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At the Restaurant

Waiter: Hello! How are you today?

Tiago Belo: Fine, thanks.
Waiter: Would you like something to drink, like some
Tiago Belo: I would like some juice please.
Waiter: Just a moment please.

Waiter: Are you ready to order?

Tiago Belo: Yes, i have a question. Is the hamburger good?
Waiter: It is delicious.
Tiago Belo: Well... i don`t think I want it. I would like
the hamburger please.
Waiter: All right. Would you like some French fries with
Tiago Belo: Yes. Thank you.

Waiter: Did you like the food?

Tiago Belo: Yes, it was delicious.
Waiter: Would you like some dessert?
Tiago Belo: OK. Can I have some ice-cream?
Waiter: Coming right up!
Work done by Tiago Belo