0.500 0.500 1.000 0.500 0.500 1.000 1.000 0.500 1.000




P A A A A A A A-

School Year Credit: 8.00

* = Not included in GPA

09050000060 09050000060 08030000012 08030000012 02040200010 04020000030 02040200022 08050000050 02030000010 07040013020 07070013010 06010013115 06010013116

AP US History AP US History Chemistry H Chemistry H Concert Choir (A'Cappella) Fitness for Life Madrigals Science Research Theatre 3 U of U College Alg/Trig 1050 U of U College Alg/Trig 1060 U of U Writing 1010 U of U Writing 2010
School Year GPA: 3.782

0.500 0.500 0.500 0.500 1.000 *0.500 1.000 1.000 1.000 0.500 0.500 0.500 0.500



School Year Credit: 8.50

* = Not included in GPA

08020000001 07040000001 06010000093 15000000008 02040200022 08060000020 06010013080

AP Biology AP Calculus AP English Literature College Forum Madrigals Physics H U of U Humanities 2001
School Year GPA: 3.666 Cumulative GPA: 3.899

0.250 0.250 0.250 *0.063 0.250 0.250 *0.250

B A A P A B+ P

School Year Credit: 1.56 Cumulative Credit: 25.06

* = Not included in GPA Class Rank: 24 of 111 (10/7/2013)

Mark/GPA Value: A=4.00 | A-=3.67 | B+=3.33 | B=3.00 | B-=2.67 | C+=2.33 | C=2.00 | C-=1.67 | D+=1.33 | D=1.00 | D-=.67 | F=.00 Citizenship Codes: H=Honor | N=Needs Improvement | S=Satisfactory | U=Unsatisfactory ACT Date Composite English English/Writing Mathematics 3/2013 28 29 25 10/2013 28 26 26 29 ACT test scores are not official. Official scores must be requested directly from ACT by the student. Reading 30 26 Science 28 31

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Kristina Navarro

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School Fully Accredited by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools

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Supporting Attachment - Letter of Recommendation

January 24, 2014 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter on behalf of Margaret Jarvis, who has been a member of Cottonwood High School Choirs for the past four years. Margaret, known to most as Meg, has been a strong musician, leader, and academic student, particularly during the last two years. Meg has been a member of our premiere auditioned ensemble, Madrigals, for the past two years, a member of our auditioned Concert Choir for the past three years and was a member of our Mixed Choir as a freshmen. From the beginning, she was a strong force in the alto section of the choir. She is a competent piano player, who has been playing since she was seven, and has been able to help with alto sectionals and has participated as a pianist in Solo & Ensemble Festivals. She has been chosen as a featured talent in our annual Talent Showcase Concert where she sang and played the piano. She is a talented vocalist and has been featured in our Glee Concert as well. She has sung solos with the choir and in the school musical and has taken voice lessons since she was twelve. She has also attended events such as Julliard Drama Intensive at Snow College and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. As a freshman in Mixed Choir, I quickly noticed that Meg was a leader because she was great at staying on task and helping others want to do so. She was voted into our Choir Council, the choirs governing student leaders, for the past two years and this year the Choir Council members voted her to be the president of the council. She was also chosen to be a director and writer of this years Broadway Review, where she and a co-director were in charge of writing a script, auditioning the cast, and directing the show. She has been a valuable person in the community. She volunteers as an English tutor and helps children with their homework at Rose Park Elementary. She also hopes to make a documentary about childhood obesity. Not only has Meg been a strong musician and leader, but she has maintained a strong academic reputation. She has taken Advance Placement classes such as US History, Art History, European History, Human Geography, Biology, Calculus AB and English Literature, as well as Math 1050 and 1060, Writing 2010 and 2020, and Honors Humanities 2001 from the University of Utah. She has also participated in and placed at the Charter School Region Science Fair. In conclusion, I strongly recommend Margaret for anything she applies for. She has my upmost trust and confidence. Sincerely,

Cecil Sullivan Director of Choral Music Cottonwood High School Office: 385-646-8676 Mobile: 801-918-5389

In 20 words or less, list up to six activities, honors and awards relating to your category. 1. Participated in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with the University of Utah Youth Theater Conservatory 2. Member of the Cottonwood High School Madrigals 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 3. Member of the Cottonwood High School Concert Choir 2011-2012, 2012-2013, and 2013-2014 4. Member of Cottonwood Jazz Choir 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 5. Cottonwood High School Choir Council Member and President 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 6. Director of the Cottonwood High School Broadway Revue 2014 Choose one of the activities, honors or awards, describe it briefly and explain why it was meaningful to you. What did you learn and what did you accomplish? In my Freshman year of high school, I auditioned for the University of Utahs Youth Theater Conservatory. That summer they were to perform in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was going to be the first and only theater group from Utah to perform there. I was so gratified when the list came out and my name was on it. I was to participate in a internationally recognized theater festival. The musical we were to produce was an original musical, called Viral: The Musical, based on Christopher Marlowes Dr. Faustus. I had a leading part as the antagonists best friend, Mariah the Grinner. It was an amazing experience. That play was the first time that I had ever really been apart of a major production. I was in several middle school plays, but I went to a small private school and the audience numbers had been limited, as well as the schools ability to produce a well funded musical. It was there performing in Scotland that I realized how much I love musical theater. I dont think Ill ever find something for me that is more fulfilling than being able to share an idea with people through my singing and acting abilities. We were there for only two weeks of the four that are apart of the Fringe Festival. It was dizzying to see so many people from all over the world in the same place. I felt like I was a participate in the theatrical equivalent of the olympics. Being able to sing and perform in front of so many different kinds of people made me realize the power of music and its ability to bring so many people together. What I really loved about the play we performed was that it was thought provoking. I loved hearing the questions and comments people would make to us after we performed. Musical theater has the ability like no other performing art to entertain audiences while expressing emotion. The opportunity I had to participate in theater festival was amazing. I had no idea that so many people shared my same interests. Nor had I any idea the power that theater can truly have. In my opinion, musical theater has a way of getting into the hearts of the people who see it than just speaking theater has. Im so grateful for the opportunity I had to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival because of all it taught me about theater and about what I wanted to do with my life.

Supporting Attachment - Category Description

U. of U. Youth Theater goes global with 'Viral' Local theater 16 Utah students in Scotland performing in "world's largest arts festival." By Ben Fulton The Salt Lake Tribune Published August 4, 2011 5:20 pm When members of the University of Utah Youth Theatre were told last fall they would y to Scotland to perform at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, they immediately posted the news on Facebook and Twitter. Months later, they proceeded to rehearse an original musical about the impact on youth of Facebook, Twitter and other social-media tools. "Irony? Of course!" said Quita Christison, an administrative assistant at the youth actor program. "That's the kind of world we live in." Here's another irony. Although the play will be performed by 16 teenagers gathered from Utah high schools, few in the state will have the opportunity to see their production. The privilege goes to international audiences at what's widely acknowledged to be "the world's largest arts festival." "Viral" tells the story of Harmony Faust, a talented high-school student who feels invisible to those in her school. When a classmate suffers humiliation after online distribution of a viral video, she then taps the Internet's power to launch her own campaign of personal notoriety. As in the Faust legend informing Christopher Marlowe's famous early 17th-century play, she nds that negotiating its power with its price is a hard bargain. Nicholas Dunn, a freelance lm and theater producer in Salt Lake City, said he conceived the idea both as an homage to one of his favorite dramatic works and the ideal way to adapt a story that would nd resonance with the current social-networking obsession of most teenagers. "They wanted to try something darker and closer to their own concerns as high-school students," Dunn said. "I thought it remarkable that our modern culture is grappling with the powers of new communication advancements in ways similar to the England of Marlowe's time, when knowledge, advancements in health and new ideas about religion were rst taking hold." The youth theater group started raising funds for trip expenses last fall, soon after receiving the invitation to perform at Edinburgh Festival Fringe through the American High School Theatre Festival. The invitation was based on the past strength of works performed by the U. of U. Youth Theatre. Initial rehearsals were held in late winter after students nished their classes, Christison said, ending with a solid four weeks of six-hour rehearsals every day at the Youth Theatre's camp at the West Institute building right across from the U. campus. Penelope Caywood, the U. of U. Youth Theatre director who wrote music for the production, left Salt Lake City late last week

with the student group and Darin Hathaway, director of Judge Memorial High School's drama department, who will direct the production. Dunn said travel arrangements to Scotland fell consequence to his own hard bargain. Although he was slated to direct it, an automobile accident between Salt Lake City and Logan meant relinquishing those duties to Hathaway. "Just having the credit of your work performed at an international venue like that is incredible," Dunn said. "The kids really put it together before they left. If anything got a little out of hand, all you had to do was remind them why they were there. Then it was as if you were in a roomful of professional actors." Twitter: @Artsalt Going to the Fringe O The University of Utah Youth Theatre is performing an original play, "Viral," at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland. For information, visit

List up to six activities, honors and awards that relate to the leadership qualifications. 1. Choir Council Presdent 2013-14 2. Choir Council Member 2012-13 3. Director and Writer of Broadway Revue 2013-14 4. Peer Mentor of AMES 2011-12 5. LDS Bishop's Youth Council 2010-2014 6. Started Piano Teaching 2013 Choose one of the activities, honors or awards that relate to the leadership qualification and describe it briefly. The spotlight turns on, my actor walks on stage, her lines begin, and I begin the reeling roller coaster ride of a director backstage making sure all goes well. There are moments of sheer bliss as they hit that note youve worked so hard for and moments of utter disappointment as something goes horribly wrong. But, the best part about being a director is seeing your dream come true on stage. Directing was potentially the hardest thing I have ever had to do. So many people are depending on you to make them look good, so many people come to see your play and they know precisely who to blame when things dont go well. When directing a musical, its always important that you have cast actors that can sing well. If an actor doesnt have a great voice or is flat, it ruins the magic of the show. One thing I tried hard to work at was making sure every single member of my casts voice sounded the best it could. We did breathing exercise where they placed textbooks on their stomachs, we would bend over and sing to release tension in their neck, we would sing with our tongues out to get rid of tension in their mouth. It never really hit me how hard it is to learn to sing until I was teaching others to do so. When my cast would finally hit those notes, or finally sang to the end of a phrase, I felt like I was on top of the world. Each and every member of my cast was important to me. Their accomplishments meant something to me. A lot of the time I enjoyed watching what the ensemble would do onstage because they make the show seem real to people. The more into it they got the more amazed I was by everyones ability. Directing was a blast, but one thing that really made it difficult was the fact that I was not a teacher. I was not an authority figure, I was friend and a peer to the people I was directing. This made it difficult for me to achieve what I wanted from them. I quickly learned that yelling was not the answer. Earning their respect from being honest, strait forward, and kind was the best way to gaining authority. As soon as this was achieved, things went smoothly. I was surprised how people would come find me if they had done well. While I had my ups and downs with the members of my cast and crew, it was a rewarding experience to have been apart of the making of my own musical.

Supporting Attachment - Leadership Description

List up to six activities, honors or awards that relate to the qualifications for Community Service and/or Citizenship. 1. Student Volunteer at Rose Park Elementary 2013-14 2. 10-hour LDS Church Service project completion 2010 3. Teacher Assistant at the McGillis School 2010-2011 4. LDS Bishop's Youth Concil 2010-2014 5. Choir Council Member 2012-13 6. Choir Council President 2013-14 Choose one of the activities, honors or awards that relate to the Community Service/ Citizenship qualification and describe it briefly. When we voted for president of choir council, there was more than one person who wanted to be it. Being president sounds like a great time, but in reality, its a lot more work than the rest of the council. Not only am I in charge of meetings and task management, but I also have the job of making sure everyone is getting along and that the needs of all members of choir are met. There are over two hundred kids in choir and I probably know half of them. Its difficult to address the needs of people you dont know so, we set a goal to make sure every person in choir felt like they belonged. We began using the board outside the choir room to spotlight different choirs. Every member of the highlighted choirs name is on the board a long with their favorite song and pictures of the whole choir. While this doesnt compensate completely for everyone getting to know one another, it does constitute a togetherness that choir has never had previously. Another goal we had this year was to get those in non-auditioned choirs to feel apart of the choir program. Weve had more parties in order to compensate for that. A big problem that we encounter is that auditioned choirs feel superior to the non-auditioned choirs, and while in sound they may be, it isnt fair to address the other choirs in patronizing manner. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to make it so that the board highlighted mostly the non-auditioned choirs and that our parties helped to bring both types of choirs together. So far, I think we are making progress. We also wanted to make sure that there was a council member that was loosely attached to each choir. That way, each choirs needs can be addressed on a more personal basis. In previous years, choir council has never been a close knit group. This year, I wanted to make things different, so that we could work better together. The most important aspect to any leadership group is their ability to have fun together, as well as get work done. This year, because we began to spend more time together, we have been the most productive choir council since choir council began at Cottonwood. Hopefully in the future, council will become even more productive under the leadership of different president. However, I hope that people will continue to worry about the individuals who feel left out in choir and want to bring everyone in choir together. Describe two or three unique things about yourself and relate them to your category. If possible, include challenges you have overcome and describe any distinctive experiences that have affected you. At the age of eight, I was considered at risk for obesity. At that time, I didnt even know what that meant. It was difficult to grasp the concept that I couldnt eat what I wanted to anymore, that I couldnt read as much as I had before. My parents set up swimming lessons and nutrition appointments for me. However, those were things I didnt want to do, so as an 8 year-old, I didnt do those things. I continued down the road to obesity until I was in Middle School, when it dawned on me that I was bigger than the other kids. It occurred to me in gym class that I wasnt able to run a mile. I wanted to get better, be healthier, and love the person that I was. During that time, I discovered musical theater. I had grown up with The Sound of Music and Singin in the Rain and had always dreamed of being in a production like that. I couldnt be in a production if I was going to continuing being the way I was. I started singing lessons and soon I realized that swimming would only help me with singing. Swimming developed my breath control and my core strength, both of which I sorely needed if I was to achieve my dream of musical theater. By the time I was in 8th grade, I

had dropped into the upper end of a normal BMI for someone of my height and age. My dream of singing, and my desire to be in a musical had overcome a disease that claims number five on the list of most common preventable causes of death in the United States. That spring, I was cast as Thornberry, the evil fairy, in the McGillis Schools production of The Sleeping Beauty. The McGillis School is a school founded by the Jewish Community Center. Every Friday we would sing Jewish prayers and songs to celebrate shabbat. When I began first grade at McGillis, my parents enrolled me in the optional Hebrew class. Hebrew became my second language. I love speaking the language. The really interesting and beautiful thing about Hebrew though is that religiously, it is meant to be sung. The Torah is sung to the congregation throughout the year at Synagogue every Saturday. Jewish children prepare for their bat- or bar-mitzvahs at which they sing a section of the Torah. At my school, they would teach us new songs every year to sing at shabbat, Sukkot, Hannukah, and Purim. We learned the song order of the Passover feast. Judaism first sparked my interest in singing because the two cannot be separated. Without Hebrew and without my experience with obesity, I would never have been as interested or as in love with singing as I am now. How do you think your involvment in this category will enrich your life? Singing is an amazing ability to possess. It allows you to express music in a very personal manner. Not only is vocal music a window into the life of the composer who wrote the music, but a window into the singers life. Singing is unique in that regard. It allows you to share something essentially human. Every culture in the world possesses some form of vocal music. This shared quality is something I am very grateful and happy that I can develop and share. About two years ago I completely lost my voice for over a month. It was ridiculously hard to go through my daily routine. I never realized how much I sang everyday. When I am stressed or when I feel angry, I tend to sing to release my emotions in a positive way. At the time when I was unable to do so, I became increasingly grumpy and difficult to be around. To me singing enriches my life because it allows me to be the person that I want to be. As an actress, I love the sound of words. As a musician, I appreciate the range of emotions a few notes can produce. Putting words and music together creates meaning for sound. The ability to produce this sound is invariably a beautiful, meaningful way to express emotion. Voice is something almost anyone can appreciate. Singing can bring a smile or a tear to even the most emotionally detached people. In song we can express emotions that cannot otherwise be truly understood. I wish to be an artist that is able to help people express themselves. Often, when I listen to someone else sing in an opera, a musical, or even on the radio, it becomes easier for me to feel what they are feeling and to find memories of my own which match what they are trying to say.

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