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Portfolio Artifact Rationale Statement Video #3 Middle School United States History Context and Connection to Educational Frameworks

This video shows a lesson that was written for 8th grade students at Nativity Jesuit Middle School in a United States History class. NJMS is a middle school for Latinos that was founded to primarily support first and second generation immigrant families who want to support their children to learn the academic skills necessary to prepare for high achievement in college. I conducted field work at NJMS to learn more about the school which typically has 40-50 graduates at Marquette High in any given year. Most of the students at NJMS are bilingual and some are English language learners. This field work was critical in forming my work with the students at the high school level to ensure that we are serving them effectively to help them accomplish their goal of earning a college degree. The work of Howard Gardner is evident in this lesson as the Textbook Activity Guide is designed to give students who think differently an opportunity to learn the same lesson about history. The lesson gives students an opportunity to analyze the strategies of WWII by reading text and/or analyzing visuals like maps. Students can derive the same meaning by engaging the material from different perspectives using multiple intelligences. Standard/Ability WTS #3 WTS #8 AEA Coordination Artifact Video #3 Restate in your own words what this standard/ability means Teachers understand diversity and effectively plan for lessons to ensure that diversity is an asset to classroom learning. Teachers employ formal and informal assessment strategies to support student learning. Teachers must utilize resources that support learning. WTS #8 This lesson was used to prepare students for traditional quizzes and tests in their U.S. History class. I also demonstrate my ability to informally assess student progress through my interactions with students as they work in small groups and when they give responses in the large group discussion. Students are supported in a positive manner and I deliberately build a safe environment where they can contribute and I can give ongoing feedback.

WTS #3 NJMS supports diversity in education by ensuring that their graduates have the tools to achieve in a variety of high school and college settings. The lesson I designed supports diversity by engaging the students from the perspective of multiple intelligences. The lesson supports students to develop skills with a textbook and for analyzing history by utilizing both text and visuals.

Artifact Video #3

AEA Coordination I believe that this lesson demonstrates my ability to effectively use resources made available through a required textbook. The textbook serves as just one tool the students can use to learn essential skills.