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Rewind Your Relationship Back To Bliss

Mens Edition


Ryan Rivers

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What Is Relationship Rewind? Understanding the Dynamics of a Relationship Why Relationship Rewind Works Where to Start Your Relationship Journey The Stages of Relationship Rewind Reasons for a Relationship Breakdown Overcoming the Final Objection My Relationship Rewind Journey 21 My Story: How It All Ended, Much to My Surprise The Insiders Perspective: What I Discovered The Concept of Getting Your Ex Back Why I Believe She Will Take You Back My Relationship Rewind Experience How Relationship Rewind Works The Big Relationship Rewind Reveal Keynotes Love Story: The Relationship Breakdown What Is the Relationship Breakdown? What Happens After the Relationship Breakdown? Moving On From a Relationship Breakdown Identifying the Choices You Want to Make Keynotes

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1: My Relationship Rewind Journey

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2: The Relationship Breakdown

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3: Relationship Decay
Love Story: Relationship Decay What Is Relationship Decay? Relationship Decay: Case Study The Phases of Post-Relationship Decay How to Feel Better About Relationship Decay Why Relationship Decay Occurs The Signs for Recognizing Relationship Decay Why You Must Stop Chasing Indifference Keynotes What Is Deaths Door? Moving Away From Deaths Door Introducing the False Friendship Critical Knowledge: The False Friendship Failure Rate What the False Friendship is Not: The Friend Zone Initiating the False Friendship During Deaths Door Keynotes WARNING What is the Magic Letter? Initiating the Magic Letter During Indifference An Example of the Magic Letter in Action The Magic Letter Breakdown Why the Magic Letter Is So Effective Keynotes What Is Drift? How She Will Approach the Final Stages of Drift How Drift Can Lead to Indifference Avoiding a Negative Bonding Experience Always Approach with a Positive Bonding Experience Keynotes

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4: Deaths Door

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5: The Magic Letter

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6: Drift

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7: Switch
What Is Switch? How to Tell When She Is In Switch How to Challenge the Switch Things to Avoid Doing in Switch Case Study Part 1: Switch in Action Case Study Part 2: The Problem with Switch Keynotes What Is Bliss? Real Life Examples of Bliss Emotion First, Love Later (EF, LL) Detonating the Back to Bliss Bomb Introducing the I Love You Ladder How to Use the I Love You Ladder Keynotes Truly Benefiting from the Relationship Rewind Truly Benefiting from the Relationship Rewind Your Relationship Rewind Users Guide: Living and Loving with Bliss Will She Love You As You Love Her? Good Luck!

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To my loving wife, best friend, and shining star, Thank you for teaching me how to love, for proofreading into the early hours, and for giving us a second chance. To my friends, who, when convinced I had lost my mind, did not turn their backs on me, and saw me through the nights when I couldnt stand to be around myself. To my Mom and Dad, who constantly showed me what true love can be, and for reminding me never to let love go if you are blessed enough to find it too.

Sometimes you find a book, and sometimes a book finds you. For me, Relationship Rewind was the latter. I have read dozens of run-of-the-mill dating books, all filled with the same clichd suggestions. Right off the bat, I was surprised to find this was not the same BS. Then, as I put the suggested techniques into action (admittedly somewhat skeptical), I was amazed to find my relationship with my ex changing. I didnt have to chase her to win her back. I didnt have to keep calling and trying to break down her barriers. Instead, after using the Relationship Rewind, she unexpectedly asked me to meet up for a drink one day. From there, everything clicked into place. We started dating a few weeks later, and now, after almost a year, we set a date to make it all official. Not only did I win her back, but also somewhere along the way we discovered what love could be. What it could have been all along For those starting their Relationship Rewind journey, I recommend taking action on the tips in this book. I call it a journey because it truly is an eyeopening adventure. My only regret is waiting to start until after I had finished reading. Looking back, I realized how much precious time had passed. Now, instead of worrying about failing, I embrace the woman I love and know that no matter what happens we wont become another failed relationship statistic. If you are looking for truthful, direct advice about how to get your ex back, youve found it. Im not saying this is an instantaneous cure, because it is not.

The author understands what you are facing and offers practical advice to help you overcome each challenge. Once you progress through the customizable phases, you are rewarded with a second chance and so much more than that. Relationship Rewind taught me that it is possible to go back and change things, but it only works if you really want it to. If you are committed to winning her back, then this book will help you. If you are just looking for ways to fill the void in your heart or space in your bed, this is not the book for you. Relationship Rewind doesnt work that way. Its all about taking what was there, and bringing it back to life so that its stronger than ever. My advice is to be honest about the changes you want and appreciate your journey. Its an incredible opportunity to become the man you have always wanted to be, and the one she will always love.

Anthony P.
Relationship Rewind Member



What Is Relationship Rewind?

Relationship Rewind: The act of rewinding a relationship to a time of complete happiness. Furthermore, this act prevents conflict from occurring. Relationship Rewind is a unique method of restoring even the most broken relationships. It offers you an opportunity to correct experiences where you or she may have done something wrong, so you can restore the relationship to a place of love, affection, and intimacy. Instead of feeling rejected and abandoned, you can use Relationship Rewind to undo any damage. Its so effective its as if the damage never even happened! It changes how you and your partner respond to one another, removing the friction that occurs during the Relationship Breakdown phase (you will learn about this in Chapter 2). No matter how traumatic that experience, it is possible to go back in time to a place where you are the center of her world. It also gives you the skills to identify problems as they arise, so you can deal with them productively. This also prevents the relationship breakdown from happening again. The best thing about Relationship Rewind is that you learn to use positive reinforcement to reward her for returning to Bliss. Instead of driving her away, you encourage her to come back to a state of Bliss on her own. It teaches her that you are someone


she enjoys being around, and builds a natural yet durable attraction. When you learn the correct techniques to reward her, she will believe she is instigating the return of your relationship. This is a critical observation, as most men try to convince their ex to get back together, but end up making things worse. They drive her away, and never win her affection back.

Understanding the Dynamics of a Relationship

A relationship is the social bond we define with a promise or a vow. It demonstrates that you and she are something more than individuals are. In a relationship, you feel ownership towards your partner. She feels the same for you. When youre not in a relationship, you still share experiences, memories, thoughts, and feelings for each other. If she is not expressing these feelings, they are inactive or dormant, but they are still there. These are the true essence of a relationship. You will receive actionable techniques throughout this book to help you reactivate this potential. After a relationship ends, women move as far as possible from the emotional trauma. This is why you may believe that reversing a relationship is impossible. You can probably feel her detachment. Many men wrongly believe this is the worst thing that can happen, as it feels irreversible, but youll be surprised to find this is not true. Even if she wont answer your calls today, there is hope for tomorrow.



How you react to her need for distance is the deciding factor. This is what Relationship Rewind seeks to explore. Its all about returning to the same emotional page. Relationship Rewind ignites the blissful feelings felt when falling in love. These emotions reward her for pursuing an active relationship with you. If she loved you once, she still does or can learn to love you again. It does not matter how long you were together or how much time you have been apart. The beauty of the Relationship Rewind is that even the most heart wrenching of breakups become possible to reconnect. It doesnt matter if she is filled with anger and hate, or if you havent spoken in years. Every relationship can be rewound. Im about to show you why.

Why Relationship Rewind Works

While many of these tips can sustain a relationship, this is not your typical dating advice. The information you are about to read is controversial and frowned upon by other so-called dating experts. This is because the purpose of Relationship Rewind is to get your ex back, not something all experts agree on. Many will tell you that some things are best left in the past, or there are plenty more fish in the sea. We both know otherwise.



However, I will give you this cautionary advice: In order to be successful, you must be 100% sure your relationship is worth saving. I cannot emphasize this enough. These radical techniques only rewind a healthy relationship founded in love. If there was no love, you have little to leverage. It is not impossible, but the results will not be as stellar. This is because the techniques that you will be using awaken the emotions that she has already felt, and bring them back into action. It is also wise to note: A Relationship Breakdown is a traumatic experience, no matter how long your connection. The fresher those experiences are, the less accurate your ability will be to decide if she was truly The One. I cannot tell you if she was or if your relationship is worth saving, but neither can anyone else. You are the only person who can make this decision. Now is the time to begin looking at your relationship objectively. Ask yourself:
Are you unconditionally committed to winning her back? Do you know without a doubt that your life is much better when she is around?

If the answer to both these questions is yes, then great! You are already on your way to seeking Relationship Resolve. This is when you stop looking at the Relationship Breakdown as an impossible task. Instead, you discover an opportunity to make things better than ever. It is this necessary mindset you will need in going


forward, and one that will begin to spark her attraction to you once more. These techniques have helped transform hundreds of relationships and can help you too. We will be looking at each in-depth in the coming chapters. For now, acknowledge their existence and embrace knowing that you have an arsenal of tools at your disposal! The techniques that will reward her for chasing you and embracing her emotions: 1. Emotion First, Love Later 2. The False Friendship 3. The Bliss Bomb In this book, you will also explore the Relationship Mechanisms I call: 1. 2. 3. Drift Switch Bliss

In addition, I will teach you what Deaths Door is, and how you can move away from these escalating Relationship Killers: 1. Relationship Decay 2. Relationship Breakdown 3. Deaths Door



Relationship Killers are silent but deadly feelings that occur under the surface. They only show their face when its at the final hour, or after the relationship has ended. Knowing how to spot these before that monumental time, and learning how to set the relationship back on course to Bliss means never having to face the end again. These are what make the Relationship Rewind so effective, and we will be exploring these concepts first. In this book, you will learn how to transport your relationship back to a better time, where conversation and sex happened freely and passionately. Where arguments were rare, and when she looked at you with a sparkle in her eye that told you without doubt, you are the only man for her. These techniques encourage her to come back to the relationship on her own terms. She feels compelled and that its the right thing to do. Understanding these Relationship Mechanisms and knowing when to act are the secret to winning her affection and adoration for a lifetime.

Where to Start Your Relationship Journey

As most Relationship Breakdowns involve giving each other space, getting back on speaking terms is the best way to begin the Relationship Rewind. The techniques most guys use drive her away, no matter how good their intentions. Learning to create a False Friendship ensures you do not make these mistakes. If this sounds impossible or strange, you will be pleasantly surprised. This is not only remarkably easy to do, but also very powerful. Creating a False


Friendship gives you a communication channel so you can use the steps in this book effectively. The first step we are going to take is one you can do on your own. It will help bring clarity into your life. Whether you broke up yesterday or last year, you are hanging onto emotions that cause all sorts of side effects in your life. Your anger, jealousy, resentment, and other emotions are driving her away (possibly without you even realizing it). By letting these go, you create a deep sense of Relationship Resolve. You want to reach this critical point of acceptance of what has happened, with the confidence to move forward. This Relationship Resolve is also required to use the techniques in this book actionably, and offers a clear mindset to make the correct judgment calls. I cannot say this enough: Winning her back becomes one thousand times easier when you are emotionally resolved, and able to see the relationship in a positive light. This is precisely the time to be excited and even curious, because you are about to jump off the ledge. Getting her back will be quite an adventure!
Note: Without this understanding, creating a False Friendship becomes impossible.



The Stages of Relationship Rewind

The stages of the Relationship Rewind are easy to implement. They are designed to help you start from the moment the relationship ends, to the moment you are back together, and can be used at every point in-between. All you have to do is pinpoint which phase you are in and read that section. Each section will lead you back into Bliss. This is why she feels compelled to move the relationship back into an active status on her terms. Before we can fully understand that, I want to help you seek your Relationship Resolve. By understanding why the Relationship Breakdown occurred, you will each be more responsive to the following techniques. I hope that by beginning to understand why the relationship broke down, or where in the process you are, you will feel empowered. Consider these next points closely, and aim to find out where your relationship ended.



Here Are The Three Major Stages Of The Relationship Breakdown: 1. Relationship Decay: This phase is where you may begin to feel the relationship is not as happy or as blissful as once was. It is often difficult to pinpoint why that is, but the feelings of its not quite right become increasingly tangible. All relationships that are not in a state of Bliss experience some degree of Relationship Decay. 2. Relationship Breakdown: When the Relationship Decay becomes noticeable, you move into the awareness phase called the Relationship Breakdown. This is when you or she may take considerable actions based on those negative emotions. You may be arguing frequently or generally moving further apart. This can lead to an official break up. 3. Deaths Door: Deaths Door occurs after the breakup, and is an intense phase of sheer frustration and confusion. The hope of reconciliation feels small (though this is far from impossible to change). She may or may not talk to you, but she is set in her resolve. You are on Deaths Door when you she seeks complete independence from the relationship. It is important to point out that while these sound serious, and they absolutely are, they are not impossible to overcome. You have the tools you need to overcome these easily.



While it can be difficult to think back to that time, it is critical for the healing process. Think objectively where in this series you are, and how you are now interacting compared to when you were in your relationship. Now that you know these phases exist, it should inspire curiosity into why they happened. We will be coming back to these in more depth regularly, but for now, accept them. Study them. Find peace with them.

Reasons for a Relationship Breakdown

It doesnt matter how rich, attractive, or successful you are, or how long you were together, breaking up is an unpleasant experience. It has the potential to make you feel different negative emotions, which can make the situation feel worse than it appears. You may feel angry, feelings of failure, or helplessness. These vary from person to person, and none is wrong, but they must be overcome. Im about to show you how that is possible. What might surprise you is that in almost every case, humans only break up for two reasons. The Two Major Reasons Breakups Occur Are: You were in a different phase of the relationship than her The relationship wasnt emotionally rewarding. When you are in two different phases, communication and compromise are difficult to reach as you each have different goals. This can lead to the second reason, which occurs when one or both people feel that the relationship is not meeting the desired goals. You may experience one or both of these, but the fact remains the same. You were moving in a different direction, and it caused an


emotional response that put the relationship in jeopardy. As these two points have infinite outcomes, how you approach them will be different. This is why the Relationship Rewind offers a customizable plan. Only you know why your relationship ended, and which highs and lows it experienced. These answers unlock the secrets on whether you are in Switch, Drift, or Bliss, and how to respond according to this book. Perhaps you were unhappy, and Drifted on your own without talking to her about those feelings. Maybe she made a decision without you that left you stranded. Either way, the outcome remains the same. Appreciate these feelings of awareness, they will bring you closure. Once you find the reason why, you can follow the steps provided.

Overcoming the Final Objection

If you still feel your relationship is doomed or hopeless, you must learn to venture on with positive goals in mind. You will not be able to use the steps in this book if your doubt and anxiety overshadow your love for her. For this reason, I have included a bonus, which gives you instant access to my Mind Calm techniques. These will improve how you are feeling, so you can start on a successful path to relationship success.



To access Mind Calm, please visit the Relationship Rewind Members Area and click on Mind Calm. Alternatively, you can click the link below and log in from here: One of the biggest pieces of advice is to accept time passing and use it to create healing and understanding. You both need time to process your emotions. There is only so much you can do without pushing her away. If you charge in now without the correct mindset, or without fully understanding the techniques offered, you risk losing her for good. The rest you must leave to times capable hands. You will be uncovering the magic behind these techniques soon.

Remember: The Relationship Rewind is not a method to win her back overnight, but to win her back for good.

Ryan Rivers
Creator of The Relationship Rewind System


My Relationship Rewind Journey



Chapter 1: My Relationship Rewind Journey

Welcome to the Relationship Rewind! Before we jump into the good stuff, I want to take a moment to introduce myself, and tell you a bit about my Relationship Rewind journey. I hope that by reading about my experiences and those of my Relationship Rewind clients, you will be hopeful. You will see why even the most devastating relationships were healed using positive actions. You will discover why these actions in turn were so remarkable, and where those relationships now are. This can be a rewarding time, but only if you go into it with the right mindset. At the end of the day, love should be pleasurable. Enjoy these stories at their face value. We all make mistakes, but how we confront speaks loudly. No relationship is perfect, but it can be close when you know how to reward the positives. You should always be moving towards a positive goal; otherwise, you are just setting yourself up for a relationship disaster. This is why we talk about moving forward to Bliss using positive reinforcement. So with that said, I want to tell you about the night it all went wrong for me. This isnt an easy story to share, but one that is necessary to understand.




My Story: How It All Ended, Much to My Surprise

night, home from work late and exhausted, I arrived to discover the living room torn apart and in its place, an assortment of boxes and suitcases scattered across the floor. There, above the chaos and confusion was my childhood sweetheart. She was teary eyed and moving around with a phone secured to one shoulder as she threw her stuff into various containers. Had it been any other night, my amusement at her ability to hit every shot would have made both of us laugh. She wasnt the most agile creature, often tripping and falling. She called me her savior, and joked that I should paint a red cross on my white horse. As she set the phone down, she jumped, now realizing that I had entered. Her usual carefree smile and welcoming arms were replaced with a stern, How much did you hear? I shrugged, and playfully asked if she was hiding something from me. Her expression was one that I will never forget, and as she stared vacantly into the wall behind, it finally dawned on me. What she said next was unbelievable, Im going to stay with friends; Ill come back for the rest soon. Memories flashed before my eyes, retracing the steps back as if somehow, my brain could work out what went wrong and figure out how to fix it. I couldnt find any answers. She explained she had wanted to leave before I came home. She didnt mean to hurt me, and apologized for the mess, but as fast as she said it, she was gone.


In the weeks that followed, I never could understand what went wrong. I started avoiding others in a hopeless attempt to hide my pain. It wasnt right that she should be free, leaving me behind. We swore that we would be together forever. Nevertheless, as the ring I intended to give her sat mockingly in my pocket, I wondered what forever even meant. It was all gone she was gone. When I saw my friends, they said I had to get a grip; I had to get over her. For the first time, I knew they were wrong. I had to win her back. It was as if the decision sprang forth and was so obvious and crystal clear. I felt free. Instead of falling into a sullen slumber, I cleared off a desk and began to rush around looking for clues, ideas, anything that would help me win her back. Unknowingly, I had found my Relationship Resolve. Over the following months, I did everything I could to make contact with her. Her friends were kind, but I knew they were screening her calls and hiding her from me. If we could just sit down and talk, I knew she would see how big a mistake she had made, but it was futile. In trying to contact her, it felt like I was only driving her away. I still had no idea why she left; the unanswered questions were driving me crazy



One night, as I was looking back through old photos, wondering how she came to be mine, it finally dawned on me. She had chosen me. I had been shy in high school, something that despite my best efforts remained true to this day. She had had many suitors, all promising her the world, and when she sat by me in class, she smiled easily when I accepted her offer of help; it was as if she didnt need saving, she wanted to save the world. When she wanted to be with me, thats when the real magic happened. Suddenly, everything changed in that moment I realized if I wanted to win her affection, I had to use that same method. One that would make her want me back. It was no use trying to chase her down. I would end up rejected like those other guys. She would put up her defense and become leery (something I couldnt stomach thinking about). When I thought back to that fateful day, I was reminded of how simple and easy the conversation flowed It was then that Relationship Rewind was born.



The Insiders Perspective: What I Discovered

I realized no matter how much you love someone there are certain stipulations that must be met. Especially if you want to her to love you in return. She is not going to take you back because you feel a certain way. She will take you back though if she feels compelled to be with you again. Many Relationship Breakdowns leave two people torn apart. Its not because the love died, but because of the way they were interacting. Also, it is possible that she left because she felt the relationship would never work, and as hard as that may be to hear, she may be right. A decision to end your relationship has been made, but ideas, opinions, and feelings change. I spent months, almost years figuring out what makes a strong, grounded relationship, and I am learning all the time. What I do know, is that when something challenging appears, the Relationship Mechanisms in this book can help you react in a positive way, and get the results you want. It gives you that fresh perspective, and new way to approach. Thats the beauty of what you are going to read. You will see that everything about your relationship is open to change.



The Concept of Getting Your Ex Back

What you must realize, is that getting your ex back is an inaccurate phrase. What you want to do is make your ex want you back. There is a massive difference in coercing someone, and them taking action on their own; and the results are equally different. If you convince her to come back into the relationship, sure it might work, but only for a short while. The cracks will soon begin to emerge. Instead, when you learn to make her want you back without feeling guilt, regret, or any other negative emotions, I am confident you will see the same responsiveness that I did. Finding out why the Relationship Breakdown occurred is one of first questions you must answer. Then, discover how to ignite attraction, passion, and emotional bonding. These are all amazing ways to share how you feel without pushing her way. Also, in doing so, you will be put on a pedestal above all other men. Women are born to nurture and protect; it calls to them on a biological level. That is not to say women want to date someone weak, far from it. Nevertheless, if you can make her focus time and energy, then you rebuild a bond that is almost impossible to break. These techniques have passed rigorous testing and are the backbone of Relationship Rewind. Moreover, they have helped countless couples reunite. I found that by rewinding the relationship back to the time when you were both enamored with one another, you get the Bliss


back. Meaning you will also bypass the Relationship Breakdown, which enables you to start fresh with the worry of it all going wrong. Many dating experts would disagree with these ideas, but for us, it has proven to be the most successful and rewarding method.

Why I Believe She Will Take You Back

She loved you once, and there is the strongest possibility she still does. Her love, inspired from months or years together, did not suddenly vanish. It isnt possible to wake up one morning and fall out of love, no matter how many times you wish it so. The same goes for her. The effort required to get over those emotions can take a staggeringly long time. In fact, I was surprised to find this can take years to happen. Then there are some people who never fall out of love. For them, those feelings are as strong for a lifetime. Why is that? This is because love is not a mere emotion, but a connection we build with someone and is dependent on biology. The hormones Oxytocin and Vasopressin, create a feeling of love, are two of the most potent chemicals in existence. These chemicals bond a mother to her child, and you to a miserable existence without her by your side (BBC 2009). When you create the intoxicating passion hormones, Dopamine, Serotonin, and Norepinephrine; you produce a Bliss Bomb that feels like an explosion in her brain.


These chemicals create the feeling that everything is magical. These incredible emotions throw us so recklessly into love; we often overlook the fact that there is an art and a science to falling in love. The real beauty is that despite these Relationship Mechanisms, it feels remarkably easy and natural. All these emotions and feelings can be found once more. It happens when you learn how to make her heart and body surrender first. What is even more staggering is that there is no cure for love. The only known way to crack a pair bond (a feeling of oneness between two subjects), is by removing one hormone. When scientists at the University of Illinois removed Vasopressin from test voles, they wanted to see if voles could bond without hormonal influence (Velasquez 2013). The surprising results concluded that only in this extreme circumstance was it possible to remove love completely. This means that the true desire to run from Bliss is missing. As it is impossible that she removed the Vasopressin from her body, she cannot truly fall out of love from you. She is still bonded on an emotional level, even if she doesnt want to be. However, there was a second shocking revelation from this study. When the once mated voles were reintroduced to Vasopressin, they fell in love. It was instant and the results happened as if they had never parted. The bond that was there was established at a breakneck speed, and lasted for the duration of their lives. Scientists believe that humans work in the same way as they connect using the same hormones (Perlman 2013).

Voles: A small rodent resembling a mouse but with a stouter body; also known as a field mouse. They are a notable animal model for its monogamous sexual fidelity, since the male is usually faithful to the female.

Vasopressin: A horomone that after intercourse is released into the body that creates the desire to stay with his mate


This means, if you trigger her emotional connection and flood her body with Vasopressin, she will be bonded again to you and only you.

My Relationship Rewind Experience

When mentoring men, who couldnt understand why their relationship ended, something extraordinary dawned on me. Women are patient, but not impossibly so. If you do not realize what is going wrong in your relationship or want to make amends, then you risk her walking out without so much as a glance back. It is your responsibility to make sure you do not give her unnecessary reasons to leave. This is why that burning desire to know what went wrong is so important. It is natures way of sending up a red flag that you are missing something critical. Yes, relationships work on mutual attraction, trust and respect. However, you need to know how each of the sexes is different too. These differences give you the key ingredients to help guide the relationship back onto the tracks of success. Just as, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink; you can provide an Oasis in the harsh desert that begs her to take advantage of her desire for you. Its human instinct at its finest and most authentic. We all have Vasopressin, and yes, we all have this potential to reconnect. However, men and women ignite these chemical explosions in completely different ways.


No one follows a specific formula to fall in love; thats the magic. However, just like a magician, there are triggers that occur behind the scenes for the trick of love to happen. You might think that knowing how to conceal a trick will make your magic successful, but a true showman is able to take it a step further. He makes someone believe in magic. When you understand how women uniquely feel this magic, everything clicks into place. Its no secret that women respond on a deeply emotional level, but here is why this observation is so significant. Men are visual creatures, which mean they try to show their affection. Women need to be told and affirmed of this desire to feel and understand its power. When you learn how to use her language and desire, you unlock the mystery that plagues most men. If you follow these suggestions, she will be hooked on you. You will use language and actions that resonate with her on a uniquely biological level, activating her emotional response. In other words, now is your opportunity to create the same awe as the magician. When she falls for you, a Bliss Bomb will explode in her mind. This powerful device will set a series of events into motion that will bond you together for a lifetime. It calls to her biological mechanisms and makes you irresistible. What I failed to mention though, is that the Bliss Bomb is also highly addictive. In fact, it has shown the same neurological response levels as drug addiction, hence why we call love intoxicating. That means, anytime the Bliss begins to dwindle, you can


reactive your Bliss Bomb and reveal your next slice of magnetic attraction.

How Relationship Rewind Works

Relationship Rewind is an effective process that teaches you how to rewind, rekindle, and restart your relationship in a way that doesnt hold onto the past. It gives you a clean slate and the opportunity to find love again. It doesnt diminish what you had, but shows you new ways to feel the emotions you already have, and turn them into a solid foundation for a new relationship. I will introduce you to Relationship Decay. This is the subconscious stage of the Relationship Breakdown, which creates emotional damage and unrest when Bliss is not present. This is the facilitator for a Relationship Breakdown. The Relationship Breakdown is where conscious awareness of Relationship Decay manifests as arguments or an official breakup. These actions can land you in the high-risk zone called Deaths Door. Deaths Door is the moment when you realize you want your relationship back (after an official breakup), but she has a resolve to remain detached. You feel like you are at an impossible standstill. I will teach you about my Relationship Mechanisms called Drift, Switch, and Bliss and show you how to avoid common Relationship Killers.

Note: Deaths Door is a stage where you could lose her forever if you do not take considerable care. Thats not to say overcoming these hurdles is impossible, but it does require mastery.


These techniques, when used correctly, prevent Relationship Decay. I will teach you how to turn those feels of detachment and unrest into desire and Bliss. This is remarkable, as it also reduces the risks of the relationship failing again. Turning your dating status back on is about making her feel compelled to restore the foundations of your relationship. Other dating advice only helps you chase her down and win her back over. When you know how to Switch her perspective, you will reward her for chasing you. Then she will realize all the incredible things she has been missing and yearning for. It stops you from feeling things are impossible, replacing them instead with joy. Finally, I will teach you how to initiate Bliss. While it is important to let nature work its magic and allow these feelings to transpire, there are ways to kick-start the process. This will also become a talking point in Chapter 3, where I will show you how to reverse the effects of the most impossible feelings of Relationship Breakdown, Deaths Door. These are the feelings of absolute joy that you once had for each other, which many believe to be a temporary Honeymoon phase. These feelings will make her fall for you again, and I will teach you how to keep the passion alive for as long as you want it. Bliss is incredible, necessary, and the most potent dating tool you will ever own. It is also incredibly easy to activate, no matter how doomed your relationship feels.


The Big Relationship Rewind Reveal

When you apply these steps together, something remarkable happens. It took me by surprise, yet I see it happen every day. People come to me and tell me that their relationships are stronger, more passionate, and better than ever. My clients are grateful for a second chance, and are fortunate to have an opportunity to put their relationship back together. These steps also use positive reinforcement, which seems to work on a different level than any other dating advice I have ever seen. When you activate the Relationship Rewind, you make it feel like it is her idea and that she is going to take you back. I know this sounds ridiculous, but when you stop chasing her and start rewarding her for instigating a relationship, you will be amazed at how responsive she is. All she wants to do is call, think about getting back together, and how breaking up was a massive mistake; no matter how angry she is, trust me. What you have in your possession is a powerful tool specifically designed to win her back and keep her this time. In order for you to get the most from this tool, I want you to go into these steps with a positive attitude. Now is the time to leave your emotional baggage at the door and step into a world of opportunity. This can be an extremely rewarding time and Im really happy you are joining us.



At the end of each chapter, I will include keynotes. While you can get through this book in a few days, understanding the necessary steps will take longer. No one becomes a master of anything in a few days. Come back and review these lessons often to get the most out of them.

Understanding what caused the Relationship Breakdown is important, but will not stand in the way of positive reconciliation. Without understanding where you are emotionally, the steps you take will only drive her away. Always go into the Relationship Rewind with a positive mindset. If you are unable to think clearly and objectively, then click on the Mind Calm link below for further assistance The Relationship Rewind will teach you how to activate dormant or inactive feelings in her, so her desire to come back to you will be natural. Relationship Rewind will provide you with the necessary steps to spark her attraction, while preventing Relationship Decay from occurring.

The Relationship Breakdown



Love Story: The Relationship Breakdown

Introducing Aaron and Emma: Aaron and Emma got together two summers ago. He was attending a conference with some big shot company, and was hoping to land the perfect deal. He had it all in front of him, and was an ambitious go-getter who quickly outgrew his small rural town. One of the girls he met at the conference, Emma, kept in touch, and as things continued to go his way, their connection grew. It wasnt long before they were dating, and Aaron was calling home to say he wouldnt be back for a while. As the weeks turned into months, Aaron would call and share all the awesome things he was doing, while Emma was right there with him. They sounded incredibly happy. Like any young couple in love, frequent Facebook posts showed photos of two happy people enjoying their life. After a while, the updates came less and people rarely heard from Aaron. They thought it was his demanding career and didnt think anything of it. As the months turned into a year, people began talking again. They all assumed Aaron was living the good life. What they didnt realize was that he and Emma had broken up. The Relationship Breakdown had taken a toll on him.



Aaron was working long hours and turned down the opportunity to move to the next branch. He hoped that by staying in town, he and Emma would figure things out. Thats when an unexpected phone call arrived; one that made it apparent what Aaron had really been doing for so long. To be continued

What Is the Relationship Breakdown?

Relationship Breakdown: The sensitive time when you acknowledge the end of your relationship is near. Often, this phase leads to an official break-up. The Relationship Breakdown is not the time when you decide to end the relationship, but the time before an impending breakup when things are admittedly difficult and tense. The Relationship Breakdown is also the noticeable time during or after the Relationship Decay has set in. This phase happens when the cracks in your bond become obvious. Although the length of this phase varies between couples, feeling lost is common. What is weird about the Relationship Breakdown is most couples look back and can easily see that this time was the moment the


relationship started ending. Yet it is usually overlooked at the time. This is because during the Relationship Breakdown you feel happy on some days and worse on others. It isnt usually until after everything is said and done that most men look back and wonder how different it could have been. You might realize that things she said were not only true, but also drenched with emotional turmoil. You might see how you reacted in what appeared a perfectly normal way, could have been taken in a different context with this new light. Thats the power of hindsight, and why I always advice allowing as much time as possible to pass. It can be the most revealing when looking back on the Relationship Breakdown. The good news is the Relationship Rewind gives you a unique opportunity to correct those cracks, by simply being aware they exist. However, it is important not to kick yourself about how obvious they are now. Your feelings are always fluctuating. The opportunities now open to you are essentially the opposite of the Relationship Breakdown, where you begin to feel better every day.



What Happens After the Relationship Breakdown?

Many men act quickly after a Relationship Breakdown, without realizing that every action (no matter how good your intention) can have a devastating effect. If she starts seeing someone else, your inability to support her decision can drive a wedge between you. It makes you look as if you are unable to move forward from the relationship. It also solidifies her resolve in ending it as you appear needy or clingy, and is all-round unattractive behavior. Similarly, if you try to keep a friendship going with a glaring intent to get back together, you might feel perplexed at her sudden Switch as she distances herself from you. This is because you each need to time reach emotional stability. Without stability, you will not be able to take the right steps to rewind your relationship. You will fall into emotional traps, which pushes her further away. As you understand the stages, you will learn critical milestones when she will be most receptive to you. You begin to show her the changes you are making and approach her with attractive, desirable qualities. However, these only work if you can restore confidence in yourself, and in your ability to create a healthy relationship. Equally necessary to consider is how you feel about your relationship. Your memories and emotions change over time, and gaining clarity about how you feel about the Relationship Breakdown.


This will shape the choices you make. For now, you must restore your clarity and objectivity; otherwise, your emotions will cloud your judgment. The great news is you are about to learn how to recover from the Relationship Breakdown, and you will learn how to become clear again. We will look at how to prepare for the Relationship Rewind before you make your first move (to reduce the risk of falling victim to mistakes). It takes a strong man to make amends, and the fact you are here shows a great deal about your character. What you do not realize, is that she will also be receptive to these changes. You are making great advancements in learning how to approach her with those positive attributes she will feel compelled by. As you unravel these techniques, you will learn to reward her for initiating the Relationship Rewind. Do not worry; I have every faith you will succeed!

Moving On From a Relationship Breakdown

As you move into understanding, I want you to be perfectly truthful with yourself. The fact remains that your relationship did end. If you understand why and where you are now, a new opportunity to move forward will present itself. Look past any animosity you feel and ask, Why did the Relationship Breakdown occur? Is there anything you can pinpoint as a theme of your Breakdown? This will give you an idea of where you can start improving.


Below, I want you to write down five things that could have caused your relationship to breakdown. These could be things she said or how you felt. There is no right or wrong answer and anything you disclose will be only be seen by you. The more objective and honest you can be, the better your chances of rewinding the relationship. When you start to see the answers in front of you, it is much easier to remain objective. If it is impossible to think objectively, then try the Mind Calm bonus section first. You may be amazed at how quickly your doubts and frustrations surface. This will help you come to terms with those feelings. Remember, these will not prevent you from moving forward. Instead, each one will become an actionable step that you can take to win her back. Think of this like planning a trip. You already know where you want to go, now you know which route to take and what roadblocks to avoid. This means you can plan different routes and detours, which will help you get her back faster.



Five Things That Caused Your Relationship to End: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The above reasons might be one theme or they might be a variety of factors; either is normal and happens all the time. It should give you more of an idea of why. Although none of these reasons are as important as what Im about to reveal. The real reason your relationship ended is that somewhere deep inside, your relationship stopped being rewarding and fun. It wasnt what it started out being... Your Bliss factor burned out. Think back to the two questions that we spoke about; the two only true reasons for a Relationship Breakdown. I bet you meet one or both of those points. In front of you is the answer to those two important questions. Now you can discover if you were moving in two different directions, and furthermore why the Bliss burnt out. This is an incredibly revealing exercise. See if you can pinpoint


any unhappiness or emotional distress in the reasons above. I bet you will find unhappiness in all of them. Again, do not beat yourself up. You now have a clearer idea of where your relationship went wrong, and have specific areas to improve. These are specific to your relationship and will offer you critical insight into areas where she will be most sensitive in approaching. This also means implementing the core techniques in this book will be super simple. Take time to congratulate and acknowledge the changes you are making. Rebuilding the Foundations of a Stronger Relationship The next exercise will help you decide where you want your relationship to go. There are reasons why you want her back and objectifying those will guide you back into the relationship with clarity. Also, concrete reasons reduce your risk of falling back into old routines. It is not enough to want her back. Ask yourself, What it is about her that makes her more remarkable than any other woman in the world? You could just as easily date someone else, but you have made a decision to stick by her. Why is that? Write down five things about her that is unique, so that you have something to fall back on in times when you are feeling uncertain.


Five Things That Make This the Right Relationship for You: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. By acknowledging the reasons why the relationship was significant, you should feel more motivated. By understanding how she shines, you can use this information to win her back in a way that no other man can. Seeing her strong points might also be refreshing, as a Relationship Breakdown can make us focus on the negatives. Take some time to enjoy these feelings too, you deserve them. Now that you have a greater understanding of where you have been, where you are, and where you want to move forward to and why; you should be feeling relief and even confidence in your ability to win her back. Relationship Breakdowns are distressing because of the unknown, and much like fear, are can be overcome by facing them with honesty and clarity. While this isnt an easy process, it is worthwhile and important.


Moreover, you have already been successful in starting, so for that, I salute you!

Identifying the Choices You Want to Make

The next step to take is to objectify what you want from the relationship. You have all the information at your disposal to make informed goals, which will provide a solid foundation for a healthy relationship. By understanding what you want before getting back together, you wont become blindsided by the incredible feelings that come at you. Now is a great time to be perfectly honest about the things that you were unhappy with last time, and then seek to make amends. Write down what it was that caused the relationship to end, or that made you feel less than great in it. Do not be scared to write down things that you or she did, as these will become a template of things to avoid in the future.



Five Mistakes You Do Not Want to Repeat: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. While you might think it is silly to write down what you want in your relationship, these are important. By having this information, you build a level of confidence and awareness that is irresistible to women. You will show her you are a man of action. So keep this information locked away, until you reach the final stage of Bliss, where you will activate these changes for a lifetime. I will let you know when the time is right!




Understanding why the Relationship Breakdown occurred offers insight into the choices you must make. It also answers the one amazingly frustrating question, why the relation ended. How you react to the Relationship Breakdown will shape the choices she makes and either move her away from you or draw her towards you. Creating space is critical. This will help you think clearly. Space also gives you time to heal. Use this time wisely to respect her space, and encourage your own healing. You must be emotionally stable; otherwise, you will push her away and send out the wrong signals. Once you have allowed the necessary time to pass, starting the first stage will become obvious and natural


Relationship Decay



Love Story: Relationship Decay

Aaron and Emma: Aaron called home late one night and seemed out of sorts. Nothing he said made much sense and his usual carefree attitude was replaced with a tangible worry. He bumbled through the conversation, as if waiting to be asked what was wrong. Then, the dam burst open. It was as if months of frustration came tumbling out, and what was even more surprising was his complete shock at everything he was saying. It was as if he was living someone elses life. He was worried Emma might be seeing someone else. He didnt say why, just that he could feel something wasnt right, and nothing he said made any sense. He spoke about how things hadnt felt right for a while, how she was distant and complacent. Anytime he tried to ask her what was wrong, she would storm off to another room. Then eventually, she would just leave the house and she wouldnt come back for long periods of times, stating she was with friends. When Aaron finally thought things were changing, it seems those changes were not for the reasons he once thought. To be continued


What Is Relationship Decay?

Relationship Decay: The time when a relationship begins to break down without either partner realizing it. This can happen over a long period with no more than a feeling of emotional unrest. In its most simplistic form, Relationship Decay is when two people slowly stop communicating and embracing one another romantically. Over the duration of weeks, months, or even years, they begin to distance from their lover. In this time, the feelings of unrest may surface occasionally. Relationship Decay for the most part is undetectable, as our moods and emotions change constantly. What could just be an argument to you may be the signs of a much deeper concern for her. In Relationship decay, neither person is willing to explore of express these concerns. After prolonged exposure to Relationship Decay, a Shift in consciousness moves the couple into the Relationship Breakdown phase. This may or may not end in an official break up. For these reasons, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what went wrong without understanding what Relationship Decay is. Relationship Decay is similar to an Oak tree. The outside may look healthy, but inside an infection can rot and whittle down a


trees integrity. The damage may even go unseen for many years until a storm (an active moment) uproots the tree, much to the surprise of those around. Relationship Decay takes time to take to seep into the structure of a relationship, but the effects are as devastating and long lasting.

Relationship Decay: Case Study

The potential for Relationship Decay is always present and is happening to all couples at all times. Unawareness of this negative process can lead to an emotional trigger moment, where the Relationship Decay becomes a Relationship Breakdown. This Switch effectively pushes the kill button on an otherwise loving relationship, resulting in an emotional crisis response. This is why complete surprise can happen when the Relationship Breakdown occurs. For many, it genuinely is a massive surprise. To the other party, it has been waiting to happen over the longest time. Therein lays the power of being in two emotionally different places with your lover. Many relationships end without anyone realizing there is a cure.



Take Jack and Lucy for example: Jack and Lucy were married for several decades, when surprisingly, aged 70; they decided to file for divorce and call the relationship quits (Weisinger 2010). Most people would assume that having shared their life together or that after reaching a milestone; they would automatically qualify for a lifetime achievement award, but not this couple. What is more surprising is that when asked, they both said they were happy. So what went wrong? Over a series of meetings, Jack and Lucy each admitted they recognized traits of their parents in the other (with whom neither had a positive relationship) and were holding in feelings of resentment. As the other person didnt necessarily do anything wrong, neither felt it significant enough to address. Then, over the decades, Relationship Decay set in and they divorced.



Alternatively, take Mary and John: Even more bizarre is Mary and John, who never consummated their marriage in 1934 (Weisinger 2010). Mary and John married as a matter of convenience, but never felt a sexual connection, though had a strong bond of friendship. Mary and John never separated, and when asked how they could live in such a way replied that for them, it was effortless as they felt happy and were committed to each others happiness. This might sound crazy, but when you break the relationship down to a subconscious level, you understand how different methods of communication interfere with a healthy relationship. Of course, understanding communication is not only what you say and do around each other, but also how each partner thinks and feels. All of these are equally significant, when looking to sustain a lifelong commitment.



The Phases of Post-Relationship Decay

Immediately after the breakup, the full extent of the Relationship Decay causes overwhelming emotions during the aftermath of the Relationship Breakdown. This is natural, but makes it very difficult to make worthwhile decisions. When your head and heart are focusing on two different goals, it is impossible to move forward. This is why you must allow time to heal and take active measures to move away from trauma. The crucial thing is that you recognize where you are in the relationship cycle. Are you healthy and clear of mind? On the other hand, are you in the post-breakup phase and still emotionally unstable? The last thing you want to do is go through the Relationship Rewind and realize she is not The One. When you understand where you are, then you can work out where to go next, so you reduce the risk of failure. For many, it genuinely is a massive surprise. To the other party, it has been waiting to happen over the longest time. Therein lays the power of being in two emotionally different places with your lover. Many relationships end without anyone realizing there is a cure.



Post-breakup: The time immediately after when it hasnt sunk in that the relationship has ended. This is when you begin to analyze potential Relationship Decay, and look for signs of what went wrong. Recovery: After the breakup, everything crashes into an emotional mess. You realize the relationship is over, but begin to see the now obvious signs of Relationship Decay. This is an extended period of resolve and recovery. Grieving: If recovery seems impossible, then you risk entering into a grieving phase. This is where Deaths Door occurs. It is prompted by your desire to remedy the Relationship Decay, and her inability to match you on that choice. In these stages, you should stop contact immediately. Even if, you have a good friendship, now is not the time to be involved. This can cause lasting damage to both of you. Any contact in the aftermath of a Relationship Breakdown will be perceived as chasing. The recovery stage is the one you want to embrace. Although it does take time and varies from man to man, but knowing that it can take weeks or months is a good place to start. I will let you know when to resume contact. This is important because: The more time you can spend understanding what Relationship Decay occurred, the less risk you have of falling into the grieving process. During grieving, your body is not suited towards making


informed decisions. It welcomes Deaths Door, and makes the process of recovery much harder on you. If you are in the post-breakup, accept the time to heal and then move into the recovery position. This is where you should be while reading. You must allow your body and mind time to recover. Accept this space so you will be revitalized and ready to take action when you move into the first stage of Relationship Rewind. If you are in the grieving stage, this is going to take longer because you have to accept that you may be on Deaths Door or are about to land in that zone. You will need to allow additional time and follow the steps that are about to be prescribed. Now is the time to begin moving away from these stages when possible. We will look at how to do this working from Deaths Door to Bliss from Chapter 4.

Remember: The Relationship Rewind is not an instant cure.

How to Feel Better About Relationship Decay

Start today by taking small steps to bring more satisfaction and joy into your life. Go out with your friends. If you are stuck in the mourning phase of the relationship, this is even more crucial. I know it seems impossible, but life does exist without her. The faster you get on with it and start to enjoy it again, the faster your rewinding will become a natural progression of this transformative time. Just as love sickness feels like a disease, the positive physical effects of love are just as intoxicating (but for fantastic reasons). Did you know most doctors prescribe light activities, such as


walking for a few minutes a day, as the first cure? This is because doubts and anxieties (caused by breaking up with someone or being broken up with) can make you feel helpless. By taking action, you not only prove your brain wrong, but you release endorphins, which are the feel-good hormones that are also present during a healthy relationship (Griffin 2013). The good news is you can regain those amazingly powerful hormonal and emotional highs. You can trigger them in her also, so that when she wants you back, it is on a biological level. The steps that you will take are medicinal; meaning they help you heal and recover from the breakup. If that isnt enough of a motivating factor, then consider that she wont find a lovesick man attractive. You must begin re-building your sense of confidence. Without acknowledging that reason and taking time to change your environment, all you stand to gain is an on-off relationship. You must fix the causes of your problems, before you start a relationship again. Take confidence in the healing process you are going through now will help her heal too. Without acknowledging that reason and taking time to change your environment, all you stand to gain is an on-off relationship. You must fix the causes of your problems, before you start a relationship again. Take confidence in the healing process you are going through now will help her heal too.

Remember: Even if she took you back today, the relationship still ended for a reason.


Why Relationship Decay Occurs

When you feel happy, your thoughts and actions prevent Relationship Decay. This is because your subconscious mind sends out positive energy and engages in healthy actions to prolong your relationship. If you are in Drift (Chapter 5) or Switch (Chapter 6), the symptoms of Relationship Decay accelerate due to feelings of emotional detachment. This is why you may suddenly find yourself on Deaths Door (Chapter 4) and asking what happened. In fact, the researchers at the University of Rochester found that people, who feel like an active participant in their relationship, are more likely to stay together than couples who are equally happy, but are unable to understand their negative interactions (Soonhee Lee 2010). Another way to think of this would be to look at how you drive. Driving is something most people do without much thought, yet there are several complex processes going on. Your feet and hands carry out two different actions simultaneously, activating the gas pedal and the steering wheel. Then, as you drive, you also will activate the windshield wipers if it rains or turn the radio up when your favorite song comes on. Essentially, you have a goal of getting to a destination, but how you arrive is determined by the smaller, less obvious tasks you take to ensure your drive is safe. Often these are more influential than how fast you go. If you do not pay attention to the other distractions, you will find yourself


quickly off the road and unable to move forward. You could also get lost if you are not paying attention. On the other hand, you might even face collisions or anger other drivers. This also means the opportunity to get to your final destination becomes impossible. While the steps in this book can help you manage your relationship in a healthy and enjoyable way, they only work if you acknowledge the signs of Relationship Decay. You must learn to acknowledge the different ways you both communicate and how that relates to getting back together. Otherwise, it would be like stepping into a car blindfolded. Sure, you might be able to work out how to go forward, but without paying attention, you could quick derail the relationship and end up back in the ditch. If you go into the relationship thinking you know every curve, you will likely make a wrong judgment call that risks everything. This next technique will teach you how to sustain a long-term relationship and help you prevent the problems that occurred the first time around.



The Signs for Recognizing Relationship Decay

If you have experienced and acknowledged Relationship Decay, then you may consider yourself a seasoned expert. This is a fantastic skill to possess, and one that can be learned. The reason why I am sharing this information is so that you have a clear understanding of what it is and what you are experiencing. If you are unable to pinpoint Relationship Decay, it is impossible rewind the relationship as you wont know what to look for. You need to know that Relationship Decay is more than something that just happens, it is something that must be addressed in a specific way. There is every chance you will face Relationship Decay again, no matter who you are dating, so listen closely. She is less empathetic. She does not relate to your point of view or emotional pains during arguments, or respond to your memories and experiences of Bliss. She shows less remorse. She is robotic in her decisions. She may leave after an argument and go somewhere else to cool off, refusing to help you assist her. She ignores your existence. You no longer affect her emotions. She is moving into part time or full time Indifference.



While everyone requires different amounts of time to move past a relationship, jumping into the Indifferent phase typically takes a long time (prolonged by the intensity and duration of your relationship). While she may have times when she asks for space, or takes it without asking, it does not mean she is automatically Indifferent to you. In fact, it could be a good sign that she is overwhelmed with emotion: the opposite of Indifference. One thing you can count on though is that if you loved one another, this period of Indifference whether fleeting or lasting (I will describe this more in the next section) can take years to reach, if she ever will. This gives you plenty of time to win her heart back once more. Think back to your first love and you will quickly see what I mean. Most people, no matter how your first relationship ended, have the power to hold onto love for many years. It is important to know that you have the tools necessary to avoid falling into Relationship Decay or if you do, you can heal your relationship. By being able to identify it, you remove 99.9% of the work involved, so you can disarm it before it sets in for good. Relationship Decay is only powerful when you are ignorant about it. In many cases, men wrongly believe they are in Deaths Door, when what they have experienced in the fall out of Relationship Decay. For many, time will heal these wounds and allow you to naturally bridge the gap once more and in a lasting way. Most women never become Indifferent, it goes against their desire to nurture and protect, so take faith in her love for you. Its still there, I am sure of it!


Why You Must Stop Chasing Indifference

If she has a conscious understanding of Relationship Decay, things do become trickier as she will now be actively taking steps to maximize her space. She could be doing this to help you both move on, or she could be doing this to give herself time to decide if her Switch of heart was correct. Essentially this is a protective phase where she tries to move into Indifference, what she believes to be healing. This is why many people suggest space after a breakup. Chasing her during this time can cause massive and irreversible problems. If you back a dog into a corner, it bites. The same goes for her. If you chase her too soon, she will feel threatened and bite you. This is especially true during an intense argument, as our emotions and adrenaline are running high. While hurtful, there is a good chance that her actions are not there to hurt you, no matter how badly they may. The fantastic news is that just because she is taking more severe actions to remove you from her life, does not mean she is Indifferent. If she feels it is necessary to place a barrier between you both, she still feels emotional. If she has gone to great lengths to remove you from her life then you must be a great threat for her. She knows that keeping you around will mean that she may cave in on her Relationship resolve and decision to leave. By not chasing, you create space that she did not expect, forcing her to question the decision to end the relationship. When you


chase, all you are doing is confirming her doubts and giving her reason to pull away. This is a wonderfully caring way to let her come to the conclusions on her own terms. When she realizes that you are a supportive partner, she will also realize that her choice might have been harsh or rashly made. Its logical to come back. However, as you may have already guessed, without following up on the space created with some form of communication, you run the risk of turning that respected space into emotional distance. Instead, you need to understand how to communicate with her without chasing her during this time. When you decide to reach out is just as powerful as how you reach out. I will be showing you how to do this in the next chapter. The key is rewarding her when she begins to chase you. This will help you remain in control and she will seek out experiences that are more positive with you.

Remember: She is in a healing place also. This time will shape how she sees you, and for this to be positive, you must be supportive.




Understanding the essence of Relationship Decay effectively reduces the chances of it occurring again, just as your awareness of a pothole helps you avoid it. Whether you realize it or not, you are sending signals to her that either attract her or repel her. This is why healing is necessary. Taking time to heal from the Relationship Breakdown will allow you to understand Relationship Decay personally and more accurately. Understanding which post-breakup stage you are in means you can take the correct steps to repair the damage. Once you understand the red flags, you can move on confidently knowing that you will not cause further Relationship Decay.


Deaths Door



Aaron and Emma: Aaron arrived back home late one night and surprised everyone with his visit. He had lost a few pounds and corporate life looked like it was getting the best of him. Over the next few weeks, people began to talk about how he failed at his big move and gossip was circulating that his fiance had ran off with another man. It was hard to know for sure what was going on and Aaron seemed guarded at every turn. Over the next few weeks, it was becoming clear that Aaron did not intend to go back and he finally turned in an application to a local law firm. He brushed off the questions about the reasons behind his return. Even though he was back, it was as if his mind was somewhere else. He kept a close watch on his phone at all times, as if it would suddenly answer his prayers, and anytime it rang hed smile then go back to his usual, aloof self. Emma became a word that wasnt used, and for weeks after his arrival, Aaron tried to fool everyone into thinking she hadnt existed. Small town gossip was just that, but it didnt mean they were wrong. Instead of being an outgoing, confident man, Aaron turned down nights out and wasnt interested



in meeting other women. He seemed to be pining for something that wasnt there. To be continued.

What Is Deaths Door?

Deaths Door The time after a Relationship Breakdown where she has taken significant action(s) to distance herself from you emotionally and physically.

Deaths Door is the point when your ex has taken significant action to become Indifferent to you. Indifference is when she feels no positive or negative emotion or attachment. She may be feeling Indifferent, or attempting to make this happen. Either way, you are not on Deaths Door, as she does not intend to restart the relationship. This can be a particularly devastating time, and one that takes time to heal. Often this occurs because she has received positive support in her decision to move on. These may be from her friends or family, or a choice she makes on her own. Either way, there are now glaring motives driving a wedge between you. Most likely, she concluded that you are not right for her and she has to move on to be happy. This stage can take a big emotional toll on you both. If you want to rewind your relationship, ending this stage is necessary.


Another possibility is that something happened in your relationship. The situation continued to escalate, and she moved faster towards Indifference. The likely scenario is that she Drifted, and you kept chasing, until she made a conscious effort to avoid you. She believes this will help her find clarity and emotional stability, because she knows that having you around is emotionally dangerous (more on this in a moment). She may tell you that she needs space, or she may just take it without asking (as often happens). It is also beneficial to note: The purpose of becoming Indifferent is a coping mechanism and is the only true Relationship Killer. Relationships are durable. They can survive Relationship Decay, and prolonged exposure to stressors, but Indifference is not easily fixed. The Indifferent person no longer has the level of desire needed to continue the relationship and effectively stops any progress in its tracks (Bowers 2013).



Moving Away From Deaths Door

If you are at Deaths Door and made an earnest effort to chase her in the hopes of winning her affection, it is common to see this backfire. She or her friends might comment that this behavior is stalker-like or that you are acting creepy, and need to step back. For once, listen to her friends and take their advice. These are all red flags that are letting you know that your actions are too forceful. Again, you both need time to let your emotions settle, before making the right move. Just waiting for time to go by is not going to fix your behaviors though. You need to show her that you have moved on. When you are in the Deaths Door stage, you have some work to do to get the relationship back on track. Otherwise, all she is going to do is use this lack of progress as ammo against you and continue to justify her need for space. This can be a confusing time to balance, but one that I will show you how to judge based on her actions. These warning flags will also show you when not to bring up how you feel about her. Now is not the time for grand gestures, those dont actually work in real life. It is also important to consider: Just as, different people take different time to recover; you will each be in different phases of the post-breakup process (think back to the two Relationship Breakdown factors). In order to


reverse this situation, you will have to give her tons of room to breathe. You have to wait for her to come around to her own positively charged Relationship Resolve. This will give you the opportunity to draw her closer to you. Although you are not getting responses does not mean you are at Deaths Door or that she has given up. Shes asking for space because she knows on some level that you each need it. You might remember that we spoke about the importance of not chasing. Well, this is the first of several techniques that teach you how to approach without pushing her away. In fact, she will become so responsive that she will begin to chase you. Once you have initiated the recommended space, you can begin to engage in what I call the False Friendship (this technique will help you move back to the same emotional page, but only after, she has found her Mind Calm). It will also help prevent her from becoming Indifferent. This is the first stage where you will be engaging with her again, so make it count. Do not rush on ahead believing it to be an instant cure. Let her adapt first!



Introducing the False Friendship

The False Friendship is the most valuable advice I am going to offer. It will become the backbone to your Relationship Rewind. For now, it does not matter which of the phases you are in, as establishing a solid friendship is what matters most. How you get to a state of False Friendship will vary with the stages (all require different lengths of healing time before acting this technique out), but none are impossible to recover from, and Im about to show you why. This is also one of the strangest techniques, but it works every time. If you have broken up, or even if you are not on speaking terms, the False Friendship is the best way to earn her trust back. It gives you an in where you didnt think possible. Establishing a False Friendship also means you can talk easily and that she will not go running in the other direction when she sees your name on her phones screen. It is all about building up the lines of communication again and making her feel secure. You have not entered the dating arena. Your False Friendship is going to let you get back into her mind, where you can begin to plant the Bliss Bombs and other techniques that I will teach you as time moves forward. I know it sounds cunning, but this technique works because she will feel comfortable and relaxed around you. In order for those milestones to be reached, you must be willing to go step-by-step and not rush. Next, you must go into this technique knowing it is not the time to romance. I repeat this is not the time to indicate romance!

Note: Now is not the time to jump in without taking the necessary healing time first. Learning this technique will prepare you for when the time is right.


Only once she feels comfortable with your False Friendship will she start to ask you out and begin to initiate Bonding Moments with you. Otherwise, this is a strictly No Fly zone. During this technique, you will be waiting on her to reach out and ask for more; that must always be your queue of when to advance (especially when considering romantic intent). This is where you will be rewarding her with the next application to encourage her to move closer to you. Later on, I will show you how to reward this behavior, so you can flip the False Friendship because she wants to get back together. This means she wont feel regret and wont be tempted to back out of your relationship. As she is the one chasing, you can encourage her, instead of her rejecting you.

Critical Knowledge: The False Friendship Failure Rate

The False Friendship will not work if you try to initiate contact because you want to have sex with her. The risk of failure is almost guaranteed if you go in with an agenda! This is why we placed importance on letting her tell you when she is ready for you to escalate the next level. What you are about to do requires you to be compelling, without a trace of hesitation. If she thinks that you are getting back in touch with her, just to get her back into your bed, shes going to run out the nearest Relationship Exit. Moreover, you can believe she wont so much as a look back in the other direction.



If you violate her trust, she will throw barriers up so high that even an Olympic athlete couldnt jump over the top. She will always be cautious around you, should she choose to keep you around, and will question every move you make. You will become the ex she talks about to friends and family, and ruin your chances. Then, even if she feels compelled to take you back, it becomes more difficult to convince those around her. Another major problem with starting a False Friendship with an agenda is that she could make you look like the fool. She may string you along, set you up, or just flat out reject you. If this happens, your chances of initiating a False Friendship become a cool 0%. As sad as it is to say, many women will feel insecure after a Relationship Breakdown also, and may come to depend on the affection as a coping mechanism. Essentially, you will plant yourself in the Friend Zone voluntarily, not the False Friendship, and the chance of recovery is minimal. So please, put anything sexual to the back of your mind. This is only for the short-term. If you trust me, and are willing to let time heal, you can build a False Friendship. This technique will reestablish the emotional bond, so her feelings of love for you unconsciously surface. When she takes you back, it will be because that is what you both want. A rewarding and engaging experience bonds you together.



What the False Friendship is Not: The Friend Zone

Lets be honest, no guy wants to be friends with a girl they are attracted to. Nevertheless heres the thing about the False Friendship, it is not the Friend Zone. It is not a permanent fixture. It is somewhere you can express your desires and potentially receive them back. The difference is all in how you approach the False Friendship. When you follow my directions, you will reward her for coming back to you, which will remove the risk of it backfiring. This is why: When you initiate the False Friendship, she does not see your requests for communication as chasing. You have given her the necessary time to feel independent. She does not suspect that you have an agenda, as time has healed her emotional mind, and is far more receptive to the act of friendship. Time has allowed her to become rational, thoughtful, and more compelled to be communicative with you once more. Start to recognize that the False Friendship is a great place to be. When you are dating, being stuck in the Friend Zone can be one of the worst things to happen. You are discarded into the lets just be friends zone. This is a unique blessing in this case, I am about to reveal why. When you initiate the False Friendship, you will start what she believes to be a Friend Zone. You use that No Fly card to your advantage. This is an incredible relief to her as she is still hoping to gain independence. By fulfilling her request, you gain her trust. Then,

Note: If she is not rational, thoughtful, and more compelled to be communicative with you once more then you have acted too soon. Simply pull back, and allow her time to heal. Then reach out again until she is compelled to communicate.


she is much more likely to comply with your requests to hang out or talk more often. Even if, she has no desire to talk with you today, she will feel compelled by this simple action one day. All you have to do is move forward and be genuine in your motives about establishing a friendship. She does not need to know that this will blossom into romance yet. Think back to how things first began, you were just friends hanging out. She had no idea it would become more.

Initiating the False Friendship During Deaths Door

The easiest way is to let this happen naturally. This is also specific advice for approaching a False Friendship from the perspective of being rejected. If you are still in the Relationship Breakdown phase, then you can use this technique to your advantage. If she says that she wants to stay friends, as many women will often say, tell her you think that is an excellent idea, but let her know that friendship is where you draw the line. She is going to think that you have given up with the chase and will be happy. Give her time to accept this. We will be coming back full circle to the advanced part of this technique in Chapter 5. This is where you pick up the pieces and carry onwards to Bliss. When you are at Deaths Door, extending a grant of friendship lets her know that you only want civility. For the most part, you


will not be making contact with her during this specific process, because it is considered chasing (which pushes her away). She hasnt reached a level of space where she feels comfortable (or possibly even moved away from Indifference). You are only going to approach the suggestion of being friends, not best friends. Wait for her to reach out and then drop the False Friendship on her. This is important, as you offering without her suggestion will push her away. It could be as simple as saying, Im really glad we can stay friends. She will likely agree to this, but here is the tricky part. Leave it at that. This conversation should not go any further. When establishing the False Friendship during the False Friendship, you want to plant the idea and walk away. Like seeds, it takes time to grow and develop into something valuable. If she starts to call frequently, be sure to keep things light and breezy, and use different terms of endearment that focus on friendship. You will be taking note of how often she contacts you and for what reasons to determine her level of friendship and openness. Again, at this stage, you are not instigating a best friend status, merely friends. If she is calling for specific reasons, such as dissolving assets, give her further time. Simply allow her space, and plug back into this first stage of the False Friendship and try again.



If She Is Receptive Always Use Positive, Friendly Reinforcements Such As: Thanks man, thats awesome! No problem, thats what friends do! I think its great we can still be friends. Youve always been a fantastic friend. Isnt it refreshing we can just be friends?

Obviously, you will want to change these into something you are comfortable saying and that you already use around your other friends. If you come across condescending or sarcastic, you will make her do an emotional U-turn. Just keep it natural, when she reaches out to you, reward her by letting her know that you respect and value her space. It will not be long before she feels more confident, knowing that you are a fantastic, supportive friend. When you are at Deaths Door, you need to apply additional patience during this time (possibly even read up on the EFLL technique in Chapter 7). Only then can you trigger the next technique, which I will show you when the time is right. In the meantime, start forging an easygoing False Friendship. You will need this later!

Tip: You want to ensure that the False Friendship abides by genuine friendship rules and that you do not use this stage to get back at her.




Deaths Door is a time that feels impossible to reverse, but is simply a symptom of a severe Relationship Breakdown. It is possible to move away from Deaths Door, no matter how dire the situation, so long as you understand that how you approach this phase is critical. You cannot change how she feels about you without first initiating a False Friendship. This is not a Friend Zone, but an opportunity to open the lines of communication. The False Friendship is only effective when you use this technique without taking romantic steps to getting her back. Moving into the False Friendship with an agenda will place you in Deaths Door for an extended period, if not forever, because she loses all trust and respect for you.


The Magic Letter



You are likely to evoke unexpected and turbulent emotions with the Magic Letter, but you will be learning how to leverage her frustrations and turn them into fantastic Bliss by utilizing this techniques with the other techniques in this book. Only use this technique if you have correctly determined she is Indifferent or on the verge of total emotional detachment from you and the relationship (and that you are prepared to reward her emotional journey with Bliss). If she is currently going through an emotionally turbulent stage, then move onto establishing a positively charged False Friendship instead. This will give you a better advantage to achieve the best results, because she is not yet at the Indifferent stage, which is where she needs to be for the Magic Letter to work its magic.



What is the Magic Letter?

The Magic Letter: The Magic Letter is a unique technique that I created, which is incredibly effective at turning even the most stone cold ex into Bliss potential. It works by reactivating the deep emotions that have been buried so that you can discover the full Relationship Rewind potential. The Magic Letter, as you may suspect, is an actual letter you will be sending to her. The content of this letter will need to be customized to your exact situation, but if done correctly it will become a powerful tool in your mission of love and something that she will be unable to ignore.. It is possible to send this Magic Letter in email format, but sending a written letter is much more effective and yields the greatest results. By taking the time to put actual pen to paper you will be demonstrating that you are committed to making an effort for the relationship. As this technique is only to be used when she is truly Indifferent, we will essentially be approaching from a unique standpoint: As mentioned previously, the purpose of the Magic Letter is to awaken those deep emotions within her, which will make you practically irresistible to her. It might sound strange, but if she is upset during this phase and the chances are she will be emotionally unstable, this can actually work to your advantage. Unbelievably, this shows that she still has feelings for you..


In fact, the more upset and emotional she is the better your chances of taking the relationship back to pure Bliss! You can view her emotional state as a positive because you will have more to leverage and work on as you take steps to turn the whole thing around and back into true Bliss. This powerful tool will help to unlock those deep emotions, which she has been denying, and once that is accomplished, the other steps become relatively easy. By triggering these emotions once more, she will automatically stop being Indifferent to you. Once the barrier of indifference is broken down, everything will begin to fall into place nicely. Then you can begin the happy journey with your loved one that you so yearn for.

Initiating the Magic Letter During Indifference

I found that couples who used this technique were able to open a communication portal that was previously closed off to them during the Indifference phase. Even ex partners who had shown significant signs of Indifference miraculously turned on their emotional response when presented with a Magic Letter. In fact, they did the unthinkable. Instead of continuing to resist and push their ex further away, the woman will suddenly have an overwhelming desire to reach out and contact their ex. This is where the Magic of this technique comes in. You now have an opportunity to make her want to reach out to you even in the most unlikely of situations.



Chances are she will want to contact you almost immediately after reading the letter. When we feel real emotion, we often do not think about consequences. As Indifference is a time where she is feeling detached from her emotions, or where she is active in trying to removing them from her life, you can jump in and get maximum leverage of this critical time. It can be seen as a window of opportunity, and is a time when she can become so overcome with emotion that she cannot help but act on her most primal needs. She will probably not understand why she feels so compelled to get in touch with you, but she will feel it. The Magic Letter also serves several other distinct purposes. Each is just as important and is an essential ingredient for getting her to love you like never before. Achieving these three goals will blast her out of the indifference phase and well on her way to Bliss: Firstly, the Magic Letter allows you an opportunity to close the playing field without pushing her away or chasing. Secondly, it allows you to gain peace of mind as you have an opportunity to say how you feel. Thirdly, it is a powerful way to unlock her pent up feelings for you, which is our ultimate goal. It is important to bear these things in mind before putting pen to paper!


An Example of the Magic Letter in Action

Baby, before I share my thoughts with you, I just want to make one thing clear. I did love you for you. I was immature and stupid, and yes, we both made our share of mistakes in the relationship, but never for a second was I not willing to work things out with you. The real you won me over, from your dont do it, to that chromatic scale laugh, to your cute little nose twitch, is that I loved your uniqueness, your musical talent, you sparking me back into music. I loved how genuinely loving and empathetic you were with everyone, especially your family. You saw the issues I had with my family, and even though we have been working to fix things, the reality is we still dont talk to each other. You have such a close bond with your parents and sisters. I have always loved you for that ability to love endlessly. You were the most beautiful woman in the world to me. I would have sung that to you every day, and never gotten sick of it. I would have given you the world. I was in love with the person you seemed to be... However, what I have realized over the past couple days is that I might have been wrong about who you truly were.



You stopped responding to text messages, phone calls, and emails. Dont you think I deserved to know what was going on? You know I am a sensitive guy and you knew I was concerned about your state, and did you think it was fair for me to constantly worry and think about you to the point I couldnt even focus on my own life? The thing that really pissed me off is that when you were here in New York for your audition, and you never even bothered to let me know! Its as if I dont even exist to you anymore. Now youre asking to be my friend? Bottom line, whether we were in a relationship or not, friends just dont do that to each other. How can I trust that as friends, the same thing wont happen again in the future? Part of me wants to forget about our silly mistakes and hold you, comfort you, support you. To be the one who believes in you and pushes you to greatness. I want to be the one who wipes away your tears every time you cry, but I dont think I can do it. I just dont think I can now... We only have so much time in this world. Only so many people we can let into our lives. If I am going to have someone in my life that I call a friend, there is a minimum level of respect I need from that person. Moreover, considering all that we have been



through, the girl who i thought I knew, who I thought I loved, I thought you would have given me that. Goodbye and good luck, my Love.

In this next section, I will uncover why this Magic Letter is so effective, and where you can customize specific areas to suit your relationship.

The Magic Letter Breakdown

Below is a breakdown of why the Magic Letter is so effective. You might even be feeling some of those effects right now, even though this letter was not written for you. This is because there are subliminal triggers dotted in and around this text that attunes your emotional frequency to notice emotional points that naturally raise your interest. In her, these things will make her see through the Indifference, and begin to feel those feelings of love for you take over once again. Here is the Magic you have been waiting for: Baby, before I share my thoughts with you, I just want to make one thing clear. I did love you for you. I was immature and stupid, and yes, we both made our share of mistakes in the relationship, but never for a second was I not willing to work things out with you.



This is a fantastic place to start your relationship talk. You want to deflect the blame for the breakup away from you, and show her that you honestly did love her. This is essential, as right now, there is a lot of negativity surrounding you and the relationship in her mind. However, at the same time, you should also admit to your mistakes so that she doesnt become combative and use them against you to cement her Indifference in staying away from you.

The real you won me over, from your dont do it, to that chromatic scale laugh, to your cute little nose twitch, is that I loved your uniqueness, your musical talent, you sparking me back into music. I loved how genuinely loving and empathetic you were with everyone, especially your family. You saw the issues I had with my family, and even though we have been working to fix things, the reality is we still dont talk to each other. You have such a close bond with your parents and sisters. I have always loved you for that ability to love endlessly. You were the most beautiful woman in the world to me. I would have sung that to you every day, and never gotten sick of it. I would have given you the world. I was in love with the person you seemed to be...

Next, you want to bring her back to Bliss, and then reinforce that Bliss.



This is a critical step, as you want her to see the positives in your relationship. This is something she is trying to avoid, so sliding it in after the introduction means she is more compelled to keep reading and absorb the subliminal Bliss. Remind her that it was good to be together and that you still see all of those wonderful things in her. You want to show her what being with you, and feeling Bliss can be like one again.
Remember: This is a Magic Letter, not a Love Letter. How you feel and the objectiveness you approach her with are worlds apart. Now is the time to listen, and take notes. Next, you are going to pull back and show a more realistic view of how the relationship now is to contrast a loss of Bliss.

However, what I have realized over the past couple days is that I might have been wrong about who you truly were. You stopped responding to text messages, phone calls, and emails. Dont you think I deserved to know what was going on? You know I am a sensitive guy and you knew I was concerned about your state, and did you think it was fair for me to constantly worry and think about you to the point I couldnt even focus on my own life?

She will not like it when you show her that you view her in a bad light. Let her realize that her actions are drastically changing your view of her from good to bad. This is what will make her want to return to Bliss, as she will want to challenge how you see her. As of now, she is only looking at how she feels about


you. There is a high chance that she has overlooked how you see her, and as men, it is only natural that our egos are easily bruised. She will want to protect your perception of her. The urge to clear her name will be incredibly strong. This is why she will feel compelled to reach out to you to clear her name. Next, amplify the takeaway.

The thing that truly pissed me off is that when you were here in New York for your audition, and you never even bothered to let me know! Its as if I dont even exist to you anymore. Now youre asking to be my friend? Bottom line, whether we were in a relationship or not, friends just dont do that to each other. How can I trust that as friends, the same thing wont happen again in the future?

Show her you wont even be her friend anymore. Let her understand her actions have not only hurt the relationship, but the potential friendship. This will put up a red flag in her mind that forces her to reevaluate her Indifference. Often, we make rash decisions without actually believing them. Also, as she has likely been the one to determine the actions, your commitment to Indifference will throw her off-guard.



Now she is the one who is made to question and feel she has no choice but to open the potential for Bliss back up in her mind.

Part of me wants to forget about our silly mistakes and hold you, comfort you, support you. To be the one who believes in you and pushes you to greatness. I want to be the one who wipes away your tears every time you cry, but I dont think I can do it. I just dont think I can now...

Give her one last reminder of Bliss and the promise of future pleasure before the final takeaway to reinforce those pleasurable feelings. The Relationship Rewind is always about rewarding her with Bliss. You do not want her to come back with all negativity, but to use those as a reason to reach out and make amends with you. Balance it with the good and the bad. Your letter should also be an emotional rollercoaster and show that your anger comes from passion, giving her hope of reconciliation.

We only have so much time in this world. Only so many people we can let into our lives. If I am going to have someone in my life that I call a friend, there is a minimum level of respect I need from that person. Moreover, considering all that we have been through, the girl who i thought I knew, who I thought I loved, I thought you would have given me that.



Your reason for disappearing should show a high moral character. This shows that you are unquestionably going to disconnect from your ex. This is the most prominent part of the Magic Letter. You need to show your willingness to walk away. It lets your partner see that this could be it. By bringing her character into question, saying the person you thought they were would not behave this way, she will fight to show that she is isnt the awful person she has become.

Goodbye and good luck, my Love.

Goodbye and good luck shows you mean it and reinforces the desire for her to connect. You undoubtedly are leaving. However, the my Love gives her hope for a second chance.

Why the Magic Letter Is So Effective

The Magic Letter is effective because it does what Indifference cannot. It makes her feel. When she is stricken with emotion, she feels incredible diversity in how she will choose to respond, but the unifying benefit is that she feels compelled to reach out. Whether she wants to call


and be upset or angry with you, or try to regain control over the situation and create her own dominance over the Relationship Breakdown, these are all positive markers that you are no longer in Indifference, but are now in Deaths Door. Once you have sent the Magic Letter, she will reach out. This happens extremely quickly, almost immediately in many cases due to the strong emotional triggers you have planted. This means you must continue with this book before initiating the Magic Letter technique so that you are fully prepared for what will happen next and can respond productively. You will now have the option to create a False Friendship, and the ability to move away from Deaths Door. I will be teaching you these stages next, so stick around! In the meantime, now is a terrific time to go back and read Chapter 4, so that you can begin to establish a better understanding of Deaths Door. This will help you enormously!

Remember: Always reward her reaching out with bringing her back around to Bliss.




Only use the Magic Letter when you are absolutely sure she is Indifferent. She may act detached, but it is highly unlikely she is truly Indifferent to someone she has loved. Customize your letter and send a written version to gain the most influence. You want to show her how much you can love her, using personal memories. Always respond to her reaching out by reinforcing her Bliss. This is critical, as while there are some painful memories, you want her to see you in a good light. In addition, you want her to feel compelled for you to see her in a good light. Go back and read the Magic Letter Breakdown until you are confident you can accomplish this. While you may be provoking other emotions, you should always do so in a genuinely Blissful fashion. Always fall back on Bliss and enforce that feeling in her. WARNING: Do not use the Magic Letter as a way to release your own emotions, or for personal gain. Thats just bad juju.





Aaron and Emma: A few months passed and Aaron was finally getting back into the spirit of things, even taking up offers for a few night outs. He was always somewhat aloof, although slowly but surely, what had happened finally came out as he opened up He and Emma had been fighting more often. She had wanted to move closer to home, and was looking to settle down and start a family. Aaron was convinced if he took a promotion, he would be able to provide for them better, even though this meant being an extra two hours away; something Emma couldnt see past. This had caused them to drift apart emotionally. He even laughed when he asked if she had run off with another man. Emma said she was just as miserable as he was. They kept in touch for a while after the breakup, but things never fell back into place. They had agreed to give it some time, and that maybe Aaron could focus on his job for a while. They thought that if they could move forward, they would reconnect and get back together. When his promotion fell through though, and jobs began to be slashed, Aaron felt trapped at work and decided having a bad job was better than no job.


Somewhere along the way, without Emma there rooting for him, things never got better. In fact, they just fell further apart. To be continued.

What Is Drift?
Drift The time where she is becoming Indifferent. She is less interested in seeing you or communicating her needs with you.

As the Relationship Breakdown occurs, or as the False Friendship is established, you might find she begins to move in a different emotional direction. This could be towards you, which is her returning to Bliss and is a positive action. When this direction is away from you, she is Drifting and pushing emotional distance between you both. During a relationship, this might be the time when she spends excessively with friends, or perusing her career. If you are unable to resolve her Drift, it will almost certainly land you on Deaths Door.



This is because: When she is in this phase, she takes action based on a negative feeling; her forceful Drift is the active symptom of Relationship Decay. In almost every case, this negative emotion is founded on the idea that she can provide her own Bliss. This is where the power of Relationship decay reveals itself, as it becomes a facilitator for her decision to move away. She justifies her actions and is beginning to take measures to become Indifferent. We as people are perpetually changing. It can be a magnificent or mundane accomplishment, which brings about drastic changes in our perspective and our life. These changes can show up in small ways, like listening to a new type of music or wearing a new style of clothes. Other times, changes are evident in larger ways, such as making a radical career move. In the relationship is can signal different goals or accomplishments. Nevertheless, changes are unpredictable. When two people make a commitment, they venture into the unknown. Each is seeking a companion; someone who will support and encourage the changes they make. The problem with this method is that deciding to support something you know nothing about can lead to disaster. If you do not know what you are supporting, you cannot truly say if it is something you agree with. Similarly, as you move down your path of life, she will face her own trials and will be looking for your support.



If you move in an undesirable direction, this can lead to a breakup. While these are severe examples of how a relationship can fall apart, even small adjustments that do not align, can build animosity over time and drive a wedge between you and the woman you love. If she wants to do one thing, and you another, the animosity is what takes that wedge and forces it into a Drift; where meeting in the middle becomes difficult or impossible. What is even more perplexing about this time is that when two people begin to Drift, it is not immediately an indication of negative change. Both people could be making significant steps towards their lifes goals. However, if neither finds satisfaction, and relies on independence for fulfillment. It can lead to the destruction of the relationship. This is why some couples happily separate and are able to move forward easily. The Drift was not detrimental to their Bliss, and they were able to capitalize on their own interests; it was a mutual decision. Deaths Door, however, is far from mutual. The difference between Drift and Deaths Door is that her decision to Drift is temporary. She ebbs and flows, and is unsure.



How She Will Approach the Final Stages of Drift

In order to make the Drift more official in her mind, she may say things are not working out, or suggest she is not happy in the relationship. These vocalizations may start as minor irritations but become more frequent as the intensity of the Drift expands. This is why couples say they began fighting more frequently; they were vocalizing their dissatisfaction. She may or may not actually describe the relationship, but will seek to show you she is unhappy. If these red flags are not listened to, she will eventually push Deaths Door. She might even ask to be just friends, which puts Deaths Door into motion. This is the easiest way of breaking up without feeling as if you are hurting the other person. Then, you can remain in contact and still enjoy each others company, but in a restricted capacity. You may or may not talk about the reasons for the Drift at this time, and if she is unable to share, can add further frustration. The second problem is, deep down you want it to be more than that. You are experiencing the first signs of Deaths Door, where she wants to want away and you want to stay. She may be genuine in her reasons for saying she wants to repair the relationship, but she could also feel that letting you down is her only chance of moving on, so she does this gently to help ease her mind. While this can be difficult and painful, understand that her mind is all over the place. Anything she says


during this time is coming from hurt emotions, not the woman you love. She does not have a genuine desire to hurt or conceal the truth from you. This is critical to understand. You need to be willing to be just a friend and nothing more for this to work if she has broken up with you. This will keep her from being Indifferent to you. Establishing a False Friendship makes using communication much easier. The key to reversing a Drift, or by now the early phases of Deaths Door is to reach out as a friend and nothing more; otherwise, she will still be Indifferent to you (follow the steps in Chapter 4).

How Drift Can Lead to Indifference

When she is in Drift, she is moving closer to Indifference. This typically happens before the Relationship Breakdown, and can continue for some time after. When she is Indifferent, it is much easier to walk away. This is why she no longer has an opinion about the Relationship Breakdown, and this can sometimes feel like Deaths Door. Until she takes an action to distinguish this thought from an idea into reality, you are still in Drift. The main difference with this stage is that she does not care if you are together or not. She feels no emotional attachment to you. This is a difficult and almost impossible place to move on from, because she has no emotions towards you.


This is why Deaths Door feels inevitable, and for many becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Symptoms of Indifference: She has no genuine emotion; meaning she is not happy or sad, or even angry or bitter. Indifference can easily be confused with Deaths Door, because her feelings will seem impossible change. Until she takes distinct action to stay away, it is Drift. Unlike Deaths Door, Drift is more easily remedied with a False Friendship. This pulls her back into line with the expectations of the relationship. Indifference can be healed with False Friendship, but often the results are not as long lasting or effective, because there is no love to leverage.

When she is truly Indifferent, almost all means of communication will be useless, especially if you are trying to reignite your relationship. However, if you can establish a False Friendship, then all the means of communication open up to you. Showing that you care about the friendship, not a relationship is the best way to make that happen. The difference is that the False Friendship takes far longer to emerge. Simply go back to the steps in chapter 4, and review the section on how to kick-start a False Friendship from grassroots.


The key is to demonstrate how comfortable you are just being friends, while subtly making her second guess her decision to Drift. By creating a False Friendship, you allow your partner to grow out of Indifference and realize what she is missing. Most women in Drift respond well to the False Friendship, and as very few are actually Indifferent, this is your best course of action to pulling her back to you.

Avoiding a Negative Bonding Experience

All aspects of a Relationship Breakdown have Indifference, it is not impossible to avoid. It is only extremely damaging when it is a permanent attitude or phase. What you can do is establish a relationship that bonds her to you in a positive way. This will help overcome that Indifference with passion. When she feels like pulling away, she should want to make those choices with you. Bonding will make her feel Blissful and less likely to Drift, so learning this step is critical. It will also help you prevent the Drift from occurring again. When she feels happy, she feels closer to you. While you might know all the things that make her happy, consider how you act when you are going through a Negative Bonding Experience. A Negative Bonding Experience happens when, instead of Bliss, she feels other emotions that are detrimental to the relationship. These may spark her decision to Drift. This can range from feeling angry or upset, to feeling as if she is


not valuable to you, or that she is not appreciated (The Negative Bonding Pattern 2009). These are damaging to her and the relationship. The longer and more intense these feelings, the more likely and more extreme the chance of Drift will be. Instead of learning that you are a terrific guy, she only wants to repel you and feels justified in her actions. When you start to inspire Bliss, look for ways to encourage fond the memories when you were together. These are more than just ways to make her happy in the moment, but are ways to change how she feels about you, forever. This is like the big event that happens in a film, where the guy makes every effort to impress a girl, and she decides immediately that this is the guy for her. This is going to be a solid show of affection that bonds her to you for life. Now, you probably dont have a Hollywood budget, but you do not need one to be successful. This step works best when you trigger her sentimental emotions. Again, approach this from a strictly platonic level. Intertwine her memories and experiences of your relationship, with her emotions. Adding these together is incredibly powerful and hearing a song or seeing a photograph can inspire all kinds of emotional changes in her. A great way to do this, is once you have a solid False Friendship, is to use those communication channels to send her reminders of your time together. The trick to making this technique work is to be causal and friendly. Do you have photographs of a time when you were both happy?


You might decide to email these to her, with a short note saying something causal like, Just thought you might like a copy of these for old times sake. It shows that you are not rubbing the relationship in her face, but rather valuing her participation in the relationship. This way, you trigger the positive memories in her mind, without forcing the elephant into existence. It comes across as a natural symptom of the Relationship Breakdown, without that effect. You want to make her think of the relationship is a positive light, but without actually saying something that could be taken as, Hey! Look what youre missing out on. The effects will be the same, but in a much more classy and responsive way.

Always Approach with a Positive Bonding Experience

Essentially, when you remind her of things you have done together, you are planting a Bliss Bomb. This is a powerful Bonding Mechanism. This transports her back to a moment when your relationship was happy. She experiences all those incredible emotions and feelings again, which are leveraged from the power of sentimental value. She even thinks it was better than it was, as her body is flooding with hormones making her feel incredible. She wont know why that is, but something in her mind will tell her to stop and think about those positive memories.


Use the list of good memories that you shared in Chapter 2 and continue to update it. This will give you more experiences and memories to reference. As you know what she is most receptive to, and what she is most looking for from your relationship, you can feed her different lines of communication that offer those qualities. It will showcase you as a great guy who is thoughtful. Then, as you keep planting these seeds of Bliss, she will feel compelled to be more responsive to you. Over time, she will feel as she did back when you first got together. Suddenly, it will not matter why you broke up, it will only matter how she feels now, which will lead to her to think about getting back together with you. This is because: A distinguishing trait of humans is that we crave connection. When you give her all those wondrous Blissful moments, she will feel connected to you. She will want to bond with you in ways as more than just friends. It is natural for her to want to feel desire and attraction. Her memories will bond her to you as she remembers how amazing you make her feel all the time, so think about what makes her happy. Then make a causal move in her direction using the False Friendship!




Drift is a time when she is deciding if you are right for her. She may take steps to distance herself from the relationship, becoming more Indifferent. During Drift, she decides to take action without sharing her reasons why. This is a sign that she needs space and time to heal. To move her closer to you, respect the space that she creates, and reward her by reaching out to establish a stronger False Friendship. A False Friendship is especially effective in this case, as she will feel less threatened and be more likely to open up to you about the problems she is facing. A False Friendship also gives you the opportunity to plant a memorable Bliss Bomb in her mind, which activates positive and passionate feelings in her mind. A positive attitude is critical during this time. If she detects anger or resentment, it will turn her away.





Aaron and Emma: The arguments started small. They ended in playful jabs that were not really arguments, but conversations that always seemed to go with the unspoken rule of, so thats what you think. Nevertheless, there was always a tension, and an underlying motive in everything that was said. It wasnt long before one conversation could be mistaken as innocent, but it was far from it. Its hard to explain, but if you have ever thought one thing and said another, you will get what I mean. These moments are hard to see at the time, but looking back, its obvious. Its almost like the evolution of a thought, where an idea is sparked, and it grows and grows, until it is created in the world. Yet in that moment, you do not realize how powerful those times are. So as the tension built, so did the desire to say one thing and do another. It wasnt any one thing. It just became the norm. Instead of being passionate, there was a weird sense of competition. It was as if neither could say what they were feeling. Over a few months, it began to break them down, until the relationship didnt seem worth it anymore. To be continued.


What Is Switch?
Switch During Switch, something happens to cause doubt in her mind. It has put her in a state of evaluation, where she is on the doorsteps of Drift.

During Switch, you begin to get the funny feeling that something is different, even if you do not know exactly what it is. She still wants to spend time with you and keeps her plans though, so Switch does not have to become a Relationship Killer. In fact, when handled correctly, these times can signal a chance for you to Switch to Bliss. Its all in how you approach her change of feelings, framing them into something positive. While this is a temporary feeling during Switch, it can escalate with Relationship Decay to make her Drift (a longer-term decision that has significant side effects). The best way to think about Switch is that it feels more like an evaluation period. If she is focusing on the positive points of your relationship, she treats you well. If she is focusing on the negative, she may seem moody or withdrawn. Switch can happen after an extended period when she notices something lacking from the relationship, and is an indicator that she is about to Drift. This is why it is imperative that you must identify the reasons she is losing interest in you.



When she feels overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, her body seeks to protect her from further attacks and lowers her desire to act on impulse and passion. Often the easiest way to resolve this feeling of unease is through communication. While you cannot resolve all of her problems, she might become more responsive if she feels like you understand and care about her. As Switch is an evaluation period, showing that you are open and supportive of her emotions means that you can turn these into a positive bonding experience (or plan one, such as a special night out). If you are not currently together, follow your best judgments when offering friendly supportive and honest advice. You want her to see you as a solid friend who cares. When all else fails, give her time. Switch is not permanent, and there is a good chance that she will come back round. Then, you can initiate a False Friendship, followed by a Bliss Bomb, and boost her happiness.
Remember: Relationship Rewind is always about customizing your plan to suit your exact situation, as you need these techniques.

How to Tell When She Is In Switch

A Switch is different for every person, so being able to identify what is not usual for her is critical. The key is noticing that she is acting different, and how you respond. Do not automatically assume that her changes mean she is in Switch; we all have down days. If she has extended periods of


unrest, this is cause for intervention. Overcompensating is another incriminating symptom, where she acts very loving as she tries to prove to herself that this is a worthwhile relationship. Either way, keep an eye on any changes, how long they last, or how frequent they become. Changes of more than a few days or weeks require intervention. This means her Switch is changing from an errant thought into a more decisive decision to Drift. An intervention could be a non-confrontational talk, or it could be using a Bonding Moment to help cheer her up. Refer back to avoiding a Negative Bonding Experience in Chapter 5 for advice. Also important to note:

If you pursue only by drawing her closer and acting more passionately, it will have the same effect as two magnets repelling one another. You have to find out what is causing the Switch, so you can correct it. Otherwise, she will justify her decisions as a defense mechanism, and will continue to move away until the Drift is tangible. If that continues to escalate, then you will end up on Deaths Doors.



Here are some simple ways to troubleshoot the Switch: Ask yourself: Have you noticed she is spending more time with friends or that her friends stopped being as welcoming toward you? Maybe the time you spend together is less valuable or that after your breakup, you began to look back and realize that things were not as smooth sailing as you thought. Maybe you are left wondering how you didnt see things Drift and now it feels too late? These are all areas where you can think back on the previous relationship, and gauge what it was that made her begin to Switch. This is an advanced understanding of Drift also.

How to Challenge the Switch

You should be communicating with her during this time or spending time together in your False Friendship. It is likely that you will feel like things arent right, even if you cannot pinpoint why that is. There will be times when you will move in and out of Switch and Bliss, as the rewinding process evolves or perishes. Remember, this is a time where she will be unsure, and will be in Switch, even if she is happy with the False Friendship. This is because she did make a decision to leave, and may be thinking of that often. The good news is that this means she can think of you positively more often also!


The only way to reverse a Switch is through communication and with a series of face-to-face meetings. This is why you have been investing in a False Friendship, so that being able to meet up is always receives a positive response. This is the time, where you need to discuss what went wrong in the relationship, or ask her questions that you may need for closure. Do this in person; this is not an appropriate phone or email conversation. Friends often go out for dinner or meet for drinks, and she may be seeing someone else. Creating a False Date will only drive her away and will unravel all of her newfound interest. If you havent seen each other for a while, meeting somewhere public and neutral is a good idea. Choosing your old favorite restaurant may stir up unexpected emotions in each of you, so choose a new place to create fresh memories. While you might think this a great time to explore a Bonding Moment, you want to make sure it is for the right reasons and reduce the risk of it backfiring. You should treat this night as a date, so make a strong impression.. However, unless she specifically calls it a date, it is not one. The best way to handle the night is to keep things short and sweet. Spend some quality time together and open the lines of communication. This is an advancement of the False Friendship and bringing it to the next level. On the first meeting, it is best to keep things to the point: ask how she is and how the time after you split has been. You want to show her that you are interested in what she has been doing without making her feel interrogated.

Remember: In Switch, she is not sure if being with you is a smart move for her. Going out with you is going to be a commitment on her part. One that could risk her feeling as if she is jeopardizing her choices.


Equally, she is going to have questions for you, and looking over the notes that you have been creating since Chapter 2 can help you feel more organized. How much or how little you wish to share is entirely up to you. It is perfectly acceptable not to address every issue right now. This may sound confusing, but it is much more beneficial for you to postpone a topic until the next meeting (which can pique her interest), than it is to come out and cover something which could lead to an argument. The purpose of this meeting is to see one another, and move into territory that is more personal. Do not be scared to call the night short either, even if it has gone exceptionally well. In fact, this is desirable because you will create intrigue and mystery. Keeping the first meeting to less than an hour is ideal. Even less than 30 minutes will be more than enough time to go in, communicate, and move to the next stage, which is transitioning into a full-blown False Friendship. This is where she can call and meet with you often and easily. If you hang around, she may begin to wonder if you have an agenda.

Also: The purpose of the first meeting should be to close the distance, and to help shine a new light on the accomplishments you are making. As the meetings become more frequent, you can begin to gauge her emotional climate. Follow her lead in by asking and answering questions about where the relationship went wrong, if thats relevant to you both. However, you should be spending this time creating bonding moments, which take precedence over everything.


Over the next few weeks, you will learn to use Bliss Moments, which are not rehashed from your relationship, but new memories from the relationship you are forging. This will enhance how she sees your changes. Then, once she sees that you have fun together, she will find you irresistible. In most cases, this is enough for her to work up the courage to ask for an official date, which you can accept.

Things to Avoid Doing in Switch

The great news is, once you begin this causal, friendly dating, and all the techniques you have been learning can be applied to your new relationship. Do not rush things. Let her attraction build naturally as friends first. In Switch, you need to have a strategic mindset when it comes to face-to-face contact. In other words, avoid asking questions like Are we okay? It is good to show an understanding of her changed behavior and where its coming from, but make it clear to her that if she is not willing to communicate about a problem, then you dont think she is taking the relationship seriously. In return, you can begin to Drift. If she seems to be hesitant to communicate, point out that out to her. Otherwise, all you will do is encourage her negative behavior. Instead, remind her about the time you two have spent being


happy. If its the first time you have experienced Switch, point that out, these things happen. Frame it as a new experience for the two of you.

Case Study Part 1: Switch in Action

Here is an email I got from a friend of mine going through the same thing: A couple of months ago, my girlfriend Sarah and I split up. I began following the Relationship Rewind, hoping to win her back, but I dont know why it went wrong. Everything was going well, a few months later, we were making significant progress. I knew when to compliment her and when to give her space. I knew when to call, and when to go and do my own thing. I was happy to let things play out and see where it would take us. We were really getting into the False Friendship and she was responsive. I even had a feeling she might be The One, and that she was coming back around to Bliss. As you said, these techniques drew her closer as she became more intrigued. In fact, it was all going so well that recently, I was waiting for her to tell me those three words. Only, they never came.



Instead, this is what happened In the summer, she was due to go back to nursing school. We were both busy, not much of a surprise, but about two weeks before she was ready to leave, I got a call that changed everything. She was avoiding my questions and seemed distant, which was not like her at all. I knew she was overwhelmed, but I couldnt believe it when she told me we shouldnt be friends! She didnt even give me a reason. She just kept saying that she was busy and that she had to focus on school. I have no idea what changed. I knew she was going back, but instead of it being something we were going to accomplish together, it became the deciding factor in our breakup. Now, I cant get a hold of her, and I have no idea whats going on or if she will take me back. What did I do wrong?

First, this is a classic example of Switch, and how it can lead to Drift. Secondly, you didnt do anything wrong; her priorities changed.



Instead of wanting to spend time with him and feel good in their relationship, she found those feelings from college and all that it can offer. She reinforced her decision that being alone could be a rewarding experience. The False Friendship was not trigger the emotional responses needed to solidify a meaningful relationship. This is also an example of why, even if you do nothing wrong, she can still feel emotionally lacking, whether she realizes it or not.

Case Study Part 2: The Problem with Switch

The problem with this situation is if he feels like he did something wrong and tries to make amends. This sends her running in the other direction. Instead of playing it cool, you now come across as needy or dependent. All those great things you think you are doing are only serving to solidify her feelings of being overwhelmed and running out of time, which she must prioritize for nursing school and work. Think of it like self-preservation We all have a built-in desire to succeed, and there are certain things we need to accomplish to make ourselves feel valued. A relationship can be one of those things, in fact, its one of the most important things, but if the other person isnt getting a sense of personal satisfaction from the relationship, then they begin to look elsewhere. That does not always mean cheating, though that can happen, but essentially looking for personal Bliss.


In this example, the potential to be strung along is massive. She might feel guilty about having led you on all summer, now she realizes school is just around the corner, which is why she Switched at the last minute. She might also be telling you things like, We can meet up once school gets into a routine, or, Lets see how things go. Neither of these will bring you back to Bliss, nor win her heart.




Switch is the beginning of a Drift. It can be rectified if you have a strong False Friendship and are able to discuss the reasons easily. Switch is an ideal time to use communication to bring positive reinforcement into your relationship. Reward her for times when she reaches out to you. Switch can often feel much worse than it is, so always remember to remain objective and use your positive outlook to impress her. Go back and reread the sections on how to respond to Switch, and review the red flags before taking action. Incorrect application of these techniques can force a Drift. These techniques are applicable for the duration of your False Friendship and new Relationship, as they encourage bonding.





Aaron and Emma: Looking back, its crazy how happy Aaron and Emma are. They realized that instead of pushing each other away, it was possible to come up with a compromise that didnt mean losing out on happiness. Now they have the best of both worlds. The process did take a while, but looking back, they enjoyed that. It was like dating again and falling in love. What they discovered, is that if the spark is there, it is possible to get it back. Even though they kept in touch after the breakup, the magic didnt resurface overnight. They had to forge a friendship, which helped them move from friends into something more. They each said that was the hardest part. Those feelings dont just go away, but finding them and understanding them with everything else going on takes time. Rome wasnt built in a day, and its true Once that ball was rolling, it was as if everything happened overnight. They realized they needed the time apart, as it gave them the time to realize what they wanted, and are now able to share those ideas with each other. Its incredible!



What Is Bliss?
Bliss: Bliss is a time when you are 100% happy. You may be blind to your partners faults, but you each work to overcome any obstacles in the relationship.

Have you ever found yourself thoroughly enamored by someone of the opposite sex? Im not talking about sexual attraction, or even lust, Bliss goes far deeper than that. It often starts out when you are young, when all you want to do is throw sticks at her in the playground. It can last into adolescence and beyond. The time when you cant stop holding her hand, or you find yourself thinking the most ridiculous questions like, How does she get her hair to smell like that? Suddenly, its as if the world is thrown into slow motion. When she smiles the whole world lights up. What you are experiencing is not love or lust, but rather miraculously Bliss. The complete wonder, the crazy emotions, and the feeling of this last forever. Bliss is sitting on the beach at 3 am talking about life goals or cuddling in front of the TV thinking, Shes the one for me. Bliss is easily the most rewarding of all levels of emotional bonding because it feels so easy. This is why the Relationship Rewind rewards returning to Bliss. When you understand how to spark this feeling in her, the process becomes so easy anyone can win back his ex!



Real Life Examples of Bliss

Honeymoons are prime examples of manufactured Bliss. Thats not to say there is anything wrong with this. In fact, I am going to show you how to use it and understanding why it works is equally beneficial. When you go away on a honeymoon, you have an idea of the things you want to try, so you build up anticipation. Then when you go, it turns into the event of a lifetime. Enjoying your honeymoon is one of the most rewarding experiences, not just because of the romance, but because spending time together is not complicated. You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to turn off all distractions and wrap your arms around the woman you love. No one from work is going to call and people will even celebrate your relationship with you. It is one of the easiest times in a relationship because its founded on Bliss. Furthermore, you create Bliss Moments that capture the magic of this critical time. Then, when you arrive home, you can joyfully think back on these moments and use those good feelings to propel your relationship forward. You might not realize that you are doing it, but you are. It could be as simple as taking a photograph together. Then as you snuggle together on the couch, you can comment on how this was one of the happiest days of your life. By pinpointing a specific happy moment, you can create a joint experience.


This is incredibly powerful when you recall that moment later and you recreate the feelings from that time. This happens because for every action, there is a reaction; and in relationships, actions and reactions are happening all the time. Despite not being in the relationship, you are still an active participant. You are each going through different feelings that can have positive and negative outcomes. It is my duty to ensure that those help transform your relationship back into love. You can learn when to impart a magical Bliss Moment, which will trigger these kinds of feelings and emotions to bond her to you. These incredible moments create a true sense of love that makes her feel like you are the only man for her. They bond you with positive experiences, which make fixing any problems you have simple. She will be completely enamored by you and should now be returning your romantic sentiments under the pretenses. This is critical as when the False Friendship begins to evolve into that sensitive does she, doesnt she that we remember from dating. You will be compelled by love to know that yes, she does! Understanding the Relationship Rewind, not only helps you recognize when changes dissolve your Bliss, but it will also show you how to bring her back to Bliss. It will not matter if you catch the change during the first stage of Relationship Decay (Chapter 3), or if you are in a later stage. All you have to do is start from the step, which is applicable, and work your way back


to this monumental time. If, for some reason the false Friendship is not responsive, and she is still Indifferent, I have one last technique to share This is radical, so only read when you are looking for a last chance.

Emotion First, Love Later (EF, LL)

Many people make the mistake of trying to get her back into a state of Bliss in the wrong way. They often do nice things that they think will automatically restore the relationship. These can be random acts of kindness, which are meant to show how much you care. Often they are perceived in a way that makes you appear needy, clingy, or even desperate, which are not attractive, Blissful traits. If she is unresponsive to the False Friendship, these acts will further establish her resolve that being detached is the right thing to do. Indifference is the only thing you should be concerned about, because it is difficult (but not impossible) to recover from. You cannot easily leverage emotions, if they do not exist. This is the same as leading a horse to water, but if she doesnt want to drink, there is not much you can do. Thankfully, the way humans are programmed means that even if she says she is indifferent, there is only a small chance this is true. What is more likely is that she is mad, upset, confused, jealous, bitter or angry. These


all show she is capable of feeling something for you. Now, its a case of kick starting those emotions and plumbing back into the Relationship Rewind once more. I know you can do this! These are all emotions, which show anything but Indifference. You might think this is awful or impossible, but if you have ever felt anger in an argument, then you have felt raw, burning passion. People often mistake hate as the opposite of love, when really, hate is misconstrued love, an impossibly frustrated message waiting to break free. Once you uncap this final hurdle, you will find the exact answers you are looking for! A great technique to use is to write down the top five emotions she shows most frequently or strongly around you.

What Five Emotions Does She Show Are You: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.



This will help you pinpoint what she is feeling and how to change those into positives. By now, there is also a good chance these are already positives. By which case, congratulations, all you have to do is plant your Bliss Bomb and wait for her to beg for you back!

Detonating the Back to Bliss Bomb

Think back to a moment you shared with her, when something strange, funny, or memorable happened. Do not pick something intimate or sentimental. Try to find something entertaining that happened when you were having a good time. You want her to remember a moment when you were friendly and social with each other. The emotional ties of being together in that memory will play a factor, when her mind is brought back to that moment. You want to lead her into the setup for when the Bliss Moment happened, without giving away the full details right away. This will not only help her understand what you are talking about, but will also make her wonder what it could be that reminded you of her. It will make her think harder about that moment in Bliss, going over the details, and bringing all those old Blissful emotions back to the surface.



Try saying something like this: I just want to tell you everything has been going so great, like surprisingly great. I cannot believe how easy and worry-free things have been since we started hanging out. Its as if we never had to worry about mind games or any of that bullshit; we were just able to be open about everything. I think thats why things have gone so smoothly. Thats why I want you to promise me that if something ever happens between us, like if one of us does something to upset the other, or an argument happens, or anything bothers us that we will just sit down and actually talk about it. I would hate to let something come between us when we could have talked it over and made an effort to fix it.

She will of course agree to this this is what everyone wants to be able to do. It also establishes you and her as a couple, who talks out their issues, instead of fighting and ignoring them. However, it is challenging to remember when an actual issue occurs. A couple will be caught in what is upsetting them and begin to Switch. Sadly, frequent ebbs and flows mean that you are even less likely to avoid rewarding her with Bliss. After she responds, then you can give the rest of the details about what it was that reminded you of that Bliss Moment and this can help either start a new relationship, or bond your existing relationship.


Try this simple technique instead

Introducing the I Love You Ladder

Do you find yourself wanting to say, I love you, but you are afraid its too early? On the other hand, maybe you are afraid of how she will react. You might have heard the age-old wisdom that saying, I love you too early in a relationship can be a deal breaker, but have you stopped to think why that is? The obvious reason would be that the other person doesnt love you back. Therefore, youve put your emotions on the line and now have one of two possible outcomes: You either live with the fact that you have an unrequited love or, Your lover decides that its all too much and leaves. What many people tend to overlook is that in the majority of cases, most people will actually say it back, whether they mean it or not. When someone says, I love you, and they dont, a can of emotional pain is opened. The regret and disillusionment you feel makes it harder to move on one day, because you thought you had mutual love and you continued on blissfully unaware.



This is because when you say, I love you, and they say it back; you activate your most powerful organ, your brain. When you trigger your brain with these words, the effects of love are set in motion, which are incredibly powerful. Therefore, even if she doesnt mean it, you could be on the receiving end of passionate affection. Which while that sounds fantastic now, is only temporary as you are about to see.

How to Use the I Love You Ladder

Here is a way you can enjoy the rewards, without actually saying, I love you. This will create the beautiful tension that develops from knowing you love each other, without admitting it yet. Some might call this a win-win situation. Heres what you do: Initiate eye contact with her and then give her an I love compliment. Tell her that you love a distinctive quality about her. An example might be, I love that you are so optimistic about everything. The key is to start your compliment with I love that Often she will reciprocate by giving you a compliment back. This can start an exchange of compliments between you both, where you are essentially saying the things you love about each other, without saying, I love you. You can increase the frequency


and intensity throughout the False Friendship. This is does not replace telling her that you love her, but is to be used to initiate that spark of Bliss back into your relationship. You want to tell her that you love her one day, when you are back in the relationship and are confident that it is the right time for those powerful words. By then, your worry will be gone, because you already know she feels the same way about you. She has been subtly saying it back to you in her own compliments, if she hasnt just come out and said it already. Enjoy the butterfly feelings. They are natures way of letting you know you are on track!

What Five Emotions Does She Show Are You: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

By hopping onto the first rung of the Love Ladder, you start to engage her emotions in a positive way. You are not risking pushing her away by moving too soon. Also, women love to be complimented. It makes them feel appreciated, so approaching love as a compliment is not only a sincere way to bridge


the emotional gap, but also a good way to brighten her day. Once you have done this, you are free to move onto another conversation and continue enjoying each others company. It is important to note, the real magic lies in that moment where you both know you love each other, without having to say it at all. Therefore, even if she doesnt respond immediately, enjoy the sexual tension and let her work herself into a frenzy as this is happening. Its like falling into love again, and is extremely satisfying when it clicks into place. Think back to when you were dating, and how these were the best feelings during that time. You didnt know for sure, but somehow you did know, and when its all said and done, you cannot get those butterflies back!




Bliss is an incredible time, and one that you will be aiming to stay in for the rest of the relationship. You can activate Bliss during specific stages as advised. Be careful only to use the Bliss Bombs and other bonding techniques when advised, as using them at the wrong time can appear weak or desperate. If she is unresponsive to the Relationship Mechanisms, go back to the False Friendship and strengthen that bond. You may have accidently skipped ahead. Bliss is an incredibly powerful technique, but is only as effective as the time you choose to deploy it. Most men jump too soon. Be patient, and know you will be rewarded. When you reward her with Bliss, she cannot help but chase you in return and will seek to reconcile a relationship with you.





Truly Benefiting from the Relationship Rewind

These final pieces of wisdom are to be used when the time is right. These will help you create the roots of a long-lasting relationship. At this moment, it does not matter if your relationship is in the Relationship Decay, Relationship Breakdown, or Deaths Door phase. It is only important that you acknowledge, accept, and respect whatever phase you find yourself. This is a universal technique, which relies on times healing power to give you the grounding for change. Then, you can move to the section in this book, which gives you advice on how to rewind the relationship from that specific point. In the majority of cases, we hold onto emotions after a breakup, without realizing that what we are actually holding out for is a second chance. A hope for something more. The seeds of love have been planted, and it is highly unlikely that she is now Indifferent to you. Very few women give away love, its almost impossible. The steps outlined in this book will help you construct a new direction for your relationship and those existing emotions. If she is Indifferent, reread the section on Deaths Door (see Chapter 4). Familiarize yourself with those actions now, because you will need them. While your efforts reading this guide and absorbing these lessons are admirable, you cannot truly Rewind a Relationship that hasnt been given time to heal. It is important for you to


step back from the situation. This is the most critical thing you can do right now. You are each going through changes, feeling pressures, and dealing with many unknowns. Take time to heal and know that this doesnt mean it will be like this forever. The best mindset to make the Relationship Rewind work for you is to accept that it was not you or even your actions that caused the Relationship Decay. Relationships are always evolving, and the faster you can grasp this, the less likely you will be to derail your relationships by accident or by missing the critical warning signs. Dont forget to go back and read the Keynotes at the end of each chapter too. These will help you gauge where you are in the cycle of the Relationship Rewind, and how to troubleshoot any challenges you are facing.

Remember: Miscommunications led to the mishandling of your relationship.

Truly Benefiting from the Relationship Rewind

Preventing Relationship Decay has never been simpler. Now you have the tools to reestablish your relationship. Simply keep this book for reference and come back when you understand where you are. Read the chapter to your current situation. When you are in Bliss, do not forget to use Positive Bonding moments regularly to prevent further Relationship Decay. When you are in Bliss, you automatically prevent Relationship Decay, as there is no hesitation or uncertainty, only passion.


The trick to a happy relationship is to ensure there are fewer problems to correct. It is no use waiting to land on Deaths Door this time around; few women are responsive to the Relationship Rewind if they must go through the process multiple times.

Your Relationship Rewind Users Guide:

Deaths Door: Move to Emotions First, Love Later. You have experienced a Relationship Breakdown and are looking for ways to communicate with her again. Drift: Move to the False Friendship. You have experienced emotional detachment, and are looking to establish roots for the relationship to grow from. Switch: Use the Bliss Bomb with Bliss Moments. You have secured a False Friendship and are bringing romance back into her mind. Bliss: Use Positive Bonding to encourage feelings of Bliss. You have successfully grown the relationship back into activity, and you want to keep it that way.



Living and Loving with Bliss

The fairytale happily ever after is only in movies. However, there are opportunities to bring more joy into your relationship by using changing times to rekindle your Bliss. These pivotal moments are always going to require time, effort, communication, commitment, and respect though. For some, this might sound mundane, but I really am the happiest I have ever been. I stopped working late nights, and now work from the comfort of home so that I can spend more time with my partner. I also know that when we communicate our feelings, or when things feel less than magical, there are steps I can take to make her feel exceptional. Now I make time for those special date nights and for Sundays spending quality time together. If I retreat or detach from my partner, she knows how to pull me out of that funk and back into a passionate relationship too. This feels like a blanket of comfort. The methods you have been learning can go both ways, and are more powerful if two people can use them together. The final question you must ask yourself then is, Is she the one for you? This is the hardest question of all. It will require you to be more brutally honest than ever before, and possibly go against your better judgment. If you focus on investing in a woman you love, then no matter


where life leads you, I know you will find what you are been looking for.

Will She Love You As You Love Her?

At the end of the day, there are plenty of techniques you can use to get her back. Having her back must be worth your time. I know this sound selfish, but its about as real as I can be. These techniques only work if you are on an equal footing; otherwise, the swings of change will be too frequent. If she doesnt match your love, respect, or ability to move forward, then consider looking elsewhere. If you believe that she can love you unconditionally, honestly, and earnestly, then that alone is a massive accomplishment. While you understand that it is important to bond, you need to know how to bond specifically with your ex. This was something that was missing from your previous relationship. Learning how to bond when getting her back is indispensable. As you have a history together, this is much easier than learning how to do it with a stranger, but the same techniques apply. Bonding and the power of life-altering decisions go hand-inhand. When she feels distant or detached from you, she is likely to make massive decisions on her own. She wants to make the right decisions, but those do not always involve you. Unless you bond, your opportunities to Rewind the Relationship, or keep her around become much less frequent. They can also be the deciding factor in the Relationship Breakdown.


Good Luck!
Congratulations on reaching this significant milestone in your Rewind Relationship journey. As you go forward, keep in mind where you are heading, where you want to go, and who you want to go with. There is a tremendous amount of potential waiting for you, and in going forth with this knowledge, I know that you will achieve exceptional things. Moreover, your results will be with shared her. Also, know that you have incredible tools in your hands that can work with any woman. There is no shame in splitting up for the right reasons, even if a part of you will always love her. Woven into this incredible system are the tools needed to move on and heal on your own terms. The majority of people who complete this system find the relationship they were looking for, but some are pleasantly surprised that it is not with the person that they once thought worthy. Either way, I want to wish you success and I would love to hear how you get on.

Ryan Rivers
Creator of The Relationship Rewind System



I believe no situation is impossible, even at Deaths Door (the final stage of Relationship Decay). As with all things, mastering the Relationship Rewind system is like any other skill. It is a three-step process, which you must learn and apply to your specific situation. The great thing about this system is that once you are able to identify the mistakes you were making, you will not only avoid making these mistakes again, but also be able to fix them when they occur. Using Relationship Rewind, you need to identify when she no longer feels the same level of attraction for you. The accumulation of the emotions you create in her, along with her state of mind, is her attraction for you. If this state changes, its the aim of Relationship Rewind to bring she back to the same state of mind, so that the attraction can be cultivated and developed again. If you are unable to carry out these actions, then this system cannot work. For this reason, this advice is offered with the understanding that you will take the actions I suggest, no matter how crazy they may seem. Aim to put in the time and effort necessary to found a healthy relationship. While intuitive and simple, no relationship will ever be just a walk in the park and the author accepts no responsibility or liability, if things dont go the way you want. Sometimes you need to take the good with the bad in life. Understand that what you are feeling is undoubtedly the most beautiful sadness there is. For that, you should mentally thank the person who had such an effect on you for the experience. Be excited to know that the lessons you have learned will help you maintain that happiness when you find it again. I know you can find it again!


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Bliss: Bliss describes a time of being in complete happiness. You are blind to faults, and work to overcome any obstacles in the relationship. The Bliss stage contains an abundance of both Bliss Moments, and Bonding Experiences, both defined below. This is where an ideal relationship spends most of its time. Bliss Bomb: A Bliss Bomb is the activation of memories and experiences to engage her positive attraction in an unbreakable way. A Bliss Bomb can use Bliss Moments, or be used alone as the climax for positive change in the Relationship Status. This may also be known as a Grand Gesture, and solidifies feelings of Bliss. Bliss Moment: A moment where you share pure happiness; where nothing else in the universe seems to matter. Bliss Moments lead to bonding, but not all Bonding Experiences are Blissful or exhilarating. To the contrary, many Bonding Experiences contain high levels of stress, fear or uncertainty. Bonding Experience: A planned emotional Bonding Experience. While a Bliss Moment is happy and promotes bonding between you and she, a Bonding Experience is not always happy. The best Bonding Experiences usually involve overcoming a strong challenge together. I.e. being trapped in an elevator, experiencing fear and uncertainty, but ending up safe and victorious. Deaths Door: Deaths Door is the stage where she has taken significant action(s) to distance from you. It is not impossible to recover from Deaths Door, but you should seriously evaluate the possibility of moving on since recovery is not always beneficial from this stage. If you are set, then refer to the False Friendship technique. Drift: The main characteristic of Drift is that she becomes indifferent to you and is much less interested in seeing you or communicating with you. Her friends and family have given them positive reinforcement to leave you. At this stage, she is exploring her options. She may or may not be in the relationship actively at this time.

Emotion First, Love Later (EFLL): EFLL is the strategy of igniting a strong emotional response in her, positive or negative. There will be times when igniting a negative response is the only option, so that the emotion can more easily be flipped into passion or love. You should only use this technique when bouncing back from a significant manifestation of Deaths Door. False Friendship: A False Friendship is a leveraging tool that allows you to rebuild a form of reliable communication that does not push her away. Unlike the Friend Zone, participants of the False Friendship are encouraged to respond to desire, and are rewarded for chasing you when they instigate the relationship actively. Friend Zone: The Friend Zone is similar to Deaths Door, where there is no chance of recovering a passionate relationship. Unlike Deaths Door, you can fall into the Friend Zone without ever being in a relationship. The Friend Zone is usually impossible to recover, unless you have a history, in which case refer to the False Friendship.

Indifference: Indifference is a state of mind that shows your partner no long has any feelings or emotions attached to the relationship. This is the only true time to worry about getting back together. She has shown no remorse, no anger, or any other feeling that would suggest she has the desire to get back together, or move further away. Its a standstill. Grieving: Grieving occurs after the relationship has ended, and after the post-break up and recovery phase. It is the most trying of times as you fall into a negative cycle of emotions that can become difficult to break. Grieving occurs when one person wishes the relationship to become active, and the other does not. Negative Bonding Experience: A negative Bonding Experience happens when instead of Bliss, she feels other emotions that are detrimental to the relationship. This can range from feeling angry or upset, to feeling as if she isnt valuable to you, or that she is appreciated. These may not have an immediate impact, but create Relationship Decay over time.


Post-breakup: This is the time immediately following a Relationship Breakdown. This is not the time to act on your emotions as they fluctuate heavy during this time. When your relationship is newly ended, you might not be able to think or act rationally, and almost any gestures and communication at this time will push her away. Pair Bond: A pair bond is the name given to two people who have been in a relationship and experienced amorous emotions. Pair bonds typically last a lifetime, and can be revised using the Relationship Rewind. What is unique about pair bonds is that one partner can reject the bond, even if they still have feelings, causing a Drift. Recovery: Recovery is the time when you begin to feel more resolve after a Relationship Breakdown, and when you begin to objectify why it ended. It is important to complete the full recovery time before enacting on these thoughts. Otherwise, you will begin to push her away and will fall into the mourning phase.

Relationship Breakdown: This occurs after weeks or months of Relationship Decay, and is the conscious act of recognizing feelings of detachment or negative emotions. Unlike a breakup, which is a definitive end to the relationship, the Relationship Breakdown is the feeling that things are spiraling downhill. This can lead to a Relationship Breakdown, but is not always possible to pinpoint as one specific action or reason. Relationship Decay: This is an intangible feeling that something is not right in the relationship and manifests as Negative Bonding Experiences. Over time, the relationship becomes more hostile, less nurturing, and it can take however long before an official Relationship Breakdown is recognized. Relationship Decay is happening whenever you are not in Bliss. Relationship Killer: The only true Relationship Killer is Indifference. This is how relationships end and are unable to be started. It effectively cuts out any opportunity to reverse the damage or replace ill intent will positive emotions. Most men believe themselves to be a victim of the Relationship Killer, but are actually at Deaths Door. Refer to Indifference to determine which is the true phase in motion.

Relationship Mechanisms: The Relationship Mechanisms refer to Bliss, Switch, and Drift, as the main components of a functioning relationship. You can use these techniques, and their specific guidance to help manufacture the results you wish to see. The mechanism is designed to offer romantic longevity. Relationship Rewind: Relationship Rewind is the process of moving the relationship back to a place where love was the actionable symptoms. The purpose of going back to a positive place is to reward and regain the feelings and emotions of a great relationship. When you combine the Relationship Mechanisms, you are engaging the Relationship rewind. Relationship Resolve: The Relationship Resolve is the time when you agree to follow the examples and instructions given, and are able to do so without coercion or ill intent. You become receptive to the Relationship rewind, and make a personal commitment to using the tools for the purposes they were created.

Switch: During Switch, something has happened to cause doubt in her mind. It has put them into a state of evaluation where they are trying to determine if you are right for them. Switch is where they only internally experienced this doubt, or perhaps shared it with a close friend. It is not often tangible, but a general sense of awry.


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