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Useful Shabar Mantras for different purposes

Attain Siddhis yourself - Be Powerful

There is not doubt in the Shabar Mantra given here to attain Siddhis but you are requested to follow the instructions given by Swamiji. To attain Siddhis, it is important for you to be holy and clean by heart. Get sure-shot-success and Serve the humanity. Please consult with Swamiji to proceed further anyway. Trying to attain Siddhi for a malefic purpose may put you into dire consequences. Stay in the holy feet of the Supreme Almighty.


La-ilaha il-lal-lah Hazrat veer ki saltnat ko salam Vee aazam jer jal mashwal kar Teri janjir se kaun kaun chale Baavan bharon chalen Chausath yogini chalen Dev chalen, vishesh chalen Hanumant ki hank chale Narsingh ki dhak chale Nahi chale to suleman ke bakht ki duhai Ak lakh assi hazar pir paigambar ki duhai Meri bhakti guru ki shakti Phuro mantr ishwarovacha. Do not perform this Sadhna alone. Start it from Thursday or Friday. Sit facing towards the West direction and put on

white clothes. Japa ten rosary-cycle daily. Remember that when you are in Sadhna, Loban must be burning. It will get activated in twelve days. When Veer give you the vision, talk to him and take promises according to your wish. Warning: Do not try to harm anybody. Veer is one of the most powerful male energy in Islam. He might get angry in doing adverse activity. It may cause you dire consequences in future. Use to save or serve humanity will get definite success.

Soh chakr ko bavdi Daal motiyan ka har Padm niyani neekri Lanka kare nihar Lanka so kot samudra si khaai Chale chauki hanumant veer ki duhai Kaun kaun veer chale Mardana veer chale Sawa haath zameen ko sokhant karna Jal ka sokhant karna Pay ka sokhant karna Pawan ka sokhant karna Laag ko sokhant karna Choodi ko sokhant karna Palna ko, bhoot ko, paleet ko, Apne vari ko sokhant karna Mewt upat bhaki chadra kale nahin Chalti pawan madan sutal kare Mata ka dudh haram kare Shabd sancha phuro mantra ishwaro wacha

Start chanting this mantra from Thursday and japa one rosary-cycle daily. Loban must be burning in Sadhna time. Veer will give his vision in 21 days. Ask him to do whatever you want.








Shabar Mantras are very powerful and easy to use for all whether he/she has no tantra back-ground. Just medidate AUM for three minutes, remember your deity and work on them. If you have any question in your mind, Feel free to CONTACT US.

Mantras 1. SHANTIKARAN : These mantras deal with the cure of diseases and warding off the malefic effects of the planets. One example will be of no use as there is different mantra for different disease. 2. VASHIKARAN : Through these mantras one can put under one's control any woman, man, officer, minister, devta, soul, animal, etc. and can fulfill your wishes. "Om namo sarvlok vashikaraye kuru kuru swaha". 3. STAMBHAN : These mantras are used to stop all the persons, souls, devtas, etc. from doing any harm to you. "Om namah bhagvate shatrunam budhi stambam kuru kuru swaha". 4. VIDESHAN : these mantras are used for creating differences between two or many individuals. "Om namo nardaya amukasya amuken seh vidheshna kuru kuru swaha". 5. UCHATAN : These mantras deal with distraction of the mind of the enemy so that they may remain away from their country, birthplace, residence, work and family members. It is also used if the sadhak wants aperson to remain at war with others. "Omshareem shareem shareem swaha". 6. MARAN : These are death inflicting mantras through which you can kill anybody at any distance without disclosing your identity. To avoid it's harmful use it is not been given. VASHIKARAN MANTRAS (1) Vashi Karan Mantra(Use of Supari):--- Supari (Used in betel) should be infused 108 times with this mantra. Whosoever is offered this supari and eats it, will be under your control. It is best to take sweet supari packets duly infused and kept with you for use. Mantra: "Om Dev namo Hrarye tha tha Swaha" (2) Use of fruits:--- The mantra shoud be recited ten thousand times to attain siddhi. After than take any good fruit and infuse it with mantra 108 times. Whosoever will take the fruit will remain under your control. Mantra: "Om Hareeng Mohini Swaha" (3) Use of water:--- Rise early in the morning and after your ablutions purify the water with 7 mantras and with the name of the person required to be brought under your control. Drink this water. Repeat for 21 days. The person concerned will be under your control. Mantra: "Om Chimi chimi Swaha" ----Note: This mantra too can be used to control the enemy. Procure 7 red chillies with branch. Light a fire. Recite the above mantra adding name of the enemy before the word "Swaha" and put one chilly in the fire. Repeat 7 times for 11 or 21 days. For enemy this should be started on Tuesday or Saturday. (4) Mohammadan mantra:---Mantra: "Eena etevena shetan meri shakal ban Amuk ke pas jana oose mere pass lana, nahi to teri bahan par teen so teen talak" -------Stand naked on the wrong side of the cot, take Gur in your hand and recite 121 times. Keep Gur under the cot and sleep during the night. In the morning, the Gur should be distributed among the boys. Replace the name of the lady in place of word Amuk in the mantra. The lady will approach within 7 days. (5) To control husband:---Ladies can use this mantra to control their husbands who have gone astray, those who do not cooperate and are our of control. This mantra too can be used to control enemies, opponents, superiors

and others. Mantra: "Om namo maharyakshaya Mam Pati me Vashya kuru kuru Swaha"----Recite the mantra 108 times duly performing Homa. the articels used in such mantra must be infused with recitation 7 times with above mantra and given to the husband to eat to control him. (6) Kam Gayatri Mantra:---This Kam gayatri mantra is most effective. Mantra: "Om Manohhavay Vidahe Kandpye demahi Tantra Kama Parchodyat" --- Recite this mantra 1.25 lacs times to attain siddhi and to appease Kam Devta. After that use this mantra for any lady who will be infatuated and remain satisfied under your control. (7) Kamakhya Vashikaran Mantra:---A most effective mantra . This mantra is be recited one lakh times for siddhi. Replace the name of the lady or person instead of word Amuk in mantra. Mantra: "Om Namo Kamakshi Devi Aamuki me Vansham Kuru Kuru Swaha" ---After attaining siddhi of this mantra use any of the following methods and articels etc., which can be exorcised 108 times by the above mantra and the desired results are obtained. (a) Take out dust from all nails of the hands, feet and nose on sunday. Exorcise and then give to lady or any person to eat in bettel leaf. (b) Make a powder of Kakjanga, Kesar, Mausli and Tagar. Exorcise 108 times with above mantra. Preserve the powder and put on the forehead of the the lady or any person who will become in infatuated with you. (c) Procure on sunday flowers, leaves root, trunk and branch of black datura tree or plant. Mix in them kesar, Camphor and Gorochan. Make a powder of all. Exorcise the same 108 times. Put Tilak on the forehead and go before the lady or any person, who will be subjected to Vashikaran.

By: Swamiji:--

Powerful Vashikaran Mantras for Love-Spell Vashikaran Mantras are used to control someone. It is highly recommended not to misuse them. Malefic intentionally use brings no result. Love is God but Lust is Shaitaan. Use for Love not for Lust. Always prefer humanity. 1. The Mantra: --OM HUM ....(BELOVED NAME)...MAY VASHYAM KURU KURU SWAHA. -- Use name of the desired person, whom to control in place of "Beloved name". Japa 21 rosary cycle and perform Dashansh Homan after that. It will make powerful Vashikaran. This mantra can be used to control both males and females. 2. The Mantra: --OM HRIM SAH:-- The mantra attains power if japa one lac times on Holi or any eclipse. Duly put the hair of the desired lady, whom to control, before you and japa the mantra one lac times. The lady will be under your control. 3. The Mantra: -- OM NAMOH KAT VIKAT GHOR RUPINI ...(BELOVED NAME)... SAY VASHMANAY SWAHA -- Start chanting it from Tuesday or Sunday only. Before taking the food, chant the mantra 1108 times and get the food energized. After that eat the food keeping Picture/Name of the lady, whom to cast love-spell on. Soon, the lady will be with you forever. 4. The Mantra: -- OM KSHAN KSHAM KSHAH SAU H H SAH: THAH: THAH: THAH: THAH: SWAHA -Japa this mantra 21000 times and make the food energized. Eat this food keeping your wish to control the desired person with his/her photo in your mind. He/She will soon be under your control.

5. Husband Vashikaran (Tika Vashikaran): The mantra: -- OM KAAM MALINI TH: TH: SWAHA -- Mix pure gorochan with Pit of the fish and make it energized chanting the mantra 1108 times. Duly put the Tilak/Tika on your forehead. Your husband will be under your control to love you forever. 6. Vashikaran using Paan: The Mantra: -- OM NAMOH BHAGWATI CHAMUNDA MAHAHRIDAY KAMPINI SWAHA -- If a Desi Paan, energized with this mantra 108 times is given to eat a person (Male/Female), he/she will soon be with you forever. 7. The mantra: -- ALLAH BEECH HATHELI KE MUHAMMAD BEECH KAPAR, USKA NAAM MOHINI, JAGAT MOHE SANSAAR, MOH KARE JO MOR MAAR OOSE BAAYEN BAAR DAAR, JO NA MANE MOHAMMAD PAIGAMBAR KI AAN, US PAR MOHAMMAD MERA RASULULAH-- Take the sand of left foot of the lady, whom to control. Make this sand energized chanting this mantra 41 times and anyway throw it on the head of the lady. She will get attracted not to anywhere without you. 8. Vashikaran by Japa: The Mantra: -- JHAM JHAM JHAM HAAM HAAM HAAM HAIM HAIM HAIM -Duly japa 21 rosary cycle daily using dhup and agarbatti keeping the picture of the desired person in your mind or before you. There will be powerful Vashikaran or love-spell. 9. Vashikaran to bring person back: The mantra: -- OM NAMOH BHAGWATE RUDRAYE A-DRISHTI LEKHI NAHAR: SWAHA DUHAI KANSASUR KI JOOT JOOT PHURA MANTRA ISHWARO WACHA -Take a cloth of the desired person whom to bring back. Get this cloth energized with this mantra 108 times and keep it with you. Do it for 11 days. The person will come back to love you forever. 10. Vashikaran to bring lover back: The mantra: -- OM NAMOH AADI RUPAY ....(BELOVED NAME)...AKARSHANAM KURU KURU SWAHA -- Keep the desired person's picture in your mind or before you. Take some blood from your finger and write the name of the person on un-broken bhojpatra with the pen of Kaner. Get this bhojpatra energized by the mantra 1108 times and dip it in the Honey for 21 days. The person away, will come back to you. Send your queries at: or CLICK HERE.

Videshan Mantras Videshan Mantras are used to create fight, hot arguments or great misunderstandings betweeen the two persons. It begets adverse effects of Vashikaran, hate and ultimately separation of two individuals. Videshan is particularly used to get rid of an enemy. It should not be used to meet our malefic demands related to marriage, divorce or more. Some Videshan shabar mantras are being given here for your uses. Please use them for the welfare of humanity and yourself. --1-Barah sarson terah raai Yaar ki mari mashan ki chhaai Parhkar marun kar dalwar Amuka kudhai n dekhe amuk ka dwar Meri bhakti guru ki shakti Phuro mantr ishwaro wacha

Satyanaam adesh guru ka When it is supposed to use this mantra, take Raai, Sarson and ashes of graveyard (Shamshaan) and give 1008 ahuti in a yajna. Take wood of Aak. From the Homan, put some ashes at the place, where to grow enemy to one-another.

Shanti Karam Mantras for protection and more Shanti Karam Mantras are used for protection or removal of Black Magic, Tona-Totka, Occult, KiyaKraya, and other ilms or doshas. Some useful Shanti Karam Shabar Mantras are being given here for you. Use for the welfare of humanity. Do not try to misuse. You may have to face dire consequences.

Hazrat Paigambar Ali ki Chowki (In English) Yahi saar saar saar Jinn dev pari navskamphaar

Ak ko khaye dusre ko phaar Chahun aur amiya pasaar Malayak as char Duhai dastakhe zibraail Baaeen ve khaibhi kaeeil Daaeen dasn dasn Husain peeth khade khei Aamil kaleje rakhe izraail Duhai Muhammad alilah ilah ki Kangoor lillah ki khaai Hazrat paigambar ali ki chowki Nakht Muhammad rasulillah ki duhai. This is one of the best pretection Islamic mantra. Read it seven times and clap before starting a task. A circle can be drawn in Shamshan Sadhna or other tantra practices. Also can be used to jhara of an ill after reading seven times.

By: Guruji

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The Most Powerful Maran Shabar Mantras A mantra, that is used to kill someone or to give troubles equivalent to death is known as Maran Mantra. These mantras are generally used to take revenge. Maran mantras are prohibited in its common uses. These are used as ultimate weapons to destroy or to severely punish the enemy. These mantras are basically used in selfprotection against such bad supernatural powers or powerful enemies whom we cannot defeat in general. Someone who is supposed to kill by a heavy bad supernatural power can use it to destroy him/her using Maran mantra. Further, someone who is being harassed badly quite against the humanity using evil ways, may use maran mantra to destroy his enemy to death. It is capital punishment given to the enemy. These mantras are not being published here for keeping moral duties in view but if someone needs them badly to save himself, he can download them after paying an amount of $251USD. These mantras are written in Hindi and English as well so that everybody may read and understand them easily. You will get them in as a pdf file just after the checkout.

The file will start downloading just after the payment is made through paypal. You will need a password to open the file. The password will be provided by us. CLICK HERE to get the file or password via Email. We are very grateful to our valuable member Ms. Sujatha Ram who has sent us these "Dus Mahavidya Shabar Mantras" in the interest of humanity so that everyone who visits here may use them to bring his/her dreams

come true. We really appreciate her for this co-operation and wish her that the Supreme Almighty makes her successful in all respects. May God bless her with happiness and joy everywhere! Dus Mahavidya Shabar Mantras 1. Prathama Jyoti Mahakali Pragatli (Mahakali) Om niranjan nirakar avgat purush tat saar, tat saar madhye jyot, jyot madhye paramjayot, paramjayot madhye utpann bhai, mata shambhu shivani kali, O kali, kali mahakali, krishan varni, shav vahini, rudra ki poshni, haath khappar khadang dhari, gale mundmaal, hans mukhi. Jivha jwala dant kali. Madya maans kari, shamshan ki rani. Maans khave rakt-pi-pive. Bhasmanti maai, jahan par paai tahan lagaai. Sat ki naati dharam ki beti, indra ki Sali, kaal ki kali, jog ki jogin, nagon ki nagin, mann mane to sang ramai nahi to shamshan phire akeli. Char veer asht bhairi, ghor kali, aghor kali, ajar bajar amar kali, bhakh joon nirbhay kali balaa bhakh, dusht ko bhakh, kaal bhakh papi pakhandi ka bhakh, jati sati ko rakh, Om kali tum bala na vraddha, dev na danav, nar ya nari, deviji tum to ho prabrahma kali. Kreem Kreem Kreem hoom hoom hreem hreem dakshine hoom hoom hreem hreem kreem kreem kreem swaha.

2. Dwitiya jyoti tara Trikuta Totla Pragati (TARA). Om aadi yog anadi maya jahan par brahmand utpann bhaya. Brahmand samaya akash mandal tara trikuta totla mata teeno basai braham kapali, jahan par brahma, vishnu, mahesh utpatti, suraj mukh tape chandra mukh amiras pive, agni mukh jale, aad kunwari haath khadag, gal mundmal murda maar upar khadi devi tara. Neeli kaya, peeli jata, kali dant jivya dabaya. Ghor tara, aghor tara, doodh poot ka bhandar bhara. Panch mukh kare ha ha % % kara, dankini, shakini, bhoot palita sau sau kos door bhagaya. Chandi tara phire brahmandi, tum to ho teen lok ki janni. Om hreem shreem phat, om aim hreem shreem hoom phat.

3. Tritiya jyoti tripur sundari pragti (SHODSHITRIPUR SUNDARI) Om niranjan nirakar avdhoo mool dwar mai bandh lagai, pawan palte gagan samaai, jyoti madhye jyot le sthir ho bhai om madhya: utpann bhai ugra tripura sundari shakti aavo shiv ghar baitho, mann unmann, budh siddh chitt mai bhaya naad. Teeno ek tripur sundari bhaya prakash. haath chaap shar dhar ek haath ankush. Trinetra abhay mudra yog bhog ki mokshadayini. Eida, Pingla Sushmna devi nagan jogan tripur sundari. Ugra bala, rudra bala, teeno brahmapuri mai bhaya ujiyala. Yogi ke ghar jogan bala, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv ki mata. Shreem hreem kleem aim saum hreem shreem km aeel hreem hans kahal hreem sakal hreem so: aim kleem hreem shreem.

4. Chaturth jyoti bhuvneshwari pragti (Bhuvneshwari) Om aadi jyot aanadi jyot, jyot madhye pram jyot-param jyot madhye shiv gayatri bhai utpann, om pratah samay utpann bhai devi Bhuvneshwari. Bala sundri kar dhar var pashaankush annpurni doodhpoot bal de balka riddhi siddhi bhandar bhare, balkana bal de jogi ko amar kaya. Chaudah bhuwan ka rajpat sambhala kate rog yogi ka, dusht ko musht, kaal kantak maar. Yogi bankhand vaasa, sada sang rahe bhuvneshwari mata. hreem

5. Pancham jyoti chhinmasta pragti (Chhinmasta) Sat ka dharm sat ki kaya, brahma agni mein yog jamaya. Kaya tapaye jogi(shiv gorkha) baita, naabh kamal par chhinmasta, chander soor mein upji sushumni devi, trikuti mahal mein phire bala sundri, tan ka munda haath mein linha, dahine haath mein khappar dharya. Pee pee peewe rakht, barse trikut mastak par agni prajali,, shwet warni mukt kesha kaichi dhaari. Devi uma ki shakti chhaya, parlayi khaye srishti saari. Chandi, chandi phire brahmandi bhak bhak bala bhak dusht ko musht jati, sati ko rakh, yogi ghar jogan baiti, Shri shambhujati gorakhnaath jee ne bhaki. Chhinmasta japo jaap, paap kantante aapo aap jo jogi kare sumiran paap punay se nyara rahe. Kaal naa khaaye. Shreem kali hreem ainm wjar wairo chneeye hoom hoom phat swaha.


Shashtam jyoti Bhairvi Pragti (Bhairvi)

Om sati Bhairvi Bhairo kaal yam jaane yam bhoopal teen netar tara trikuti, gale mein mala mundan ki. Abhay mudra peeye rudhir nashwanti. Kala khappar haath khanjar, kalapeer dharm dhoop khewante waasna gai satwe patal, satew patal madhye paramtatv mein jot, jot mein param jot, Param jot mein bhai utpann kaal bhairvi, tripur bhairavi, sampat prada bhairavi, kaulesh bhairvi, siddha bhairvi, vindhvansini bhairavi, chaitany bhairavi, kameshwari bhairavi, shatkuta bhairavi, nitya bhairavi. Jpa ajpa goraksh japnti yahi mantar matsyendranaath jee ko Sada Shiv ne kahayi. Riddh phooro shiddh phooro sat shri shambhujati guru gorakshnaath jee annat koti siddha le utregi kaal ke paar, bhairavi bhairavi khadi jin sheesh par, door haate kaal janjaal bhairavi mantar baikunt waasa. Amar lok mein hua niwasa. Om hastro hasklro hastro.

7. Saptam jyoti dhoomavati pragati (dhoomavati) Om patal niranjan nirakaar, aakash mandal dhundhukaar, aakash disha se kaun aayi, kaun rath kaun aswaar, aakash disha se dhoomavanti aayi, kaak dhwaja ka rath asvaar thare dharti thare aakash, vidhwa roop lambe haath, lambhi naak kutil netra dushta swabhav, damroo baaje bhdarkali, kalesh kalah kalratri. Danka dankni kaal kit kita haasy kari. Jeev rakshante jeev bhakshante jaya jeeya aakash tera hoye. Dhoomavantipuri mein vaas, na hoti devi na dev tahaan na hoti pooja na paati tahaan na hoti jaat na jati tab aaye shri shambhujati guru gorakshnath aap bhai ateet. Om dhoom dhoom dhoomavati fat swaha.

8. Ashtam jyoti baglamukhi pragti (Baglamukhi) Om so so suta samundar tapu, tapu mein thapa sinhasan peela. Sinhasan peele upper kaun baise sinhasan peela upper baglamukhi baise, baglamukhi ke kaun sangi kaun saathi. Kachhi bachhi kaak-kutiya-swan chidiya, om bagla bala haath mugdar maar, shatru hariday par swar tiski jeevha khichche bala. Baglamukhi marni karni uchchatan dharni, anant koti. Om harileem brahamastrayen vidmahe stmbhanbanaaye dheemhi tanno bagla prachodyaat.

9. Navmi jyoti matangi pragti (matangi) On gurujee shunya shunya mahashunya mein onkaar omkaar mein shivam shivam mein shakti-shakti aptne uhaj aapo aapna, shubhay mein dhaam kamal mein vishraam, aasan baithi, sihaansan baithi pooja poojo maatngi bala, sheesh par shashi amiras pyala haath khadag neeli kaya. Balla par asvari ugar unmat mudradhari, ud guggul paan supaari, kheere khande madya maanse ghrit kunde sarvangdhari. Bund matren kadva pyala, maatangi mata tripyante. Om maatngi sundri, roopvanti, kaamdevi, dhanvanti, dhandati, annpurni anndaati, maatangi jaap mantar jape kaal ka tum kaal ko khaye. Tiski raksha shambhujti guru gorakshnaath jee kare. Om harem kaleem hoom matange fat swaha

10. Dasvi jyoti kamla pragti Om ayoni shankar omkar roop, kamla devi sati parvati ka savroop. Haath mein sone ka kalash mukh se abhay mudra. Shwet varn seva pooja kare, narad indra. Devi devatya ne kiya jai onkaar. Kamla devi poojo keshar paan supari, chakmak cheeni phatri til guggal sahstr kamlon ka kiya hawan. Kahe gorakh, mantar japo jaap japo riddhi siddhi ki pahchaan ganga gaurja parvati jaan. Jiski teen lok mein bhaya maan. Kamla devi ke charan kamal ko aadesh. Om hareem kaleem kamla devi fat swaha: Suno parvati hum matsyender poota, aadinath naati, hum shiv swaroop ulti thapna thapi yogi ka yog, das vidhya shakti jano, jiska bhed shiv shankar hee payo. Shiddh yog maram jo jaane virla tisko prsann bhayi mahakalika. Yogi yog nitay kare pratay use varad bhuvneshvari mata. Sidhasan siddh, bhaya shmshani tiske sang baiti baglamukhi. Jogi khad darshan ko kar jaani, khul gaya tala brahmand bhairvi. Nabhi sthane udiyyaan bandhi Manipur chakar mein baiti, chhinmasta rani. Omkar dhayan lagya trikuti, pragti tara bala sundri. Patal jogan (kundlini) gagan ko chadi, jahaan par paithi tripur sundry, Aalas modey, nindra tode tiski rakhsha devi dhoomavanti kare. Hansa jaye daswen dware devi maatangi ka aavagman khoje. Jo kamla devi kee dhooni chetaye tiski riddhi siddhi se bhandar bhare. Jo dashvidha ka sumiran kare, paap punay se nyara rahe. Yog abhyaas se bhaye siddha aavagman nivrate. Mantar pade so nar amar lok mein jaaye. Itna das mahavidhya mantar jaap sampooran bhaya. Annat kot siddhon mein, godavari trayambak kshetar anupaan sheela, avalgad parvat par baith shri shambhujati guru gorakshnaath jee ne pad kath kar sunaya shri naathji guruji ko aadesh . Aadesh.

Aaytul Kursi and useful other Shrifs BISMILLAH-HIR-RAHMAN-NIR-RAHIM (Once in the starting) LA-ILAHA IL-LAL-LAHO MOHAMMADUR RASU-LUL-LAH SAL-LAL-LAHO ALEHE VASALLAM (111 times or more, Good if done by Haqiq rosary.) ALLAH-HU-AKBAR (three times at the end)

Islam provide dead shot solution against Black Magic and other bad supernatural powers. Always remember that Only Allah-Pak, the Supreme Almighty or AUM is the only one to be worshipped. All the contents given here is too holy and respected. Read these with high respect for Allah-Pak. Do not read or chant these holy rites while you are unholy anyway particularly females in periods.

Aaytul Kursi in English: (Allahu la-ilaha illa huwal hayyul kayyoomu laa takhujuhu si na tuwam va laa naum lahu maa fiss-mavati va maa phil arzi man zallzi yash-fa-u in-dahu illa bee-iz-nihi ya-al-mu maa bai-na ai dihim va maa khal-pha hum va laa yuhitu na bishaim min ilmihi illa bima sha aa va see aa kursi yuhuss-mavati val arz va laa yau-duhoo hifzu huma va huwal aliyul azeem). ------------------------

Durud Shrif in English: (Alla humma salli ala muhammadiv va ala aale muhammadin kma sall-yta ala ibrahima va ala aale ibrahima innka hamidummjeed alla humma baarik ala muhammadiv va ala aale muhammadin kma barakta ala ibrahima va ala aale ibrahima innka hamidummjeed). ------------------------------------------------------------------Islamic Istikhara If you have any question in your mind, want to have the solution of any problem or have wish to know about failure or success, then here is the specific Islamic Prayer known as Islamic Istikhara. By using this system, one can get answer(s) of his question(s) in metaphysical dimension. CLICK HERE to know the procedure. Note:- This is an auto-powered successful useful system. Generally, at the time of going to bed, the result can be originated just after reading Durud Shrif and this prayer one time only. Shabar Mantras for Prevention from various diseases These shabar mantras are given here in the interest of humanity. Some ailments are very common and even so serious that you are not able to explain before anybody. You feel shy. Use appropriate mantra to protect yourself from the disease. Health is wealth. Pahla sukh nirogi kaya. Duja sukh dhan or maya. teeja sukh kulwanti nari. chautha sukh putra agyakari. Panchwa sukh parampd ka adhikari.



----------------------Progeny or no child Issues -1This shabar mantra is for those woman who anyhow are not able to have pregnancy. Use this mantra as directed and be benefitted. Om namoh kamru kamakhya devi

jal bandhu, jalwai bandhu, baandh du jal ke teer pancho doot kaluwa bandhu, bandhu hanumant veer sahdev ki anuva, arjun ka baan ravan ran ko thaam le, nahi to hanumant ki aan shabd sancha, pind kancha phuro mantra ishwarovacha. Make a Jhara of the lady chanting this mantra. Bring a red thread and now take the measurement of the lady from head to feet. Make 21 binds (gaanthe) on the thread chanting this mantra continuously and then give this energized thread to the affected lady to put on. BY God grace, she will be pregnant soon. -2This shabar mantra is for those ladies who bears still-child (dead child). The use of the mantra will stop this ill effect and you will get living child soon. Chhoti moti khappar, tu dharti kitna gun Jiyke bal kaat ku jan vigyan Dahini or hanuman rahe, baayi or cheel Chahun or raksha kare veer vanar neel Neel vanar ki bhakti lakhi na jaye Jehi kripa maritvatsa dosh na aaye Adesh kamru kamakhya maai ka Agya haadi dasi chandi ki duhai. To exorcise the affected lady, take the Kanta used to catch fishes and energized it with this mantra seven times, chanting this mantra and put that energized kanta in a Tabeej. Bind this tabeej around the back ( Kamar) of the lady. The lady will bear living child.

----------- Blowing nose------------

Om namoh adesh guru ka char aati, char ghati neekh neekh hai chaurasi ghati bahae neer bheejai cheer nath naak thami ho sree narsingh veer naak na thame to mata anjani ka piya dhoodh haraam kare meri bhakti, guru ji shakti phure mantra iswarovacha. Procedure: take some clean cotton and blow seven times on it reading this mantra. Duly apply this piece of cotton on the nose of the affected person. His/her blowing nose will get stopped.

Piliya Rog Om namoh adesh guru ka sree ram sar sadha lakshman sadha baan kala peela reeta neela thotha peela peela charon jhade to ramchander ji rahe naam meri bhakti, guru ki shakti phure mantra ishwarovacha. Procedure: Take some water in a utensil of bell-metal. Damp the neem leaves in mustard oil. Exorcise the affected person reading this mantra. Soon the person will feel better.

Aadha si-si rog Om namoh adesh guru ka kali chidi chig-chig kare dhauli aave vaase hare jati hanumant haank mare mathvaai aur aadha si-si naase meri bhakti, guru ki shakti phure mantra ishwarovacha. Procedure: Exorcise the affected person 21 times reading this mantra. Diseases like Aadha si-si or Mathvaai will get cured.

Insects in Animal (Pashu ka keeda) Om namoh keeda re tu kund kundala lal poonch tera mooh kala main toy boojha, kahan te aaya tu hi tune sabka khaya ab tu jaay, bhasm hoii jaay guru gorakh nath kare sahaay. Blowing nose Om namoh adesh guru ka char aati, char ghati neekh neekh hai chaurasi ghati bahae neer bheejai cheer nath naak thami ho sree narsingh veer naak na thame to mata anjani ka piya dhoodh haraam kare meri bhakti, guru ji shakti phure mantra iswarovacha.

Om namoh adesh guru ka char aati, char ghati neekh neekh hai chaurasi ghati bahae neer bheejai cheer nath naak thami ho sree narsingh veer naak na thame to mata anjani ka piya dhoodh haraam kare meri bhakti, guru ji shakti phure mantra iswarovacha. Procedure: take some clean cotton and blow seven times on it reading this mantra. Duly apply this piece of cotton on the nose of the affected person. His/her blowing nose will get stopped.

-------------Piliya Rog--------------Om namoh adesh guru ka sree ram sar sadha lakshman sadha baan kala peela reeta neela thotha peela peela charon jhade to ramchander ji rahe naam meri bhakti, guru ki shakti phure mantra ishwarovacha. Procedure: Take some water in a utensil of bell-metal. Damp the neem leaves in mustard oil. Exorcise the affected person reading this mantra. Soon the person will feel better.

--------------Aadha si-si rog---------------Om namoh adesh guru ka kali chidi chig-chig kare dhauli aave vaase hare jati hanumant haank mare mathvaai aur aadha si-si naase meri bhakti, guru ki shakti phure mantra ishwarovacha. Procedure: Exorcise the affected person 21 times reading this mantra. Diseases like Aadha si-si or Mathvaai will get cured.

-------------Insects in Animal (Pashu ka keeda)-------------Om namoh keeda re tu kund kundala lal poonch tera mooh kala main toy boojha, kahan te aaya tu hi tune sabka khaya ab tu jaay, bhasm hoii jaay guru gorakh nath kare sahaay. Procedure: This is a disease generally found in animals that they are affected by insects in their body. It not only hurts the animal but also affects the owner many ways. To cure this ailment, take a fresh branch of a neem tree having green leaves and exorcise the affected animal seven times reading this mantra. The animal will get rid of this disease soon.

Black Magic - An Introduction, Symptoms, Effects and Reversing Black Magic - An Introduction Black Magic can be used to harm or hurt another person by performing certain acts even at a distant place the effect of this technique can be experienced thousands of miles away. With increase of jealousy, frustration, greed, selfishness, negativity and inability to accept other's happiness & growth, the use of Black magic has become the most common way to take out one's vindictiveness and get an evil kind of satisfaction from the turmoil of others. This problem has intensified a lot in the last few years, and many are suffering all over the world, totally unaware of the attacks made by no other than their closest friends, acquaintances and relatives. Many prosperous and happy families are ruined by Black magic. Symptoms of Black Magic Black magic puts a block on a person's wisdom and intelligence and all efforts to solve the problem go fruitless. One feels a mental block, gets disturbed sleep with bad dreams, and negative thoughts. There is heaviness and weight on the heart and constriction in the throat. At times, there could suddenly be blue marks on thighs without getting hurt, or faster & erratic heartbeat and breathing without any physical exertion. There are quarrels in the family without any reason. One might feel the presence of somebody in the house.

One feels one is not getting one's due and can achieve much more. One feels suffocated & restless in all circumstances, and is never at peace. One remains depressed, with lack of enthusiasm or desire to live & rise in life. Effects of Black Magic Black Magic can really play havoc with the life of the target person by destroying any aspect of life may it be career/business or wealth/prosperity, creating family problems or unnecessary tensions/phobias, adversely affecting children & family, creating chronic health problems, destroying mental peace, intelligence & happiness, cause inner turmoil, unrest & uncharacteristic/abnormal behavior and even cause unnatural deaths in extreme circumstances. The effects of Black Magic become more chronic, dangerous and fatal with time, if untreated, like a horrible disease. It starts spreading like a contagious disease, affecting the person's mind, brain, body, relationships, attitudes, work, money, marriage, career and everything in life. Breaking or Reversing Black Magic Spell Putting a Black Magic Spell on someone is very easy for those knowing even a little bit of Tantrik siddhis/ voodoo. But to remove the spell and eliminate its sinister effects needs lot of expertise, continuous & rigorous puja/worship and a combination Siddhis & Sadhna. Guruji does it for you. To Contact him - CLICK HERE.

Occult (Jadu, Tona, Totka or Black magic) Protection


The Most Powerful Tantrik Items

Following are the Tantric items which can be very beneficial to today's man. What's more, they do not require any daily worship and give benefit only be keeping with oneself. Siyar Singhi USD 151 'Siyar' is a jackal, and 'Singhi' is horns - very rare type of jackals have horns, and these horns are called Siyar Singhi or Siyar Singh. This should be kept in vermillion powder or 'sindoor', and it's hair will automatically grow. Siyar Singhi bestows immense wealth, good luck, victory over enemies, success in ventures,

law suits and examinations. It also help in removing Evil Spirits,Black Magic and Witchcraft. Hatha Jodi USD 151 Hatha Jodi, is a wonder of nature, in which two hands are joined together, as if in prayer. This is actually root of a very rare plant in the shape of folded hands. This, too, should be kept in vermillion powder or 'sindoor'. Hatha Jori blesses the worshipper with wealth and good luck, guards against accidents and bad influences of any tantric effect. It also increases the attraction power of a person, since it has the powers of 'Vashikaran' or attraction. It is very useful in winning favours or winning trials etc. Cat's Chord USD 501 When a cat gives birth to kittens, she eats her naval chord immediately, which is what makes this item extremely difficult to procure, but equally useful if preserved. Cat's Chord should be kept in vermillion powder or 'sindoor' in one's office or shop in a cash box. Cat's Chord or Cat's Naval Chord or Billi Ke Jer, blesses a person with wealth, prosperity, acquisition and accumulation of money, increasing savings and building assets.It is also known as Billi Ke Zer or Billi Ke Jer or billi Ki Nal. Parad Shivlingam USD 501 This is made of Mercury and Silver and is made by a person with very high spiritual power with many 'Siddhis' using immense power and spiritual energy. When kept in the Sun, it gives rainbow colors. Dakshinwarti Shank USD 501 This is a Sea-shell which opens towards the right hand, and is very rare with lot of spiritual significance, because Sea-shells which open towards the left hand are very common. Dakshinawarti Sankh is a rare one and is also known as Vishnu Shankh.This Sankh saves a person from all troubles and problems, removes hurdles and fulfills all desires and offers money and materials . All above items are Siddha(Energised) With Puja Havan yagya done on your name after you place order and the payment is recieved and prices given includes Packing/Handling charges. Courier Charges may vary from country to country.