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Luke A.

1270 Alfred St., Brookfield, WI 53005 (262) 501-2422

Alverno College Licensure to Masters in Education current University of Wisconsin Madison Bachelor of Science, Economics and Political Science 2001

Career Objectives
Improve my craft as an educator and to model lifelong learning for students. Develop as an educational leader.

Professional Experience
Social Studies Teacher, Marquette University High School 2001-present Taught STAR World History, World History, United States History, Introductory Economics, and International Relations Created a Social Studies Writing Curriculum Manual Soccer Coach, Marquette University High School 2001-present Served as an assistant coach on the freshman soccer team Assisted the varsity coach as a liaison to players and through scouting varsity competition Summer School Teacher, Marquette University High School 2004-present Taught Composition with emphasis in cross-curricular research and computer skills Organized and moderated after-school study hall (2004-2009) Faculty Senate, Marquette University High School 2008-present Elected twice by faculty and chosen by Senators as Chairperson from 2009-present Organize agendas and coordinate meetings with administration Compile information from faculty through listening sessions on salary and benefits Conclave Moderator, Marquette University High School 2003-2008 Organized and moderated meetings with students and administrators Coordinated and managed all dances and dance-week activities, fine arts week, multicultural activities, senior picnic, and the Great America trip Organized all-school assemblies for the Grad at Grad, Christmas, and Conclave elections Coordinated all-school fundraisers to aid the Hunger Task Force and relief efforts from Hurricane Katrina, as well as the Got Integrity? campaign in the school cafeteria Mentor to New Teacher 2011-2012 Meet with new teacher to discuss unit and lesson planning

Provide feedback for improvement Co-Chair Ignation Learning Team for Literacy 2013-2014 Coordinated discussion-based meetings for colleagues Collaborate with Reading Specialist to recommend curriculum improvements Additional Service to MUHS Member of the Alumni Service Corps in the Social Studies Department (2001-2002) Served as Assistant to the Service Director (2001-2002) Faculty leader on Freshman, Sophomore, and Kairos retreats Faculty leader on senior service trips to the Glenmary Missionary in Kentucky Served on committees for: diversity, scheduling, writing, strategic planning, social studies hiring Faculty chaperone on Irish Adventure travel abroad program

Teaching Awards and Recognition

Hansen Excellence in Teaching Award 2009 ETS Recognition of Excellence Award Praxis II 2013