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List of Characteristics and Definitions (200+)

Having or showing a high

Tending to move around often; Likes to boss or order others
Active - Bossy - Conceited - opinion about oneself (a
full of energy around
Willing to take risks; likes new
Adventurous - Brave - Having or showing courage Concerned - Worried; anxious; troubled
adventures & experiences
Full of light, shining brightly,
Affable - Easy to talk to; friendly; pleasant Brilliant - Confident - Feeling confidence
extremely intelligent

Affectionate - Showing affection; tender; loving Busy - Always working or active Confused - Bewildered, perplexed, mixed up

Peaceful, quiet and doesn't get Conscientious Careful and thinks about what is
Afraid - Filled with fear; fearful Calm -
excited often - right or proper
Direct and frank, straightforward Thinks about other people's
Ambitious - Eager to succeed; full of desire Candid - Considerate -
– will openly say ones opinion feelings
Having ability or capability to do Willing to help or work with
Amiable - Friendly; good natured Capable - Cooperative -
something well others

Angry - Feeling or showing anger Careful - Pays attention to possible danger Courageous - Showing courage or bravery

Lively; moving in a energetic,

Animated - Caustic - Very sarcastic personality Cowardly - Lacking or not having courage
lifelike way
Watchful or careful of possible
Annoying - Troublesome or irritating Cautious - Crafty - Cunning, deceitful, good at lying
Showing a special ability to lead Tends to judge severely and find
Anxious - Uneasy, worried Charismatic - Critical -
people, win people's devotion faults or problems often
Argumentative Delightful, attractive, pleasing
Tends to argue or likes to argue Charming - Cross - Showing anger or irritation
- person
Having or showing lots of pride in
Arrogant - Cheerful - In good spirits; happy; bright Cruel - Likes to cause pain or suffering
Filled with wonder or a feeling of
Astonished - Childish - Immature, foolish or silly Cultured - Well-educated
Alert and shows careful attention Eager to learn more, asks lots
Attentive - Clever - Able to learn and think quickly Curious -
to others of questions
Awkward; not able to move
Babyish - Like a child or baby Clumsy - Dangerous - Able or likely to cause harm
gracefully, carefully
Rude, often using vulgar or
Bewildered - To be surprised or confused Coarse - Daring - Willing to take risks
offensive language
Lacking or not having sympathy
Blasé - Uninterested or unexcited Cold-Hearted - Dauntless - Brave and without fear
for others
Compassionate Showing compassion or caring Able to make firm decisions and
Boorish - Crude, rude and offensive Decisive -
- towards others settle things quickly
To be an uninteresting person or Satisfied with ones own success,
Bore - Complacent - Dependable - Trustworthy
thing not ready for trouble or danger

List of Characteristics and Definitions (200+)
Showing determination (focus on a Talking too much; pointlessly talking;
Determined - Energetic - Having or showing lots of energy Garrulous -
purpose or goal) using too many words
Regular, constant effort towards a Enthusiastic Having or showing lots of interest Willing to give money, help or time
Diligent - Generous -
goal - or excitement for a cause freely
Discouraged Making lots of demands, asking for
Less hopeful, less confident Exacting - Gentle - Kind, using very little violence
- lots of attention or effort
Able to control & be careful about Acting without thinking, behaving
Discreet - Excited - Showing lots of emotion Giddy -
what one says or behaves foolishly
Tends to lie, lacks honesty or Having a lot of knowledge, skill or
Dishonest - Expert - Giving - Generous to people in need
integrity experience with a field or activity
Dressed with high fashion and in a
Dismayed - Filled with anxiety, fear or dread. Exuberant - Full of happiness and vitality Glamorous -
stylish way
Speaks in an insulting or Humorous but often silly or
Disparaging - Facetious - Gloomy - Dark, sad and hopeless
disrespectful way to others inappropriate
Disrespectful Rude, showing lack of respect of Sad, melancholic and miserable in a
Fair - Acting according to the rules Glum -
- courtesy to others quiet way
Feeling lack of satisfaction or being Trustworthy and loyal to a person, Feeling or having a desire or reason
Dissatisfied - Faithful - Grateful -
displeased a promise or a duty to thank somebody
To feel or having pain or suffering Led by imagination rather than Having a strong desire to have more
Distressed - Fanciful - Greedy -
of the mind or body reality of something: money, food, etc.
Domineering Often controls or rules over others Courageous in the face of Very friendly and likes to be with
Fearless - Gregarious -
- in an arrogant way challenges or fear many groups of people
Restless; moving around often;
Doubtful - Suspicious or causing doubt Fidgety - Grouchy - Bad-tempered
feeling ill at ease
Obedient; very careful to finish Showing violence, aggression, or
Dutiful - Fierce - Grumpy - Easy to make irritated and cranky
one's job, tasks or duty anger or intensity
Tends to concentrate on small, Tends to trust and believe people
Eager - Showing keen interest or desire Finicky - Gullible -
unimportant little details too easily and so gets easily tricked
Feeling or looking ridiculous
Easygoing - Relaxed, not hurried, carefree Foolish - Happy - Feeling or showing pleasure, joy
because of one's actions or speech
Doing things in an organized way Strong and able to endure or stand
Effervescent - Lively, in high spirits, bubbly Formal - Hardy -
based on the rules difficult situations
Able to do things using the least
Efficient - Fortunate - Enjoying or having good luck Harried - Bothered or agitated
amount of effort or materials
Skillful in speech and ability to Open, honest & strongly showing
Eloquent - Frank - Harsh - Cruel or unkind
persuade people true feelings and opinions to others
Self conscious or insecure Frustrated - Feeling unsatisfied or irritated Hateful - Horrible and detestable
Encouraging Giving hope, confidence and
Funny - Causing people to laugh Haughty - Proud
- courage

List of Characteristics and Definitions (200+)
Wanting to cause harm or pain to
Helpful - Ready to lend a hand to people Inimitable - Impossible to imitate, unique Malicious -
Never cheating, lying or breaking Pure; more trusting or naïve than Grown-up; acting, thinking,
Honest - Innocent - Mature -
the law – always telling the truth most people speaking like a fully adult person
Feeling sure and confident that Dull and without flavor; Not very
Hopeful - Insipid - Mean - Unkind, cruel and bad tempered
something good will happen lively
Feeling or showing no hope OR Constantly asking for something or
Hopeless - Insistent - Meticulous - Very careful and detailed
unable to succeed or improve for attention
Friendly, welcoming and kind to Showing violence or lack of respect Mischievous Acting in a troublesome way but
Hospitable - Insolent -
guests or strangers in speech or behavior - only for fun, not to cause harm
Not showing a high opinion about Having intelligence, very smart, Hard to predict; changing mood
Humble - Intelligent - Moody -
ones achievements or abilities gifted from cheerful to angry unexpectedly
Fearless and constant when Difficult to understand or explain;
Humorous - Able to make people laugh Intrepid - Mysterious -
pursuing or aiming for something Strange
Not having knowledge or education Feeling unhappy or bitter about Showing a simple and trusting view
Ignorant - Jealous - Naïve -
about a subject someone else's luck or success of the world and human nature
Rude or impolite; not having good
Ill-bred - Jovial - Cheerful and good humored Negligent - Being careless or irresponsible
manners because of family
Good at thinking of new ideas and
Easily worried, frightened or
Imaginative - seeing things that haven't been Keen - Sharp; quick to understand things Nervous -
Showing perfection without any Lackadaisical Careless, not having much energy,
Immaculate - Noisy - Making loud sounds often
mistakes or faults - not giving much effort
Able to carry out orders from
Lifeless; Without energy; slow-
Immature - Young and lacking wisdom Languid - Obedient - someone in authority without
Having no interest – not favoring
Not willing to do any work or make Willing to help others or do favors
Impartial - one side or person more than Lazy - Obliging -
any effort for people
Eager to something right away or Very unpleasant or offensive to
Impatient - Lively - Full of life and energy Obnoxious -
immediately others
Not showing proper manners or Able to think and make decisions Obsequious Eager to please people and
Impolite - Logical -
respect based on facts and clear thinking - listen/obey all instructions
Feeling alone and sad; lacking Paying careful attention to
Impudent - Showing lack of respect, rude Lonely - Observant -
friends or encouragement everything
Acting on sudden desires or urges Stubborn; Unwilling to change;
Impulsive - Loquacious - Talking a lot Obstinate -
without thinking about it first Choosing not to agree with others
Taking no action, not being involved Showing affection; doing things Opinionated Always ready to express opinions,
Inactive - Loving -
in an activity with care and joy - not listening to others opinions
Independent Able to stand on their own; not Staying faithful to country, people,
Loyal - Optimistic - Hopeful about the future
- controlled by anyone else friends or a belief

List of Characteristics and Definitions (200+)

Rambunctious Very active, noisy and hard to

Peaceful - Quiet, calm and nonviolent Scared - Full of worry or fear
- control
Feeling great anger for somebody
Pensive - Thoughtful and serious Rash - Acting without thinking Scornful -
or something
Able to think clearly and based
Persevering - Adamant – not giving up easily Rational - Secretive - Tending to keep information secret
on reason
Continuing to try even if there
Persistent - Refined - Being very polite Secure - Safe; Not feeling fear or doubt
are problems or difficulties
Able to be trusted; very Lacking any sense of hurry or
Pessimistic - Feeling negative distrustful Reliable - Sedate -
dependable urgency
Snappy and irritable; having a Believing or following the Self- Selfish and only caring about
Petulant - Religious -
bad temper practices of a religion centered - oneself
Self-centered, thinking only about
Picky - Hard to please or satisfy Respectful - Showing respect; polite Selfish -
personal needs or wishes
Enjoyable to be around; Able to be counted on and Independent and not needing the
Pleasant - Responsible - Self-reliant -
friendly trusted help of others
Easily hurt or irritated physically or
Polite - Showing good manners Responsive - Reacting quickly to something Sensitive -
Snobby; thinking that one is Constantly moving; unable to be Able to make decisions about
Pompous - Restless - Shrewd -
very important still business or politics
Liked and accepted by many
Popular - Retiring - Shy Silly - Stupid, lacking any common sense
Confident; focused on the good Honest and acting based on what is
Positive - Risk-taking - Adventurous; daring Sincere -
rather than the bad really deeply felt, genuine
Very careful about small
Precise - Rowdy - Noisy and disorderly Skillful - Clever and having a special ability
details; very accurate
Feeling pleased and satisfied Sloppy, careless, not concerned
Proud - Rude - Impolite with bad manners Slovenly -
about doing something well about personal cleanliness
Very careful and showing
Punctilious - Safe - Able to trust or rely on Sly - Crafty; not honest
correct behavior
Surprised; confused or Mocking or making fun of Showing intelligence and mental
Puzzled - Sarcastic - Smart -
perplexed something or somebody alertness
Tending or wanting to argue Happy and pleased with what
Quarrelsome - Satisfied - Snobbish - Arrogant; acting superior to others
with people has happened or how things are
Moving or doing things fast and Showing a lack of respect; Friendly, likes to be around the
Quick - Saucy - Sociable -
sharply cheerful company of other people
Making little or no noise in a Not generous; not wanting to
Quiet - Stingy - Stolid - Showing little or no emotion
calm way give or spend money

List of Characteristics and Definitions (200+)
Treating people in a kind way, Having no manners, acting in
Strange - Odd, out of the ordinary Thoughtful - Vulgar -
thinking about their needs a rude or offensive way
Maintains discipline and Showing lack of consideration Showing kindness and
Strict - Thoughtless - Warm -
makes sure rules are followed for people; careless friendliness
Difficult to deal with, talk to or Uses as little money as Not physically, mentally or
Stubborn - Thrifty - Weak -
reason with possible, wastes very little emotionally strong
Shows lack of courage or Having a great imagination;
Studious - Careful, serious, likes to study Timid - Whimsical -
confidence; a nervous person acting in hard to predict ways
Charming; smooth; polite to Able to put up with difficult Showing good sense based
Suave - Tolerant - Wise -
people in a dishonest way situations; open-minded on knowledge & experience
Showing bad temper; refusing Able to use words in a clever
Sullen - Touchy - Easy to become angry or upset Witty -
to talk and amusing way
Full of arrogance, pride and Gullible; Tending to trust people Acting in an entertaining or
Supercilious - Trusting - Zany -
disrespect for others easily unusual way
Believing in good or bad luck, Able to trust; dependable;
Superstitious - Trustworthy -
the supernatural responsible
Unfriendly, rude and a little
Surly - Uncontrolled - Wild
Usually believes that Clumsy; behaving in an
Suspicious - Uncouth -
something is wrong ungraceful way
Acting cold or mean towards
Sweet - Lovable and kind Unfriendly -
Often silent, doesn't like to Rowdy, hard to control or
Taciturn - Unruly -
communicate often discipline
Knowing ways to avoid
Tactful - Unscrupulous Dishonest
offending or upsetting people
Being gifted and able to do Puts the good or needs or
Talented - Unselfish -
something well interests of others first
Talking a lot and for a long Unhappy; emotionally stressed
Talkative - Upset -
time; chatty because of something
Able to help or be a benefit to
Tasteful - Having good taste Useful -
something or someone
Sticking to any decision, plan Able to learn quickly or get used
Tenacious- Versatile -
or opinion without doubt to change easily

Tense - Stressed out; not very relaxed Vivacious - Lively, showing high spirits

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