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Part 1- Writing Question 1- Writing a card Question 2- Writing a letter to a penfriend DT Collated Results Content /Effect on target reader

Strengths Task accomplished, covered all the points. Target reader would be informed. Weaknesses For uestion 1, some !T! wrote more than "# words, she could go more straight to the point.

Range and accuracy of vocabulary and gra

Strengths $ood range of le%is related to kinds of dance. e.g. breakdance, street dance

ar structures

Weaknesses Few spelling errors made, probabl& due to '1 interference. !ome errors do not impede communication, but can have a negative impact on the reader, e.g.( )* know &ou like breakdanse) instead of )breakdance! "in French dance is written with an s#$ )&ou miss me ver& much) instead of )* miss &ou ver& much+ ,in French, we sa& )tu me man ue+-

*nappropriate use of definite article the% e.g( )* know &ou like the breakdance+ instead of )like breakdance+. )the ne%t holida&+ instead of )ne%t holida&+. )the ne%t month+ instead of )ne%t month+.

.voidance or unawareness of present perfect tense, e.g.( )*n the last few months * don/t reall& watch T0+ instead of )* haven/t reall& watched T0+.

*ncorrect use of past simple, e.g. )* start $erman lessons+ instead of )* started $erman lessons+.

&rganisation and cohesion

Strengths Te%t is coherent, ideas are logicall& organi1ed. 2ight use of simple linking devices, e.g.( * know &ou like breakdance so * suggest3+ )* usuall& watch movies, but as * started $erman lessons, * don/t Weaknesses 'ack of le%ical cohesion, e.g. )thanks for inviting me to &our 'arty, * reall& en4o&ed the 'arty+ instead of )* reall& en4o&ed it.+ )* don/t reall& (atch T0 but (hen ) (atch 3* usuall& (atch movies+ instead of )but when * do3.* usuall&