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The rst and only green project design supported by ANCON

Altos Escondidos is an innovative ecological haven in Panama. Kissed by clouds, cooled by tropical mountain breezes, it is designed by architect Dr. Raj Barr to the highest LEED standards. An exemplar of environmentally sensitive design, Altos Escondidos treads lightly on the land, using cutting edge technologies to create a net-zero energy development, leaving the land greener than it was found.

Our Mission
To conserve the biological diversity and the natural resources of Panama for present and future generations ANCON has been protecting and conserving nature in Panama since August 15, 1985. In 23 years of work, more than 8 million dollars have been invested through projects all over Panama. ANCON has been one of the rst environmental NGOs established in the region and has been a point of reference for a great part of the advances achieved in the conservation eld.

Apartado 1387, Panam 1, Repblica de Panam. Telfono (507) 314-0060 (310) 601-7829 (USA CELL) Fax (507) 314-0062

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