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Dustin e-port feedback

Imaging: one of the fluoroscopy words in the course description is spelled incorrectly
Under the Assessments section, it should say, quizzes were also assigned
Simulation: Good!
Anatomy: Good!
Physics: Good!
Computers and Networking: Good!
Radiation Safety: Good!
Intro to e-port: For the weeks 2 and 3 discussions, I would remove the active link from the text
that would take the reader to the home page of your e-portfolio. Either summarize in your own
words what those two weeks consisted of or leave the verbiage like it is and just remove the link.
Research Methods I: Not sure if the link to the survey is supposed to be active or not (Week 6
discussion), but it isnt. I would either make it active or show the survey as a separate document
(without giving the reader the chance to actually take the survey).
Professional Issues: Good!
Rad Dose Calcs: Good!
Teletherapy Tx. planning: Under Assessments, remove the part that says, results currently
pending since you did receive the points. !
Conformal tx planning: Under the week 2 discussion, make sure your youtube video opens in
a new internet tab/window vs. over your e-portfolio.
Education in Med Dos: Good! Love how you embedded the YouSeeU presentation directly on
the page as opposed to taking the reader out to a different page. I would upload this YouSeeU
presentation on the Presentations page under Scholarly Activity I see you already have
something on that pagefantastic!
Also, once you get your service journal done (which I believe is happening this weekend?), make
sure and upload that into your e-port under one of the 3 options in the Service category.
UNBELIEVABLE!!! Love your service page(s)!
Clinical Practicum I: LOVE your page! It's laid out really well and flows nicely. Just a few
1. For your clinical labs, include your completed ones (as opposed to blank ones)
2. For the monthly evals, I would include the comments left by John and Judy on the course
page (similar to what you did with the competencies).You may also want to explain the
categories you were evaluated on as a description of the monthly evals.
3. The prompts for the self-reflection for the clinical practicum were slightly different than the
prompts for the other courses....make sure you put the correct prompts on the e-port page.
Brachytherapy: Under the "Assessments" category, I think it should be, "...allows people
to collaborate..." ??
Love how you embedded VT directly into the page. You may want to mention
which icon you are so the reader can click your icon to listen to your recording.
Clinical Oncology:
1. Make sure the link to the wiki opens directly to the clinical oncology page.
2. I would elaborate a bit more on what the wiki project entailed (topics being divided among
group members, leaders, etc.)
3. Throw in a sentence (or two) about the quizzes in the do you feel about your
4. add week 7 wiki project grade
Clinical Practicum II:
Make sure you include the May eval since May is grouped into the summer months :)
Also, make sure you mention your community service on this page too (if you want to give a
brief description and then link to the service page, that's fine).
Rad Bio: Good!
QA: Good!
Protocols & Studies: Good! (Should YouSeeU be in YouTube or Dropbox Shared link they
Biographic information: I love your biographic information header! :)
Scholarly activity: You may want to include any other presentations, such as those you had for
case studies in your clinical practicum courses. Also, your mentoring presentation starts up
when you go to this page, but your protocols and studies presentation doesnt. Do you want to
have them both embedded by links, or do you want to keep it where one is open, but the other
you have to click to get to? Just a thought..
Add links back to scholarly activity at the bottom of your publications and research pages
Goals: Add links back to Goals at the bottom of your pages
Check your overall use of medical dosimetrist throughout your e-port. Sometimes you capitalize
it, but other times you dont. Try to keep it consistent, whatever way you choose.
I love your personal goal!!! :)
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Professional Development: Good!
Clinical Achievements: Very good!