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Special Needs

ELL/delayed language?

(?) We have noticed that Erika can read really well some days, but other days cant even sound out and struggles and shows signs of stress. We need to find out why this is. In an interview she stated she reads to her sister, but most of the time to herself. Needs to read out loud to some or have a literacy bag of skills to do at home. MORE DIRECTION. (-) Struggling to understand math concepts. * Work with her in small groups for extra practice and a more concrete understanding. May need to partner up with another student. Students teach Students.

(+) Erika is new to the school and is struggling to play with peers, because of religion beliefs and language boundaries. Helps to go out side and include Erika in play with her peers. (+) Bridging that gap will help her with socializing with peers and building confidence. (+) Really good friends with Mathew. When making seating charts think about who would be beneficial for Erika to sit next to.

Mother does not speak English and older sister translates. This could explain the difficulty making the connection in schoolwork. Erika does not get much help at home because the difficultly with the language boundaries. Make directions out in Spanish as well. Does she do homework at home? Would like to know more about what she reads at home? Share interview results with parents. She has also told me she does no get to read many books at home. She really needs on level books to help her bridge that gap between English and Spanish. Communicate places for the family to find books. Teaching me Spanish phrases and words. New to the school and is being made fun of because of her haircut. We have had a discussion with the students in the situation. Family does not believe in any Holidays. They recently joined a new religion and this was the




Delayed Social Cues and Anger management.

Struggles with reading and math. He is able to work through math problems when given explicit feed back. Gets low on the equity, because he can read the directions to the math problem. There has to be something I can do to assist him, and allow him to demonstrate everything he has learned. He is in my low 2 groups in reading. We are working on word families. Children are given copies of the books. Parents need to know what we are doing to improve reading and comprehension and given some at home stratagies. (- ) Not turning in homework Started out turning in homework, which was great, I am concerned with him not turning it in anymore. What is the cause? (+) Important to remember to slow Spencer down. When things move fast, or have time limits his anger tends to show. Reminding him that he has time to finish and giving him time warnings.

Christian is quiet but seems to have friends out at recess. It would be nice to have more social interactions with Christian to see how he interacts.

first year that Erika could not dress up for Halloween. Christian doesnt talk much with peers or teachers. I would like to ask how he acts at home. What are his interests, hobbies, how does schoolwork go at home? Has told me that he has no books at home. I have been copying all the books we use in small groups for him to read at home. Consider making a literacy bag.

(-) Not picking up on social cues to much physical contact, and out burst of speaking. (+) Wanting to make friends and be apart of social cues. (+) Very excited, but needs to be willing to try new things.

Outburst of anger at home and school 3 brothers and 3 fathers Working on Breathing, and knowing the difference between earthquake problems and little problems. Are there any strategies that they are working on at home with spencer and his anger? (At Parent teacher conference Mom was talking about meeting with social working, and trying new


Complete tasks and assignments on time and in class. Participates in whole group lessons and small group lessons. Has started reading chapter books. I would like to see him take more risks. Often times he asks if he is doing it right, or does not answer anything that does not have a definite answer. Reading chapter books Quick at completing tasks and assignments. Is smart and often gets all the answers Does not do well at following directions and steps. Often does what he wants and skips steps that students had been asked to do. Often when done he does not go to the next assignment but instead does what he want and distracts peers. Does this happen at home? What would grandma recommend? What is homework at home like?


He is very social and is often taking charge of his group and making sure they are all on task. He is always playing kick ball and four squares with Jovian, Cruz, Andrew, Jordan, and PJ. Does well with disappointed of getting knocked out of four squares. Could work on defusing arguments, but for age that is a skill that is now yet acquired. Struggles with working in groups. Has a difficult time talking with group and taking their thoughts and opinions. Working on ways to talk to peers and in groups. Working with people is a life skill that needs to be learned. Working on reading peer facial expression and outburst. Sharing thoughts but listening to others. Listening goes both ways. Doing listening activities could help build the skills. Often seen hanging with Lexie, and only Lexie. I would like to see him branch out and interact with more peers.

things with spencer) New Cat Favorite thing is star wars and angry birds I would like to know how he does with homework? Is it easy or challenging? I would like to look into making things a little more challenging and making a higher order of thinking.

Struggles with outburst of talking, but when he needs something scared to ask. This is concerning. Working on understanding that I am always able to help, but I cant read minds. Working on building the confidence to ask for help or something that you need. Maybe it would help for him to teach peers or help peers when he is finished. Important to note that Grandma has full custody but is tired of parenting. Is there a reason why Adrian makes fake sad faces, or puppy dog faces?



Is reading chapter books at school (What types of books does he read at home?) Is struggling to turn in homework is it getting done? Would like to see more participation during whole group. Tends to get off task. Is he bored? Does he understand? Or is he not understanding? Has been seen looking at other test.

Often seen with Cristain, PJ, Jordan, Omar, and Cruz. Is great at making friends, but would like to work on eye contact with talking with others.



(+) Does work ( -) When she does not understand the work she tends to finish fast and hide the work in her desk does not ask for help. I think it is do to her wanting to please, or wanting to understand, or being to shy to ask for help. (+) She does an amazing job on staying on task, following directions, and listening. She set a great example for the classroom and is model. Completes work and gets by. Is very shy and does not talk much. What is she like at home? Working on completing 70% of in class work.

Communication is affecting her social skills. Trying to build confidence. Does not initiate conversation with peers. It would be nice to work towards here initiating more conversations. Does a great job at initiating conversation with Lilah; it would be good to pair them in groups more often. Does play with friends out side. She is social and interacts with peers and participates in-group activities. Struggles with accepting help from peers.

Mother is concerned with classroom behavior. I would like to know behaviors at home? Schoolwork completion? Or the best ways to communicate. Did have a problem with teasing classmates, but he has been working on saying nice things and including everyone. Mom would like Jovian to sit away from PJ, who often increase the problem behaviors that we have been exhibiting. Very shy, would like to see more communication with peers. (Group work may help) I am seeing more confidence in whole group lessons. She has been raising her hands more to answer questions or give thoughts.




Resource, mentality of a 4

Would like to build confidence. Struggling with English and Spanish. Would like to find out how homework is at home. Is in resource about half of the day. I would like

year old. Has IEP

70% effective in whole group lessons. Learning the alphabet and sounds. Has not made it to pictures books or independent reading.


Ell, Mother Just passed emotional needs.

He is smart, but only does about 60% of the work in class. He needs to be held to the same expectations as everyone else. Because he is not full always with the class, he is falling behind in reading. Does he read at home? He does an amazing job at math, when he wants to do the work.

Would like to work on eye contact, and repeating task back to the teacher to help with remembering. Is often telling peers what to do or yelling at them like a mom. Needs to read facial cues and let peers learn for them selves. Not recognizing facial cues. Would like to see more cooperation during group work. Allowing peers to give input and listening to peers thoughts. I am concerned that he needs to talk to someone. Mathew often time shuts down and wont talk to friends or teachers, when something reminds him of his mom. When he shuts down he does not get any work done. The class really enjoys talking to Mathew and he is always making jokes and making friends laugh. Outside he does not play with many friends. When I come out he will hang with me and the other students, but I am concerned about what he does when teachers are not there to instigate the interactions.

more communication between the resource teachers. I need to find out what they are working on and how to make those lessons connect in our classroom.

Mother passed away 1 week before school started. (Suicide) Does homework at Aunts house after school, and gets picked up late at night to go home. Aunt is mom sister. Would like to discuss all the homework Mathew leaves in his backpack, and newsletters. Would like to see less clutter in Mathews backpack. May help with turning in the homework.


Autism (Social cues, communication, delays) IEP, and Contract.

Set clear expectations. Working on completing task. Aloud to go to back table if he needs space or feels overwhelmed. Working on completing all school tasks. Is super smart, and does work correctly if he feels like it. Does he need more of a challenge? Or more reminders to stay on task? Participates in whole group, but does get off task with talking. It is clear that she loves to socialize, but it often time leads to her not finishing task in time, even when she is given time warnings. Because she is social I can see how she does so well in group activities, and whole group discussions. She needs to also learn how to work on her own. Which is an important skill too. He participates in whole group discussion is apart of the class. He does complete schoolwork, but does not always turn it. He has to be reminded to turn it.


Would like to work on verbally expressing needs, and making eye contact. Having a manipulative helps with attention. Needs to adhere to expectations, helps to fit in and not draw attention. Working on reading facial cues. I know that this is challenge but it is a skill to work toward. Take practice to read emotions. Very social and is always talking with peers. Would like to work on saying positive things to peers and avoid negative. Promoting positive friend ships and a sense of community.

Ideas and suggestions for making the contract more effective. What are routines he does at home? What language is used at home and would any be affective in the classroom? How is homework? What types of books is he interested in? Maybe this would help with reading groups and centers.



Dad at parent teacher conference was only concerned about her behavior in the classroom, but was not concerned about grades or her studies. I would like to know if anyone helps her with homework? This could be why she is so social at school. Her best friends mom is marrying her dad. Her best friend does not go to the school. She walks to school and home by herself. Has been caught pushing, and Has a difficult time with lying and competing with stealing pens. I would like to find friends. Would like to find out what this stems from. out more about why this What is homework like at is. home? I know that Father Have lots of friends that was concerned with PJ are boys. lying about his Often says inconsiderate



things to peers. Conversations about what is expected and unexpected would help. Modeling what is nice to say and what is hurtful. In small group with lower (+) Has lots of friends, however most of the time he can not readers. We are working control his behavior and body so on work families. He has he gets off task. Making seating begun reading chapter arrangements according to his books, but needs to pick from recommended books, friends and their interactions with each others will help the so they are not too behavior, and provide good difficult. modeling. Jordan is always bring in his homework and planner which is fantastic. I would like to see this accountability in the classroom setting. Dad is upset about grades. Acts like an adult and rarely interacts and has Cruz is not turning in normal conversations assignments. He is with peers. Especially in completing them, but from the classroom. home to school they are After dad had lost respect not getting turned in. for the teacher, and asked Dad blames site teacher. child to be removed Try to clear the situation because of grades, with Student to figure out students have lost were the homework is respect for teacher. going and send frequent up dates to make father happy.

homework and not writing all of it down in his planner. Leading to incompletions. Loves BYU foot ball team What can we do to help his reading advance and become on level?

Very involved dad, very difficult to handle, Office, principle and site teacher have a hard time. Calls his son baby, came in during the Halloween parade, and did not allow his son to dress himself, or change. Child lacks the ability to operate on his one. Up coming parent teacher conferences is going to include the principal or social worker. Working towards his independence.

It might be good to give dad an update every week so that he has no reasons to blame. Keep records.





Big Baseball fan. Boston Red socks. Dad states that Cruz is already being scouted. Does great in school does all task When she finishes early or does Mary reads at home Junie. quickly, and affectively. I am group work I notice she B Jones. To her sitter. worried because I think she struggles with interacting with Parents do not speak needs to be challenged more. She peers or offering help. Struggling much English. finishes works way to quickly, with imitating conversation. Mary has been given an which is leading to bragging and interview would be good competition. Would be beneficial if she to share the answers at learned to look at others around parent teacher her, and read their emotions. conference. And interact. Building Mary came to the confidence might help, and classroom latter in the modeling interactions. year, and is new to the school. Struggling to fit in and make friends. I have made seating arrangements with people I fell would be instigators. I have join recess play to help with interactions with peers. Concerned with Saras Very social trying to Stresses over little lack of emotional control. please everyone. problems. Very high When she does not know a expectations. Helps those in her group word, or a question, or is Were does the stress to that are at lower level. scared she is doing it be perfect come from? Teaching those in her wrong, she shuts down Interviewed Sara it would group will help reinforce and cries. concepts. be nice to share some of We have discussed the the interview with her I would like to see her difference between and parents. (She wants to be voice more of her likes, little fix able problem and a teacher, how she copes she is often to consume an earthquake problem. with stress, and what she with school and getting Needs to take risk, it is ok loves to read) into high school, that she

to be wrong, or not know an answer that is what school is for, to learn. Is always participating and helping peers which is awesome. She has a difficult time knowing some English words, helps her if we stop and give a definition. Think about giving her a personal dictionary.

forgets to act like a kid.


Assessing for Resource



Jalen wants to learn and is Would like to see always trying to learn. interaction with peers and asking peers for Because he believes he support. wont understand a Eye contact is key. concept he doesnt even try and immediately gives up and asks for helps. Even when they are concepts that have already been taught. Building confidence would help performance. It could benefit Jalen to get easier assignments at home to build on foundational skills needed to do the concepts in class. I have been helping him finish feeling out his planner and making sure he repeats what he needs to bring back the next day. (has helped with memory and has positive affect on turning in homework.) Very positive and socializes well. Very good at turning in Always trying to be polite and work and following

Sara told me that she lives on the upstairs level of a house. With her mom, dad, uncle (who got kicked out by his exgirlfriend) Saras family does not speak much English except for Uncle and sister. States that the only person she reads to at home is her sister, or to herself. Homework takes a long time. Jalen is to spend no more than 30 min on math homework. It is not meant to be a struggle or a fight at home. Jalen still has a difficult time seeing the bored even though he has gotten glasses, and sit up front. Often forgetting his glasses and backpack places. Goes to therapy on Tuesday morning and arrives at school at 11:20. Mother is very concerned with Jalen and frustrated. Needs to work on not talking about Jalens struggles in front of Jalen. He does not need any more things affecting his confidence. Mom and Dad just got back together. Zack has

directions. He is at level in his learning, which is great. Maybe could use a little more challenge.

follow the rules.



(-) Struggling with reading, does not know letter sounds (basic reading skills) (+) Willingness to learn and a want. (+) Always wanting to answer questions or at least try. (-) Struggles with our math concepts. Could benefit to send home basic math concepts to help build a foundation. (-) Because he struggles he makes up words, scribbles, or copies peers work. I take note of this and remember to walk by and help out. (+)He is willing to do the writing, if he receives the help and support.

Very social and includes everyone. Does not point out differences, which is commendable thing. He plays with peers out at recess.

told me that his dad is not working. Dad argues a lot with mom and throws chairs. *Important to watch for abuse. Make sure that dad is not hurting Zack. Find ways that Zack can cope or leave the situation. Social Work was notified. Dad and Mother came to the conference but only mother interacted. Look into literacy bags. Alphabet card accessible to him. Needs to work on letter sounds and the alphabet. Having a difficult time know what sounds belong to what letter. I have been helping him pick out library books that he can read independently or work towards. I need to ask about the book situation at home. Parents were the only parents that did not come to conferences, and have not called back, or responded to notes. Bridging the school and family the gap is a must for Andrewss success in school.