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developing understanding of theory

List the main representations we might expect to explore in the media Now list possible collective identities which we might explore Finally, list theories which might be useful when discussing representation and collective identity in the media


To examine representation theory and apply it with confidence using appropriate media terminology

What is a star? How are stars created? What is the difference between being famous and being a star? Is being a star the same as being a celebrity? How are stars represented technically and ideologically? How are stars received by the a public?


Who has more power?

What is the relationship between the Star and the Media? What is the relationship between the Star and the Audience? What is the relationship between the Media and the Audience?

In answering the question try to use examples and appropriate media terminology.


USE THE SHEET read, discuss and then complete the task working in pairs or groups of three

Choose a representation or collective identity Develop research ensuring that you have a range of texts Take a theoretical approach using theory: representation, star, feminism, semiotics and/or other appropriate theories. Produce an essay of no less than 500 words which explores this representation/CI in detail using PEE

Title: How is the representation or collective identity constructed in the the group you have chosen?