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Arabic Proverbs in English

1. Ask thy purse what thou should'st buy. 2. If you conduct yourself properly, fear no one. 3. Words of wisdom come out of simple people mouths. 4. tupidity is a disease without a medicine. !. "irds of a feather flock to#ether. $. %ppose your affection to find rationality.

&. 'e who plants thorns must ne(er e)pect to #ather roses. *. +he be#innin# of an#er is madness and the end of it is re#ret ,. 'e lau#hs most he who lau#hs last. 1-. .ake your bar#ain before be#innin# to plow. 11. eek knowled#e from the cradle to the #ra(e. 12. /ife is made of two days. %ne which is sweet and the other is bitter. 13. 0lose the door from which the wind blows and rela). 14. uspicion is the sister of the wron#. 1!. 1ou left them lost and bewildered. 1$. +he rope of lies is short. 1&. 2i)in# the known is better than waitin# for the unknown. 1*. .y friends are like stars, pick one and it'll #uide you. 1,. +he one without a sword #ets humiliated. 2-. +he day of happiness is short.

21. +he monkey in his mother's eye is a #a3elle. 22. 2or#etness is the pla#ue of knowled#e. 23. 2or e(ery #lance behind us, we ha(e to look twice to the future. 24. +he wound of words is worse than the wound of swords. 2!. A mos4uito can make the lion's eye bleed. 2$. end a wise man and don't ad(ise him. 2&. When you are dead, your sister's tears will dry as time #oes on, your widow's tears will cease in another's arms, but your mother will mourn you until she dies. 2*. 'ad the monkey seen its ass, it wouldn5t ha(e danced. 2,. .easure your 4uilt, then stretch your le#s. 3-. Wealth comes like a turtle and #oes away like a #a3elle. 31. moke of the nei#hbours renders you blind. 32. I tau#ht him archery e(eryday, and when he #ot #ood at it he throw an arrow at me. 33. +he weapon first, fi#htin# second. 34. +he sky does not rain #old or sil(er. 3!. +hey whom #ot shy, died. 3$. .eetin# death is better than tryin# to i#nore it. 3&. /eadin# by e)ample is better than commandments. 3*. 6rotect your brother's pri(acy for what he knows of you. 3,. Arro#ance o(er the arro#ant is modesty. 4-. +he ass went seekin# for horns and lost his ears. 41. If you wish, ask for more. 42. +he deserter is the brother of the murderer. 43. +he best of the thin#s you own, is what is useful to you.

44. If the water is a(ailable you need not clean up with sand. 4!. 7i(e a man some cloth and he'll ask for some linin#. 4$. With carefulness you reali3e your opportunity. 4&. If you wish, ask for more. 4*. 8eed e)ca(ates the trick. 4,. 0ontent is an e(erlastin# treasure. !-. 1our brother is the one who #i(es you honest ad(ice. 9ead more: http:;;;articles;3*4!,4<arabic=pro(erbs=in=en#lish>i)331y(Aa6ane

Some more proverbs

'ad the monkey seen its ass, it wouldn't ha(e danced.

Arabic 6ro(erb


Althou#h a monkey be dressed in silk, she is still a monkey.

.e)ican 6ro(erb


Althou#h the monkey mi#ht dress in silk, monkey it still is.

6uerto 9ican 6ro(erb


+he monkey knows the tree it climbs.

6uerto 9ican 6ro(erb


A monkey ne(er thinks her baby's u#ly.

'aitian 6ro(erb


A monkey is a #a3elle in its mother's eyes.

?#yptian 6ro(erb


If you marry a monkey for his wealth, the money #oes and the monkey remains as is.
?#yptian 6ro(erb


+he monkey does not see his own hind backside@ he sees his nei#hbor's.
Aimbabwean 6ro(erb


0an the monkey know the taste of #in#erB

'indu 6ro(erb


9emember, e(en monkeys fall out of trees.

4 Don't respond to the stupidity of a fool; you'll only look foolish yourself. 5 Answer a fool in simple terms so he doesn't get a swelled head. 6 You're only asking for trouble when you send a message by a fool. 7 A pro erb !uoted by fools is limp as a wet noodle. " #utting a fool in a pla$e of honor is like setting a mud bri$k on a marble $olumn. % &o ask a moron to !uote a pro erb is like putting a s$alpel in the hands of a drunk. '( )ire a fool or a drunk and you shoot yourself in the foot. '' As a dog eats its own omit* so fools re$y$le silliness. '+ ,ee that man who thinks he's so smart- You $an$t far more from a fool than from him. '/ 0oafers say* 12t's dangerous out there3 &igers are prowling the streets31 and then pull the $o ers ba$k o er their heads. '4 4ust as a door turns on its hinges* so a la5ybones turns ba$k o er in bed.