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Programa Intel Educar Curso Esencial

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Autor de la unidad Nombre y apellido Nombre de la institucin educativa Ubicacin de la institucin educativa Otros datos de la institucin educativa Descripcin de la unidad Ttulo de la unidad Lets going trip Resumen de la unidad Claudina Muoz C.E.B.G. Altos de La Estancia Altos de La Estancia, San Juan de Dios, Antn, Cocl 2 Jornadas: ri!aria " re#Media

This Project takes over students from VI del C.E.B.G. Altos de la Estancia understand how im ortant is to s eak En!lish accordin! their stud" level in order to communicate to American tourists who come fre#uentl" to their town. $here can we !o tri in! at end of this "ear% $hat touristics laces have "ou visited in our countr"% As Panamanians we should know a&out our touristics laces &ecause it hel s to look for and value the Penonomenian richments &" the wa" it allows to find out different t" es of &enefits which im rove our life #ualit" and hel us valuin! the natural resources we have and we should not miss them at all so that I invite "ou doin! different dumm" t" es which "ou ma" descri&e orall" &" usin! all voca&ularies done in class.
Espacio/s curricular/es o asignatura/s

Ao y ni el

2014- Primario
Tiempo necesario apro!imado 6 horas "undamentos de la unidad Contenidos

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Programa Intel Educar Curso Esencial




1. Tourism in Penonome
Historical sites Attractions Fairs Shopping centers National celebrations

Identifying vocabulary related to tourism in Panama

Promoting the safe and responsible use of historical sites! natural resources and attractions in Panama Practicing organi(ational s)ills in academic and leisure time activities

Future "ense #d$ectives Nouns %omparatives and superlatives Preposition of place

#()eti os del aprendi*a)e

&oing a demo sho'ing the most important touristic places at %ocle province

*e+uest basic information about living in the country and cities

$ndicadores Lo%ros

,ists )ey 'ords and phrases about the topic -uild up touristics dummy places &escribes tourist sites 'ith appropriate vocabulary and e.pressions
Preguntas orientadoras del plan de unidad
design(design(curriculum-.uestions.html http'(()))*+2(pro,ect-

Pregunta esencial

Where can we go tripping? $hat touristics laces have "ou visited in Penonome or Panama% Do you know how much is their cost? $h" is interestin! to know a&out touristics laces in our town% 'ow can we !et information a&out touristics laces in Panama% Do you know what a touristic place is? How do you communicate to foreigners?

Preguntas de unidad

Preguntas de contenido

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Programa Intel Educar Curso Esencial

Plan de e aluacin

Cronograma de evaluaciones
.e/ore 'y Pro)ect During 'y Pro)ect Co#Assess!ent 6ista de cote,o para evaluar traba,o colaborativo. 7timative 8rade about picture recognition. Results At/er Pro)ect (etero# Assess!ent 91ubric: 7peech about demo. %hotocollage "reation.

Sel'#assess!ent : brainstorming Ortientation 4uestion 5ay you tell me /hat do you thin* is it0

Resumen de e aluaciones Assessment (Q.Q.Q.) +-/here can )e go tripping0 rocedure and ur&ose

1.1 This picture look for waking up a critical thinking which they can express their ideas and interact each others 2.2 Through this type of grading they assess their colla$orati"e %o$. &.&. I will assess their oral perfor!ance and the photocollage tool.

2. ti!ati"e #ssess!ent &. 1ubric

Detalles de la unidad +a(ilidades pre ias 2e3ore doing this %ro,ect my students should have *no)ledge about di33erent vocabularies to build up basic statements also they must blo) up their creativity, bring materials to design their demos photocollage tool. Procedimientos ,Acti idades-

Session 1(40 minutes) ,oo) a tourist picture /.press his0her ideas about touristics places 'rite do'n different vocabularies from the board 1pronouns!

Session 2-3(80 minutes) ,oo) in the dictionary each 'ord and translate it Share meaning each

Session 5 (40 minutes) Take picture about their project de e!opme nt

Session 6 (40 minutes) "resent a speech about dommies usin#$ %and a


! "orporacin #ntel. $odos los derechos reservados.

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Programa Intel Educar Curso Esencial

ad$ectives! names of places! verb be! prepositions2 ,oo) in the dictionary each 'ord and translate it

other Take picture about their project de e!opment

&esi#n dummies structures &ea! 'ith photoco!!a# e at (T !ab$

photo co!!a#e about the project$

Estudiante con necesidades especiales $o 0ispano1 parlantes Estudiante talentoso

'y students fro! inclusi"e roo! will ha"e the sa!e responsi$ilities $ut dealing with s!all (uantities of words) working through pictures and flashcards according their special necessities. I do not ha"e foreigners language student.

I ha"e pretty $rilliant students which their skills are $ase on arts so I ask the! supporting !e a$oiut drawing) painting and others.

'ateriales y recursos necesarios para la unidad Tecnologa 2 +ard3are 9e.uipo necesario: "&mara "omputadora9s: "&mara digital ;isco l&ser #mpresora 7istema de proyeccin <"1 "&mara de v>deo =.uipo de v>deo con3erencia Otro

1eproductor de ;<; "onexin a #nternet Tecnologa 2 &o/t3are 9necesario: 2ase de datos(Ho,a de c&lculo ;iagramador de publicaciones %rograma de correo electrnico =nciclopedia en ";-1O5
'ateriales impresos &uministros Recursos de Internet #tros Recursos

=sc&ner $elevisor

=ditor de im&genes 5ultimedia

;esarrollo de p&ginas )eb %rocesador de texto Otro

2uscador /eb

*nglish+ panish dictionary),ood) fo!!y) cartoons) plastic) pencil color) glue) siccors)ruler)!aga-ines)newspaper) touristics $rochure. *le!entos esenciales (ue de$en pedirse u o$tenerse para i!ple!entar su unidad. .o incluye art/culos de uso diario co!unes a todas las aulas. ,e$ site0!1 sitios tur/sticos en 2ocl Touristic 3ictures 33T) 3hotocollage.

6os programas de #ntel? =ducacin son 3inanciados por la @undacin #ntel y la "orporacin #ntel. ;erechos reservados 2 !, "orporacin #ntel. $odos los derechos reservados. #ntel, el logo de #ntel, la iniciativa de #ntel =ducacin y el %rograma #ntel =ducar son marcas registradas de #ntel "orporation o de sus subsidiarias en los =stados Unidos y otros pa>ses. AOtros nombres y marcas pueden ser reclamadas como la propiedad de terceras partes.

! "orporacin #ntel. $odos los derechos reservados.


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Programa Intel Educar Curso Esencial

! "orporacin #ntel. $odos los derechos reservados.


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