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Clerk Colvill

Child 42A, from William Tytlers Brown MS, as recited by Anna Gordon (later Mrs Brown) in 1783
(!ote" #$ilds te%t is &rom a 'ery inacc(rate co)y o& t$e man(scri)t T$is is t$e ori*inal te%t, )(blis$ed in Si*rid +ie(werts, ed T$e Ballad +e)ertoire o& Anna Gordon, Mrs Brown o& ,al-land. Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer, 2011 )

0B(t o(t ye ta- yo(r little )en6-ni&e An &rae my sar- ye s$ear a *are, c(t a stri) +ow t$at abo(t yo(r lo'ely $ead, wra) And t$e )ain yell ne'er &eel nae mair 3 1(t $e $as taen $is little )en6-ni&e, An &rae $er sar- $es s$orn a *are, +owd t$at abo(t $is lo'ely $ead, B(t t$e )ain increased mair, . mair

2. 23 1romise me !ow, Clerk Colvill, 3r it will ost ye mu kle strife, m(c$ tro(ble 4ide !ever by the wells of 5l"!e, 6f ye w"d live "!d brook your life.# wo(ld, end(re &. 27ow s1e"k !"e m"ir, my lusty d"me, 7ow s1e"k !"e m"ir of th"t to me0 .id 6 !eer see " f"ir wom"!, But 6 w"d si! with her body8# 4. /e#s t"e! le"ve o his g"y l"dy, 7ought mi!di!g wh"t his l"dy s"id, A!d he#s rode by the wells of 5l"!e, Where w"shi!g w"s " bo!!y m"id.
no more

1. #lar- #ol'en . $is *ay /ady, As t$ey wal-d to yon *arden *reen, A Belt abo(t $er middle *im), W$ic$ cost #lar- #ol'en crowns &i&teen 2 01 $ear-en well now my *ood /ord, 1 $ear-en weel to w$at 2 say, W$en ye *ae to t$e walls o Stream Be sure ye tou h !"e well f"r#d $"y.% 01 $ad yo(r ton*(e my *ay /ady, An dinna dea'e me wi yo(r din, ,or 2 saw ne'er a &air woman B(t wi $er body 2 co(d sin 3 4e mo(nted on $is berry brown steed, An merry, merry rade $e on, Till $e came to t$e walls o stream, An t$ere $e saw t$e Mermaiden 05e was$, ye was$, ye bonny May, And ays ye was$ yo(r sar- o sil- 3 02ts a &or yo(, ye *entle -ni*$t, My s-in is w$iter t$an t$e mil- 3 4es taen $er by t$e mil-6w$ite $and, And li-ewise by t$e *rass6*reen slee'e, An laid $er down ()on t$e *reen,, !or o& $is /ady s)eerd $e lea'e 01$on7 Alas7 (says #lar- #ol'en) 0And ay sae sairs 2 mean my $ead83 And merrily le(*$ t$e mermaiden, 9 01 e'en on, till ye be dead3 9

slender listen well *o, well

10 01$on7 alas73 (says #lar- #ol'en) alas 0An ay sae sairs 2 mean my $ead83 sore, lament An merrily le(*$ t$e mermaiden, 0Twill ay be war till ye be dead worse 11 T$en o(t $e drew $is tr(sty blade, An t$o(*$t wi it to be $er dead8 B(t s$e became a &is$ a*ain, And merrily s)ran* into t$e &leed 12 4es mo(nted on $is berry brown steed, An dowy, dowy rade $e $ame, #,ill he "me to his -"dy#s bow#r door An $ea'ily $e li*$ted down 1& 01 mit$er, mit$er, ma- my bed, An *entle /ady lay me down8 1 brit$er, brit$er, (nbend my bow, Twill ne'er be bent by me a*ain 3
deat$ &lood sad


no *ood loo-in* maiden


$old ta-e no s(c$

'. 2W"sh o!, w"sh o!, my bo!!y m"id, ,h"t w"sh s"e le"! your s"rk of silk0# 2A!d weel f" you, f"ir ge!tlem"!, well be&all 9our body whiter th"! the milk.# (. ,he! loud, loud ry#d the Clerk Colvill, 23 my he"d it 1"i!s me s"ir0# 2,he! t"ke, the! t"ke,# the m"ide! s"id, 2A!d fr"e my s"rk you#ll ut " g"re.# ) ,he! she#s gied him " little b"!e:k!ife, *i'en A!d fr"e her s"rk he ut " sh"re0 5he#s ty#d it rou!d his whey:white f" e, But "y his he"d it "ked m"ir. ac$ed more ,he! louder ry#d the Clerk Colvill, 23 s"irer, s"irer "kes my he"d0# 2A!d s"irer, s"irer ever will,# ,he m"ide! rys, #,ill you be de"d.# 3ut the! he drew his shi!i!g bl"de, ,hi!ki!g to sti k her where she stood, But she w"s v"!ishd to " fish, A!d sw"m f"r off, " f"ir merm"id.




14 4is mit$er s$e $as made $is bed, 4is *entle /ady laid $im down, 4is brot$er $e $as (nbent $is bow, Twas ne'er bent by $im a*ain Child :;B, &rom T$e Ancient and Modern Scots Son*s, ed. ."vid /erd, 1)(+


1. Clerk Colvill "!d his lusty d"me Were w"lki!g i! the g"rde! gree!0 ,he belt "rou!d her st"tely w"ist Cost Clerk Colvill of 1ou!ds fiftee!.


10 23 mother, mother, br"id my h"ir0 $y lusty l"dy, m"ke my bed0 3 brother, t"ke my sword "!d s1e"r, ;or 6 h"ve see! the f"lse merm"id.#

Optional Course English and Scottish Ballads texts 4 - 1

T$e Great Sil-ie o& S(le S-erry

Child 11&, olle ted i! 5hetl"!d "!d first 1ublished i! T$e <roceedin*s o& t$e Society o& Anti=(aries o& Scotland, 1*'2. 1. A! e"rtly !ourris sits "!d si!g, mortal n(rse A!d "ye she si!gs, B", lily we"!< lo'ely c$ild -ittle ke! 6 my b"ir!is f"ther, -now, c$ilds ;"r less the l"!d th"t he st"1s i!. li'es ,he! "!e "rose "t her bed:fit, one, bed6&oot A! " grumly guest 6#m sure w"s he: &ierce 2/ere "m 6, thy b"ir!is f"ther, Although th"t 6 be !ot omelie. $andsome 26 "m " m"!, u1o the l"!, A! 6 "m " silkie i! the se"0 A!d whe! 6#m f"r "!d f"r fr"e l"!, $y dwelli!g is i! 5ule 5kerrie.#
()on t$e land seal

,he >rey 5el hie of 5hool 5kerry

A versio! olle ted i! 3rk!ey "!d 1ublished i! 1**&. 1. 6! 7orw"y l"!ds there lived " m"id, 2/ush, b", loo lillie,# this m"id beg"!0 26 k!ow !ot where my b"by#s f"ther is, Whether by l"!d or se" does he tr"vel i!.# 2. 6t h"11e!ed o! " ert"i! d"y, Whe! this f"ir l"dy fell f"st "slee1, ,h"t i! "m# " good grey sel hie, A!d set him doo! "t her bed feet, &. 5"yi!g, 2Aw"k#, "w"k#, my 1retty f"ir m"id. ;or oh< how sou!d "s thou dost slee1< A!# 6#ll tell thee where thy b"by#s f"ther is0 /e#s sitti!# lose "t thy bed feet.# 4. 26 1r"y, ome tell to me thy !"me, 3h< tell me where does thy dwelli!g be8# 2$y !"me it is good /ei! $"iler, A!# 6 e"r! my livi!# oot o# the se". '. 26 "m " m"! u1o! the l"!d0 6 "m " sel hie i! the se"0 A!# whi! 6#m f"r fr"e every str"!d, $y dwelli!# is i! 5hool 5kerrie.# (. 2Al"s< "l"s< this woeful f"te< ,his we"ry f"te th"t#s bee! l"id for me< ,h"t " m"! should ome fr"e the W"st o# /oy, ,o the 7orw"y l"!ds to h"ve " b"ir! wi# me.# ). 2$y de"r, 6#ll wed thee with " ri!g, With " ri!g, my de"r, 6#ll wed wi# thee.# 2,hoo m"y go wed thee wedde!s wi# whom thoo wilt0 ;or 6#m sure thoo#ll !ever wed !o!e wi# me.# *. 2,hoo will !urse my little wee so! ;or seve! lo!g ye"rs u1o# thy k!ee, A!# "t the e!d o# seve! lo!g ye"rs 6#ll ome b" k "!# 1"y the !orish fee.#

+. 5he#s !ursed her little wee so! ;or seve! lo!g ye"rs u1o# her k!ee, A!# "t the e!d o# seve! lo!g ye"rs /e "m# b" k wi# gold "!# white mo!ie. 10. 5he s"ys, 2$y de"r, 6#ll wed thee wi# " ri!g, With " ri!g, my de"r, 6#ll wed wi# thee.# 2,hoo m"y go wed thee wedde!s wi# whom thoo will0 ;or 6#m sure thoo#ll !ever wed !o!e wi# me. 11. 2But 6#ll 1ut " gold h"i! "rou!d his !e k, A!# " gey good gold h"i! it#ll be, 'ery ,h"t if ever he omes to the 7orw"y l"!ds, ,hoo m"y h"e " gey good guess o! hi#. 12. 2A!# thoo will get " gu!!er good, A!# " gey good gu!!er it will be, A!# he#ll g"e oot o! " $"y mor!i!# A!# shoot the so! "!# the grey sel hie.# 1&. 3h< she h"s got " gu!!er good, A!# " gey good gu!!er it w"s he, A!# he g"ed oot o! " $"y mor!i!#, A!# he shot the so! "!d the grey sel hie. W$en t$e *(nner ret(rned &rom $is e%)edition and s$owed t$e !orway woman t$e *old c$ain, w$ic$ $e $ad &o(nd ro(nd t$e nec- o& t$e yo(n* seal, t$e )oor woman, realisin* t$at $er son $ad )eris$ed, *i'es e%)ression to $er sorrow in t$e last stan>a"? 14. 2Al"s< "l"s< this woeful f"te< ,his we"ry f"te th"t#s bee! l"id for me<# A!# "! e or twi e she sobbed "!d sighed, A!# her te!der he"rt did br"k i! three.





26t w"s !" weel,# =uo the m"ide! f"ir, well, said 26t w"s !" weel, i!deed,# =uo she, 2,h"t the >re"t 5ilkie of 5ule 5kerrie 5uld h"e ome "!d "ught " b"ir! to me.# 7ow he h"s t"e! " 1urse of goud, A!d he h"s 1"t it u1o her k!ee, 5"yi!, >ie to me my little you!g so!, A! t"k thee u1 thy !ourris:fee.
*old )(t



A! it s"ll ome to 1"ss o! " simmer#s d"y, Whe! the si! shi!es het o! ever" st"!e, $ot ,h"t 6 will t"k my little you!g so!, A! te" h him for to swim the f"em. &oam A! thu s"ll m"rry " 1roud gu!!er, A! " 1roud gu!!er 6#m sure he#ll be, A! the very first s hot th"t ere he s hoots, /e#ll s hoot b"ith my you!g so! "!d me.



Optional Course English and Scottish Ballads texts 4 - 2

?i!g 3rfeo
Child 1+, su!g i! 5hetl"!d i! the mid:!i!etee!th e!tury. ,he refr"i! 1reserves some words of 7or!, the 5 "!di!"vi"! l"!gu"ge o! e s1oke! i! 3rk!ey "!d 5hetl"!d, 1erh"1s me"!i!g: @,he wood grows e"rly gree!, where the h"rt ABdeerC goes ye"rly.% 1. .er lived " ki!g i!t" d" "ste, Scowan @rla *r@n .er lived " l"dy i! d" w"st. W$ar *iorten $an *r@n oarlac 2. .is ki!g he h"s " hu!ti! g"e!, /e#s left his -"dy 6s"bel "l"!e. &. 23h 6 wis ye#d !ever g"e! "w"y, ;or "t your h"me is dDl "! w"e. 4. 2;or d" ki!g o ;errie we his d"ert, /"s 1ier ed your l"dy to d" hert.# EEEEE '. A!d "ifter dem d" ki!g h"s g"e!, But wh"! he "m it w"s " grey st"!e. (. ."! he took oot his 1i1es t" 1l"y, Bit s"ir his hert wi dDl "! w"e. ). A!d first he 1l"yed d" !otes o !oy, A! d"! he 1l"yed d" !otes o Foy. *. A! d"! he 1l"yed d" gDd g"bber reel, ."t mei ht h" m"de " si k hert h"le. +. 27oo ome ye i! i!t" wir h", A! ome ye i! "mo!g wis "#.# 10. 7ow he#s g"e! i! i!t" der h", A! he#s g"e! i! "mo!g dem "#. 11. ."! he took out his 1i1es to 1l"y, Bit s"ir his hert wi dDl l "! w"e. 12. A! first he 1l"yed d" !otes o !oy, A! d"! he 1l"yed d" !otes o Foy.
*rie& dance t(ne well $all (s sorrow arrow east

1&. A! d"! he 1l"yed d" gDd g"bber reel, ."t mei ht h" m"de " si k hert h"le. 14. 27oo tell to us wh"t ye will h"e: Wh"t s"ll we gie you for your 1l"y8 1'. 2Wh"t 6 will h"e 6 will you tell, A! d"t#s me -"dy 6s"bel.# 1(. 29ees t"k your l"dy, "! yees g"e!g h"me, A! yees be ki!g ower "# your "i!.# 1). /e#s t"e! his l"dy, "! he#s g"e! h"me, A! !oo he#s ki!g ower "# his "i!.
yo(ll o'er

*. But whe! the -ords w"s f"e! "slee1, /er or1s out of the house did swee1.

$ad &allen

+. 7ow he#s "w"# to the wood, wood were, wild A!d there he#s to sit till grow! o#er wi h"ir. 10. /e h"d !ot sitte! seve! lo!g ye"rs, ,ill " om1"!y to him drew !e"r. 11. 5ome did ride "!d some did gi!g, /e s"w his -"dy them "mo!g. 12. ,here stood " /"" u1o! yo! hill, ,here we!t "" the -"dies tilt. 1&. /e#s l"id him o! his belly to swim, Whe! he "me it w"s " gr"y st"!e. 14. 7ow he#s set him dow! ful w"e, A!d he#s t"e! out his 1i1es to 1l"y. 1'. ;irst he 1l"yed the !otes of !oy0 ,he! he 1l"yed the !otes of Foy.
sad *rie& wal-

to it

?i!g 3r1heus
A versio! of Child 1+, re orded i! 5hetl"!d i! 1*(' GteHt from Imily -yle, ed., Scottis$ Ballads, 1++4, with s1elli!g "!d 1u! tu"tio!s slightly editedJ. 5t"!K"s ):12 here fill i! the g"1 betwee! 4 "!d ' i! the 1revious teHt. 1. ,here lived " -"dy i! yo! /"", Scowan orla *roan8 /er !"me w"s -"dy -is" Bell, W$ere *(rtin *rew &or !orla 2. 3!e d"y the ?i!g ":hu!ti!g we!t0 ,hey wou!ded the -"dy to the he"rt. &. ,he ?i!g of the ;"iries wi his d"rt Wou!ded his -"dy to the he"rt. 4. 5o whe! the ?i!g "me home "t !oo!, /e "sked for -"dy -is" Bell. '. /is !obles u!to him did s"y: 2$y l"dy w"s wou!ded, but !oo she is de"d.# (. 27ow they h"ve t"e! her life fr" me, But her or1s they#s !ever h".# ). 7ow he h"ve "lled his !obles "", ,o w"ltKe her or1s i!to the /"".
ta-en t$eyll all watc$, in wit$ $all

1(. A!d the! he 1l"yed the g"ber reel, (see note) ,h"t might " m"de " si k he"rt he"l. w$ole A $ealt$y 1). ,here "me " boy out of the /"": 29e#re bidde! to ome i! "mo!g us "".# 1*. ,he foremost m"! to him did s"y: 2Wh"t thou h"# for thy 1l"y8# w$at will yo( $a'eB 1+. 2;or my 1l"y 6 will thee tell, 6#ll h"# my -"dy -is" Bell.# 20. 2,hy sister#s so!, th"t u!worthy thi!g. ,omorrow is to be row!ed ?i!g. 21. 2But thou#s t"ke her "!d thou#s go hem, A!d thou sh"lt be ki!g oe#r thy ow!.#

Optional Course English and Scottish Ballads texts 4 - 3

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