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We use some adverbs to describe how frequently we do an activity.

Utilizamos los adverbios de frecuencia para describir cuan frecuentemente realizamos una actividad. These are called adverbs of frequency and include: Frequency Adverb of Frequency 100% %0% '0% *0% ,0% /0% 10% ,% 0% lways !siempre" Usually !usualmente" normally ( $enerally !)ormalmente o $eneralmente" often+ ( frequently !a menudo" -ometimos !a veces" 0ccasionally !ocasionalmente" -eldom !pocas veces" hardly ever ( rarely !raramente" )ever !nunca" Example Sentence # always $o to bed before 11pm. # usually have cereal for brea&fast. # normally $o to the $ym. # often surf the internet. # sometimes for$et my wife.s birthday. # occasionally eat 1un& food. # seldom read the newspaper. # hardly ever drin& alcohol. # never swim in the sea.

+ -ome people pronounce the .T. in often but many others do not. Tambi2n se utiliza3 every day y al$unos otros que los vamos a ir viendo a medida que hacemos e1ercicios.