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Miss. Pramila Nagaraj Qualification: MBA Finance (Fresher 2010)- First Class
Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore (VTU- Belgaum)

SAP Financials Associate Certified Consultant- Fresher/Trainee

Certified Candidate @ Source One Management Services Pvt. Ltd Bangalore

2013 Copy Rights Reserved SourceOne Management Services Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore

Adding SAP Project IDES Configuration and Implementation Project in Project Title: SAP Financials or Controlling Configuration and Implementation Client: SAP IDES Client 800 Project Duration: Start Date & Month End Date & Month Employment Type: Full Time Note: Fresh Graduates are excluded from Employment. You can just say Full Time since you have spent long hours in Configuring your SAP IDES System. Do not worry about Employment. Project Location: Bangalore Onsite or Offsite Note: If you are using Online SAP Server through SAP Server Providers then mention it as Onsite. If you are using SAP IDES Installed in External Hard Drive or PCs Laptop/Desktop then mention it as Offline. Project Details: Give the full detail of your Project. You need to mention about the SAP Module, its Scope, Version of SAP etc. Role: Solution Architect, Domain Expert, Project lead, Module Lead Note: if you are Technical Graduate/Post Graduate then you can give Solution Architect or Project Lead. If you are Functional Graduate/Post Graduate then you can give Module Lead or Solution Architect. Role Description: SAP Financials Application Associate Consultant or SAP Controlling Application Associate (you can give this Role name if you are certified in SAP FI or CO. If you are not certified in SAP FI or CO, then you can mention SAP Financials Consultant Application Configuration or SAP Controlling Consultant Application Configuration. Team Size: 1 or more than 1 if you have done your configuration Online along with your SAP Friends via Groups/ Forums/Community. Skills Used: SAP, SAP Financials or SAP Controlling, F&A (SAP). This is not a Fake Experience. This relates to your Self Practice Project Session in SAP IDES. SAP IDES is Powerful Software for Fresh Graduates. Do not ignore SAP IDES Self Practice. Of course this is not a Real time Project. But its a Basic Implementation Project which is essential for every beginner especially Fresh Graduates. Note: Target Audiences are Fresh Graduates both Certified and Non- Certified Freshers. If you have passion for SAP then you can follow this idea and see the magic. Three Steps for Success Go OnGo OnGo On
By Miss. Pramila Nagaraj, SAP Financials Associate Certified Consultant Fresher/Trainee Certified Candidate of SourceOne Mangement Services Pvt. Ltd, Banaglore

2013 Copy Rights Reserved SourceOne Management Services Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore