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National Health Education Standards & Benchmarks

Unit __Bullying ____ Day in unit__1____

Health Education Lesson Plan

Name T.J. Williams Lesson Title Day one Bullying Grade level(s)/Course middle school Date taught


Textbook or Instructional Program referenced to guide your instruction (if any) include Web Resources Title Publisher Date of Publication District, school or cooperating teacher requirement or expectations that might influence your planning or delivery of instruction.

Amount of time devoted each day or week in your classroom to the content or topic of your instruction. 45 min Describe how ability grouping or tracking (if any) affects your planning and teaching of this content.

List any other special features of your school or classroom that will affect the teaching of this lesson.


Total students___25______ Special Needs Categories Students with IEPs Number of Students 1



Accommodations and/or pertinent IEP Objectives Student will have separate testing

English Language Learners Gifted and Talented

Always try to teach up Allow to help other students


Autism or other special needs (EmotionalBehavioral Disorders)

Teachers aid each day


Content Strand [NHES, WI-HE] Enduring Understanding and/or Essential Question TSW understand and be introduced to general information about bullying and how to react to different situations. GLE(s) DOK Grade Level Expectation = Benchmarks Depth of Knowledge Found on the NHES and WI DPI websites A number between 1 and 3 representing the level of the GLE. 2 2.8.1 Examine how the family influences the health of
adolescents. 2.8.6 Analyze the influence of technology on personal and family health 2.8.7 Explain how the perceptions of norms influence healthy and unhealthy behaviors

2 2

Outcome(s) TSW understand that there are different kinds of bullying and different ways to bully at many age levels and how to react to a variety of situations. Academic Language related to the lesson Verbal, social, physical, cyber bullying The process terms (ex: compare and contrast, theory, hypothesis, evaluate) that enable a student to be successful in the classroom.

Prior Learning/Prior Thinking TSW have already worked on an emotional health unit to understand different mental health problems like depression. TSW also bring past experience of bullying that they have encountered in their lives.

Before the lesson - Gathering information about student knowledge TSW be given a pre test that will ask them how to react to different bullying situations and how they feel bullying can affect other students. Pre-assessment that will be used = You see a student that you dont know being bullied after school away from everyone else. They are being yelled at by an older student and cant get away because they are backed up against a wall. You dont see any teachers or adults around outside but you know there is an adult inside in the office. What do you think you should do?
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National Health Education Standards & Benchmarks

Unit __Bullying ____ Day in unit__1____

BEGINNING OF THE LESSON Content Introduction Activity

NHES Targeted - _2____

Time: 5 Activity Description: Pretest reflection -What students thought they should do in bullying situation, address questions many of them answered the same and some controversial answers they had to lead into power point. -Students will write a short paragraph in journal about how they think they should react to a bully -If you or a friend is being bullied how would you diffuse the situation, who could you talk to if it becomes a repetitive situation and what should you not do physically or verbally to the bully Materials needed: notebook
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Content Development Activities

NHES Targeted - _2____

Activity #1 = slide show what is bullying

Time: 25 Activity Description: -TSW fill out a note sheet related to the slide show and answer questions related to types of bullying - Verbal social physical cyber, different roles, when and where Materials needed: note sheet from teacher
See supporting materials

Activity #2 = Refection journal

Time: 10 Activity Description: -how would the students change their response in their journal after power point Materials needed: notebook
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Informal Formative Assessment used during the lesson
Through out the slide show questions will be asked to check for understanding and engage the students in the lesson.

Formal Formative Assessment used during the lesson

Before leaving students will show that the entire study sheet is filled out from the slide show this will count as their participation grade for the day See supporting materials

Closure: Questions and Answer Question # 1 What are the different forms of bullying? Desired Student Response- Verbal social physical cyber Question # 2 What are some common places in school that bullying can occur? Desired Student Response locker room, playground, after school, classroom, sports practice Question # 3 Who are some people in the school that you can talk to if you are being bullied? Desired Student Response- teacher, guidance consoler, administration, teachers aid

In-formative in class assignment description:

NHES Targeted - __2___ Though out the class period the students will be asked questions about what they think bullying is and the definitions to different terms before they are presented in the power point.

Formal end of class assignment description: -When leaving the class students will show their completed journal and note sheet are finished in order to gain the daily participation points.
NHES Targeted - _2____

Take home assignment used for Health at Home link

-How parents see bullying when they were younger or at work. -How do students bullying or be bullied by siblings at home.
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Lesson Reflection
1. As I reflect on the lesson, to what extent were students/clients productively engaged? (Brief description of how they were or were not productively engaged.) I feel that many students will be productively engaged though out the lesson because as I present material I am continuing to engage them in learning by having them fill out a review sheet and asking them questions before showing it on the power point. 2. Did the students/clients learn what I intended them to learn? (list objective) Were my instructional goals met? How do I know? Or how and when will I know? I feel that I know my students will learn what I am presenting to them by having them show me their review sheet and also having them write in their journal about how they would change the response in reacting to a bully.

National Health Education Standards & Benchmarks

Unit __Bullying ____ Day in unit__1____

Supporting Materials Pre-Assessment Content Introduction Activity Content Development Activities Embedded Assessment Take home assignment used for Health at Home link