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OBEJECTIVE "s#i$in! %o$ a chall&n!in! #osi ion in a hi!hly #$o%&ssional and &s &&m&d o$!ani'a ion (h&$& I can )s& my &chnical &*#&$ is& o &nhanc& my #$od)c i+i y as an indi+id)al and h&$& ,y ha o% h& o$!ani'a ion. EXPERIENCE SUMMARY "$o)nd -.. y&a$s o% &*#&$i&nc& in /&l&com Ind)s $y. 0a+in! &*#&$i&nc& o% 1M2 3 4lo,al N12 o#&$a ion and main &nanc&s. 5no(l&d!& o% 2o$& and 56I #&$%o$manc& analysis o% NSS N& (o$k &l&m&n . 0a+& so)nd E*#&$ is& in $o),l&shoo in!7%a)l $&c i%ica ion o% 8SS7NSS &n i i&s. S $on! conc&# o% 4SM &chnolo!y. Skill&d a l&a$nin! n&( conc&# s 9)ickly.

EXPERIENCE DETAILS 6$&s&n ly (o$kin! as 4NS2 En!in&&$ (i h Nokia Siemens Networks India Pvt. Ltd. %$om "#$. 2::9- /ill Da &. 0a+& (o$k&d as ;&sid&n ial En!in&&$ (i h ZTE Telecom (I) Pvt. Ltd. %$om No+. 2::7- "#$. 2::9. 0a+& <o$k&d (i h Di vi!a" #omm$nication as a /&l&com En!in&&$ %$om =an. 2::7 o 1c . 2::7. PROFESSIONAL PROFICIENCY l&+&l. So%tware Skill& 2++ B >8B SE? 9)&$y 3 Sc$i# in!. 2i $i*B NE/"NB /EMS 8.:.1B M"6 INF1 ool. <indo(s &n+i$onm&n B 0/M?B MS 1%%ic&. '$nctional& >alida ion and analysis o% S(i ch 56I da a,as& and c)s om&$ $&#o$ s. 2on%i!)$a ionB Ins alla ion and 2ommissionin! 3 "/ o% 8SS &n i i&s A@/E &9)i#m&n +i'. 8/SB 8S2 and N15I" 8/SD. 6$&#a$in! &chnical doc)m&n sB ;oo 2a)s& "nalysis o loca & 3 $&mo+& h& %a)l occ)$$&d in h& n& (o$k. /$o),l&shoo in! o% /&chnical #$o,l&ms occ)$$in! in 8SS7NSS. 2h&ckin! day o day and (&&kly #&$%o$manc& o% N& (o$k &l&m&n s A2o$& 3 8SSD. 6$&#a$&d #&$%o$manc& da a,as& %o$ analysis o% n& (o$k &l&m&n s. 4ood kno(l&d!& in h& #$ac ical as#&c s o% h& sys &m &s#&cially o% 8/SB 8S2. Da a,as& Ins alla ionB con%i!)$a ion and )# !$ada ion o% n& (o$k ools. 6&$%o$manc& analysis and +alida ion %o$ S(i ch 56I. NSS o#&$a ion and $o),l&shoo in! incl)din! MS27>?;. @/E 4SM 8SS71M2-; A8/SB 8S2 3 /2C In &!$a ion 3 13MD @/E 3 Nokia 8SS El&m&n commissionin!. 8asic kno(l&d!& o% SS7 si!nalin! and I6B ;o) &$B S(i ch con%i!)$a ion a ,&!inn&$

6os #$oc&ssin! o% h& coll&c &d da a A;&#o$ 3 66/ 6$&#a$a ionD. 0a+& kno(l&d!& a,o) ;o) &$ and S(i ch con%i!)$a ion.

PROJECT EXPERIENCE 1$!ani'a ion : =o, /i l& 6&$iod 6$oH&c : : : Nokia Siemens Networks India Pvt. Ltd. 4NS2 En!in&&$ "#$. 2::9 G /ill Da & (oda%one India AMSD

2)$$&n ly my $&s#onsi,ili y incl)d&s l&adin! h& &am %o$ moni o$in! and analy'in! co$& 56IIs as a 4NS2 En!in&&$ %o$ NSS. In NSN I am analy'in! and +alida in! h& #&$%o$manc& o% s(i ch 56IIs )sin! N& (o$k da a,as& and $&#o$ s. 6$o+idin! s)##o$ ,y coo$dina in! (i h >oda%on& MS and non-MS ci$cl&. Project Activity: 2oo$dina in! (i h &ams o $&sol+& h& n& (o$k %a)l (i hin S?" %o$ 2o$&. Moni o$in! 3 analy'in! h& S(i ch 56IIs h$o)!h N& (o$k da a,as&. >alida ion and analysis o% S(i ch 56I da a,as& and c)s om&$ $&#o$ s. "cc&# in! h& N&( /asks %$om cli&n 3 ci$cl& &ams. Daily NSS 0&al h ch&ck)#. Makin! $&nd analysis h$o)!h s(i ch $&#o$ s. 4&n&$a in! >?;B 0?; $&la &d $&#o$ Is di$&c ly %$om NE 3 "naly'in! h& 6S;B ?C6 s)cc&ss $a &B 2S;B "S; and o# imi'a ion %o$ sam&. 4&n&$a ion o% ;a( da a h$o)!h ES1F?EJ s&$+&$ )sin! sc$i# s and *ml 9)&$y. 4&n&$a ion o% #&$%o$manc& $&#o$ s +i'. Daily 3 <&&kly $&#o$ s %o$ moni o$in! h& 5&y S a is ics. "nalysisB id&n i%ica ion and $&sol) ion o% #$o,l&m a$&as )sin! n& (o$k $&#o$ s 3 handlin! c)s om&$Is #$o,l&m (i h #$o#&$ co o$dina ion (i h ci$cl& &ams (i hin S?". 2$&a in! a) oma ion %o$ n&( $&#o$ s and S(i ch 56IIs. "naly'in! h& 56IIs h$o)!h M"J FI?/E; ;E61;/. Csin! NE/"N ools o &* $ac h& $a( da a %o$ Si&m&ns s(i ch&s7Nod&. 2h&ckin! and analy'in! h& call com#l& ion and %indin! o) h& #$o,l&ms in call com#l& ion and $o),l&shoo in! +a$io)s #$o,l&ms in loca ion )#da &B "S; and +a$io)s s(i ch 56IIs. ZTE Telecom India Pvt. Ltd. 8SS 3 1M2; En!in&&$ No+. 2::7 G "#$. 2::9 )eliance *S+ 2&n $al AM6D

1$!ani'a ion : =o, /i l& 6&$iod 6$oH&c : : :

I ha+& (o$k&d %o$ @/E /&l&com as a 8SS &n!in&&$. In @/E I am moni o$in! and ch&ckin! o% #&$%o$manc& o% ;adio "cc&ss. My $&s#onsi,ili i&s incl)d& $&#o$ in! o h& a$&a mana!&$ and (o$kin! as a #a$ o% &am. ;&so)$c& and ask sch&d)lin! chan!& mana!&m&n B man#o(&$ d&#loym&n 7 d&+&lo#m&n 3 &am m&& in!s %o$ $&+i&(in! #$o!$&ss o% #$oH&c . Project Activity: En!a!&d in 1M2; o#&$a ion incl)din! si & c$&a ionB $&sol+in! n& (o$k %a)l B )#!$ada ion. Moni o$in! s a s ,&%o$& and a% &$ h& ac i+i i&s.

<as $&s#onsi,l& %o$ S<"6 %$om M1/1;1?" o @/EB 2ommissionin! o% n&( N& (o$k El&m&n s. S)#&$+is&d h& 2ommissionin! o% @/E 8/SB 8S2B /2C %o$ c&n $al $&!ion. 2ommissionin! o% 8as& S a ion 2on $oll&$.

"cc&# anc& /&s o% h& all 8/S si & and 8S2s. 2on%i!)$in! da a,as& o% +a$io)s n& (o$k &l&m&n s lik& 8as& $ansc&i+&$ s a ionB 8as& s a ion con $oll&$B /$an cod&$. E*#ansion o% 8S27Si &72&ll as #&$ $&9)i$&m&n . "naly'in! 3 /$o),l&shoo in! o% +a$io)s "la$ms o$i!ina &d a di%%&$&n n& (o$k &n i i&s. Fa)l $&sol) ion mana!&m&n . 2oo$dina in! h& &ams as #&$ (o$k and ak& $&!)la$ )#da &. Di vi!a" #omm$nication /&l&com En!in&&$ =an. 2::7 - 1c . 2::7

1$!ani'a ion : =o, /i l& 6&$iod : :

"s a /&l&com En!in&&$ I (as $&s#onsi,l& %o$ (hol& 8SS (o$k o% @/E and N15I" sys &ms !i+&n o com#any %o$ )eliance and Airtel #$oH&c . "lso I ha+& don& ;F (o$k ,y coo$dina in! my &am. I (as mainly in+ol+&d in ins alla ion and in &!$a ion o% @/E and Nokia 8/S. Project Activity: S)#&$+is&d h& ins alla ion o% 8as& /$ansc&i+&$ S a ion and 8as& S a ion 2on $ol o% ZTE as (&ll as Nokia sys &ms. "lso ch&ckin! %o$ s(a##in! o% an &nna and coo$dina & &am %o$ sam&. 6a chin! ,& (&&n (o si &s. 0a+in! !ood kno(l&d!& o% si & mas &$7#o(&$ m& &$ %o$ >S<; m&as)$&m&n and #o(&$ cali,$a ion. 2a$$yin! o) chan!&s in #a$am& &$s o% 2&llsB 8as& $ansc&i+&$ s a ionB 8as& s a ion con $oll&$ %o$ N& (o$k o# imi'a ion. 6&$%o$min! $o),l&shoo in! %o$ N15I" and @/E 8/S. 5no(l&d!& o% 4SM 2hann&ls and %)ndam&n al.

TRAINING EXPERIENCE Pro%essional Trainin " &nd&d a <o$ksho# #$o+id&d ,y Nokia Siemens Networks (I) Pvt Ltd %o$ 8)sin&ss E*c&ll&nc& and S&$+ic&s. Cnd&$!on& a $ainin! #$o!$am #$o+id&d ,y Nokia Siemens Networks (I) Pvt Ltd %o$ Mas &$in! in 2o$& N& (o$k incl)din! NSS o#&$a ion. A"(a$d Soli) ion %$om NSND Cnd&$!on& a $ainin! #$o!$am #$o+id&d ,y ZTE Telecom India Pvt Ltd %o$ Ins alla ion 3 2ommissionin! o% 8/SB 8S2. Cnd&$!on& a $ainin! #$o!$am #$o+id&d ,y ZTE Telecom India Pvt Ltd %o$ SS7 si!nalin! and I6 &chnolo!y incl)din! ;o) &$ 3 S(i ch con%i!)$a ion. Cnd&$!on& a $ainin! #$o!$am #$o+id&d ,y ADA #ell$lar works India Pvt Ltd %o$ 4SM /&chnolo!y 3 ;F 6lannin!. Cnd&$!on& a 15 days $ainin! #$o!$am #$o+id&d ,y ,SNL %o$ <o$kin! Sys &m o% /&l&#hon& E*chan!&. -nder one


Cnd&$!on& $ainin! on =a+a /&chnolo!y %$om AL+ So%tware .har one(+P). Cnd&$!on& a $i!o$o)s $ainin! on <i$&l&ss /&chnolo!y a TNS(Telecom Network Sol$tions)/ Noida.

ACADEMIC PROFILE E0amination 8.E.AEl&*.3 2omm.D 0i!h&$ S&conda$y 0i!h School PERSONAL PROFILE 'ather5s Name Date o% ,irth Se0 Lan $a es .nown Pass6ort N$m7er 8o77ies Nationalit" Permanent Address Phone N$m7er Da &: 6lac&: M$. ;amakan MahaHan 29 h MayB 1985 Mal& 0indiB En!lish G1434237 ?is &nin! son!sB N& S)$%in!. Indian 82B 5)nda Na!a$ 2olonyB 8is an ;oad 5ha$!on& AM.6.D :7282 2.1722 -niversit" 1 ,oard ;.4.6.>. 8ho#al M 6 8oa$d M 6 8oa$d #olle e 1 School =.I./.B 8o$a(an AM.6.D D.".0.S.S 5ha$!on& AM.6.D S.>.M. 5ha$!on& AM.6.D 2 3% +arks 71.2K 77.1K 7:.6K 4ear 2::6 2::2 2:::

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