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Philosophy of Education Education has become something that has little value to students because they feel like

it is probably not for them. It is time that we give education back to the students. The students can only see that we are for them if they see that we love what we do as teachers. Now a day anybody can be an educator and I believe that causes corruption within education. Because these people are not doing what they love they are not making any effects on these kids. Students are becoming bored with their everyday schedule of come to school sit work then leave. There is more to learning than !ust routine. Students learn in all different kinds of ways and that is a challenge because most of the time they don"t know how they learn. I believe that before introducing any type of arrangement in a sub!ect you should let the students e#plore different ways to understand it. This helps them be less reliant on rules and structure that hinder their learning later on in life. Because these students will be e#pressing their own ideas before any thought is implanted in their minds they will learn to think for themselves. Through this the teacher can teach according to the student"s way of learning. This helps the students know how take care of their problems. This will let the students e#plore different ways that might have worked for them. In this case since all students are giving their input they won"t feel like they are !ust taking in information and spitting it back out that"s if they remember it. The students become the instructors of their own learning and then are guided later on by the teacher. I believe that all students are not the same meaning that they all don"t learn the same. $sing different strategies !ust to make it engaging for the students will help promote the students learning individually. I don"t believe that students should be sitting the whole time. Sitting down promotes boredom and sleep. So moving around or getting out of the class sometimes might !ust wake some people up. I will promote their education by promoting their individuality and originality. Their values and opinions will matter in the classroom for it reflects who they are and what they know. Education is not only taught in school it is taught by everyday e#periences. Trying to make these kids think and reason for themselves is the key because it is easy to have them sit and read a book without their minds being engaged at all. Training to learn how to stretch the mind beyond what they already know and leaving them room to reflect is what education is about. I will re%uire that they come visit the teacher &office hour' at least twice because through my e#perience that has made a big difference. It"s a good habit to apply early in a child"s education and not only made known in college. It seems as if students are trained to think that their teacher is not normal that is probably why they stare for long periods of time when they see one teacher at a grocery store. This will create a time where the student can meet the teacher and the teacher can meet the student. So a relationship between the teacher and the students help clarify a lot of things for both of them. To motivate the child it has to start individually because it can only be rooted through them and brought to light by the teacher. Teaching takes passion and passion takes patience. (lassroom management is the hardest things to deal with because discipline takes time. Before a teacher might get classroom management they will be challenged from left to right. That"s why I will encourage each teacher to take it one step at a time. )hile taking these steps the teacher will learn about the students and about the class as a whole. I believe in the (hoice Theory when it states that the only behavior you can control is your own. *rom day one students will be watching you as a teacher. It is your responsibility to not let them get the best of you. Self+control is a defining trait that a teacher must have in order to gain the respect from

their students. , -atin proverb says .to silence another first be silent yourself./ The way the teacher behaves will be reflected in the classroom and in their students. If the teachers wants an energetic class then that teacher has to reflect that same energy that he0she wants from his0her students. Teachers will learn how to manage that class from what they learn in the classroom. -earning from the everyday settings in the classroom school and community helps the teacher understand where these students may be coming from. Enthusiasm coming from the teacher alone is another aspect that might make students wonder and %uestion their own behaviors because their behavior is not reflected in their teacher. The (hoice Theory mentions the importance of having fun in the classroom. If you are bored with your lesson imagine how your students might feel. I believe a lesson that allows the teacher and the student to have a good time and learn is a good lesson. Through my student teaching at )yoming 1unior 2igh School I"ve learn that noise only builds up noise and leaves you with a headache at the end. I believe that if students are interested they will be disciplined because discipline re%uires concentration. The teacher has to always consider how their lesson it going to impart their students every day. It"s all in the way you teach. I will manage my classroom by making the curriculum as interesting as I can and by not making it not only interesting for my students but also for myself .3ood teaching is one+fourth preparation and three+fourths theater/ &3ail 3odwin'. It is important to try to keep the class engaging and organi4ed. )hen the teacher is not organi4ed the students will notice. I will make sure that my students will feel appreciated because I will take my time to make sure that I know my material and if I do not know something I will seek to learn it so that I may impart that knowledge with my students. I will create opportunities for students to have independence in the classroom by allowing them to make decisions on the way that they want to learn. I will use the seven learning styles as a guide to help me find ways to ignite a spark in each student5s educational e#perience. 6y mission is to make sure that each students thrives to their best ability and I will do that by meeting them where they are at and allowing them to define their meaning of success without imposing my own ideas on them. I will be their mentor and I will listen and try my best to find resources for them to achieve their goals. It"s good to have noise. , teacher who is engaged in their own lesson helps the students see a reason to be e#cited or intrigued all of which can lead to concentration. I hope to make students into lifelong learners and to make learning spread as fast as gossip. 3ood gossip of course. Each of these ideas can help foster classroom management but it all takes time.