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Sketchbooks – Research and Inspirations Art


In your sketchbook one of the key things you need to show are;

-Collections of images (artists work and any adverts, magazine images



-Analysis and interpretation of these images

This shows that you have gained and are able to research relevant
Directors, artists and Films that relate both to your theme ‘Sense of
Place’ and your specific project.

You may take examples from the films, artists and Directors I have
shown you.

You will need

1. The name, year, director/artist of the piece of work. Country of


2. A still or stills from the film/artwork. With notes reflecting on the

techniques (Such as editing, use of mise-en-scene – mark-making
or digital techniques)

3. Brief (100 words) history background of artist/director

4. Reference to the style/art movement that the artist or director

belongs to.

5. The Director or Artists other key works with dates.

You should also create at least one scene analysis from a relevant
film, or moving image work.