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ICT Joint Statement The project designed for ICT integration aims to create an interactive learning resource with

heavy involvement of information and communication technologies. This program will encourage student-based learning through a series of developed tasks that inspire discussion, exploration and creation through the use of carefully chosen online and physical ICTs. We wish for our students to be able to better achieve curriculum outcomes through the use of ICTs in their schooling (Curriculum Council, 2006), and we believe our program is designed to effectively steer them in the right direction. This project requires sensibly chosen ICT components to bring our students to a specific and identifiable goal students will efficiently and effectively access digital information to aid in discussion, investigating issues, and creatively designing. We will be backing up this goal with specific ICTs such as: Spiderscribe or to promote discussion and sharing of ideas Google Earth to promote investigation, exploration and problem-solving Online world atlas to promote exploration and student involvement through discussion Ipads to promote student dexterity, understanding of technology and positive student interaction in groups Queeky to promote student creativity and design We wish for a push in independent, student-based education and learning through the maintenance of student interest with interactive ICTs. The tasks are designed to be instructive to the chosen students learning level, with an instructional basis that involves minimal teacher involvement. We feel that through the use of these tasks students will not only be developing their understanding and use of ICTs, but also enhancing their confidence in working on projects without heavy supervision. Our project will be completed and published on a Weebly website, to be viewed by the public. The Weebly will contain not just the tasks designed for the students, but resources that will aid in their research, a reflection and conclusion zone for students to discuss their experience and a Teachers Page that contains all the planning documents involved in the creation of this project. This Weebly website will be designed to be instinctively used by students through ease of navigation and easy to understand instruction. We wish to provide students with an opportunity to provide feedback, so that the collated information can be used for future development. Curriculum Council, AESOC & MECCETYA (2006). Statements of Learning of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Curriculum Corporation.