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Daniel Cluff Reflections on Becoming a Teacher The contents of my eportfolio are aligned with the model standards of DSU

Department of Education, and are a reflection of my educational journey as a beginning teacher. It is important to verify that I am a competent, caring, and qualified educator; and the documents that I have included show the progressive understanding and maturity that I have gained to prove that I am indeed everything that can be expected of beginning educator. The following paper is a point by point reflection of how I have demonstrated competence through each model standard and Standard one is Diversity(DMI Diversity is a tool for my students to be aware of the world around them and draw strength from the differences of others. I have gained my education studying in three different nations(Unites States, Brazil, and Navajo Nation). Without experiencing the differences of other cultures I would not have a deep love and appreciation for my own. I have learned English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish from communicating and experiencing the cultures of other people. By letting my students interact and share their culture, ideas and individual differences with each other I believe my students are setting themselves for true learning opportunities and engendering a commitment to humanity in the communities that they are a part of. I received an Ain diversity class and for my artifact I interviewed my friend who is deaf and talked with him concerning school integration and how public schools have helped him gain an education. Effective Pedagogy (DM2)As a guide on the Colorado River, I learned how hands on application is best way to experience science and biology. Tourists came from every country of the world to learn about the Grand

Canyon's History, Geology, and Biology.. During my education technologies class I learned how to present through Prezzi and Screen Cast to better my ability to increase my instruction through a new forum. S-Subject Matter (DM3) Demonstrates confidence, subject matter knowledge, uses instructional strategies to engage students in inquiry thinking, and pursues learning to advance professional practice.I will graduate this Spring 2014 with a degree in Biology for secondary education. It has been a long process, however, I am so grateful to be at this point. This journey has given me an appreciation for the world that I live in and the community that I am a part of. I have been actively involved in my community to promote higher education and scientific efforts to advance both economic and educational opportunities for everyone in our region. E- Environment (DM4) I have written a comprehensive CMP that is 26 pages long and look forward to applying it in my future classroom. Classroom management is the "how I lead" of teaching in a classroom setting. Without good management, there is no way that my students can feel safe in expressing content knowledge or feel security in exterior settings. Reflective(DMS5) I am 31 years old and back in college, any more proof needed that I am a life-long learner?! I have come back to the educational realm of our world because I wanted to grow and improve myself. It is important to be a caring professional. I am currently volunteering my time serving youth in my church and I am also a trained varsity scout master. I have also learned how to be respectful of other cultures by experiencing them first hand and learning how to be sensitive the cultural exceptionalities. I have learned that assessment of students is very individualized. In my experience I have given a general policy that covers 80% of my students, and modified assessment for 20% of my students through oral, written, and additional assignments. In my limited time as a teacher I felt the excitement of a student that raises her grade from a 52% to a 58%

and felt just as excited as I did for the student that raised her grade from a 98% to a 99%! Each classroom is much the same way and I have modified class instruction based on pre-tests and essays. Watching children increase their personal understanding and elevating their personal expectation of success is the lifeblood of a happy teacher. As my students succeed, so will I. To be qualified- what a goal! I have learned so much gaining this degree and have passed through experiences that have developed me into a qualified teacher. I have passed through DSU education department and have been taught by the leading professionals of Southern Utah and they have followed all the requirements that are recommended by the state of Utah. I have completed my student teaching and have personal experience teaching and managing a real classroom. Above all, I have a high personal efficacy that I am the best teacher the world has ever seen. If you get a chance to review this paper before I am hired, you better act quickly before Im gone! Without a doubt, I am excited and ready to teach. I understand that the professional standards taught by DSU are articulated to ensure a sound development of all aspiring teachers and can certify that I have met state and national standards expected of all teachers. The purpose of amassing a collection of my work known as an eportfolio is to give tangible evidence to support by professional instruction and personal experiences that can be viewed and measured by anyone weighing my value to their future school. With all that I have provided and experienced, I look forward to being mentor to the growing community that I am to be a part of and watch my students evolve from kids, to adults, and beyond. The conclusion of this paper marks the begging of what I know and what I hope to achieve as a teacher- to be known as a competent, caring, and qualified educator