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Señora Paulson’s Weekly Lesson Plans

Below is the Preview for the week of the 19th. Please email if you have questions. Homework is bolded- you should be able to match these up with the titles of the assignments.
Quizzes and tests are highlighted in red. We work on 2 Frases del Dia every class and after 30 (3 lists) take a quiz over them. Students can always study Frases or Vocabulary lists
if they are looking to improve their skills!


Señora Paulson

Monday, Oct. Tuesday, Oct. Wednesday, Oct. Thursday, Oct. Friday, Oct.
19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd
Spanish 3 * 20 questions * 20 questions Leticia * 20 questions David * 20 questions * 20 questions Alicia
Ledia *Discuss ¡VET! Ch 1 *Video/listening Prudencia HW: ¡Viva el Toro!
* *Pret/Imperfect Activity Adventuras Performance Ch. 2 (due
HW: *Due: ¡Viva el Toro! Vascas 5 Assessment for Tuesday)
Ch 1 Chapter 4 (writing)
HW: ¡Estudia la
lista de
Spanish 2 *Begin Frases 31 * Frases 31 *Frases 31 *Frases 31 *Frases 31
*Anuncios de *Anuncios de *Anuncios de Lucrecia *Anuncios de Marcos *Anuncios de
Enrique Estanslau *Dir Obj Pron *Direct Object Pronouns Nabuco
*Direct Obj Pron *DOP Oral Activity QZ: Preterit –ER/-IR *Irregl Pret ser/ir HW: Pobre Ana Ch
and answering *Due: Pobre Ana ch HW: pp 108, 109 HW: Dir Obj Pron 6 (due Tuesday)
questions 5 Packet 1-39
HW: Direct QZ: Pobre Ana ch 5
Object Pron wkst
Spanish 1 *Begin Frases 8 *Frases 8 Frases 8 *Frases 8 *Frases 8
*Los Verbos –AR *Los Verbos –AR *Los Verbos –AR *Verbos –AR *Verbos –AR
(all) partner activity *Clothing vocab *Clothing vocab *Clothing
Examen de *Clothing Vocab *(Billy La Bufanda) * *Video: EE 1.2 En
Frases 4,5,6 HW: Study & Cita cloze activity Vivo
(from Friday) con el amor- Blog Video: EE En contexto
HW: -AR verb assn due Tues 1.2
8th Grade *AR verbs w/ *AR verbs w/ pronouns *AR Verbs *AR Verbs *AR Verbs
Spanish pronouns partner activity *Classes Vocab Intro *Classes Vocab *Classes Vocab
*Weather song
(Explo) (turn in)
5th Grade X X * Vocab II X
Spanish *Connecting Sent
*¿Cómo estás tú?
*HW: match word w/
4th Grade *Vocab II X X * Vocab II X
Spanish *Connecting Sent *Connecting Sent
activity Activity
*¿Cómo estás tú? *¿Cómo estás tú? Song
song *Alphabet
*HW: match word w/ pict
3rd Grade *X *Connecting Sent X X * Vocab II
Spanish *Alphabet *Connecting Sent
*¿Cómo estás tú? song Activity
*¿Cómo estás tú?
*HW: match word w/