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A Project Report On Topic

Recruitment and Selection in Shree Cement Ltd., Beawer

Submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of degree of MBA Session !!"# !$$

Maharshi %a&anand Saraswati 'ni(ersit&, Ajmer

Submitted To :
Dr. Shiv Dayal Singh Head of the conomic! Department

Submitted By :
Rekha Sharma "BA#B. $ Sem. %%%

The re!earch on 0Recruitment and Selection in Shree Cement Ltd., Beawer1 ha! been given to me a! part of the curriculum of "BA. % have tried my be!t to pre!ent thi! information a! clearly a! po!!ible u!ing ba!ic term! that % hope &ill be comprehended by the &ide!t !pectrum of re!earcher!' analy!t! and !tudent! for further !tudie!. % have completed thi! !tudy under the guidance faculty. % &ill be failed in my duty if % do not ackno&ledge the e!teemed !cholarly guidance' a!!i!tance and kno&ledge % have received from them to&ard! fruitful and timely completion of thi! &ork.



MBA 3B.-.4 Sem. 555

5*%-6 %escription
%ntroduction to the company ( %ntroduction to the Organi)ation * Budgetary +ontrol Sy!tem , Re!earch "ethodology -, Data Analy!i! -. S/OT Analy!i! 0. +onclu!ion 01

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