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Alisha is a strong supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada, and is always looking for new ways to expand the local business community.


Alisha Verma, Executive Director A native Londoner, Alisha has always had ambitions of founding a communications consulting firm, and so became Alisha Verma Communications (AVC). With an upwards of 15 years experience in crisis communication and consulting, Alisha has partnered with transnational conglomerates including Viacom, Nestle, and Nike. Having strengthened her skills through travel, Alisha has practiced communications consulting in France, Dubai and New Zealand. As Executive Director, Alisha serves as the chief officer and spokesperson of Verma Communications. Alisha began her career with a bang, having worked with a world-renowned PR agency, Ogilvy & Mather. Her concentration lies in crisis communication, image consulting, and creative direction. Actively involved in the London community, Alisha is a cherished member of the London Chamber of Commerce and the London Club. She

Alisha is a graduate of the University of Windsor, holding a BA Honours in Communication. After her undergraduate, she pursed an MBA, specializing in Leadership & Managerial Effectiveness, which she completed through Queens University. With her beautiful daughter and husband, Alisha enjoys travelling to Europe frequently and visiting her family. She is also the proud owner of an adorable cocker spaniel-poodle named Oscar, who is equally as passionate about communicating through his barks.

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Alisha Verma Communications in partnership with Marissa Mayer are hosting a Lean In panel discussion with Ms. Mayer herself. We invite you to join us for an evening of wine, cheese, and glass ceiling cracking. The modern woman deserves every opportunity to grow and to connect with like-minded women from around the country. We encourage you to help us applaud the modern woman alongside one of the most powerful women in the world. Time: Friday December 6 2013 at 6:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. Location: The London Club, the Oak Room.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are formulated to help its users launch a personality they choose to create via social networks. Choose your personality well. Ensure that it works respectively and cohesively to your work life, and your community life. When proudly posting your pictures of your weekend at the local pub, keep in mind that these pictures will be easily accessible to your bosses, your book club, and above all, your in-laws. Alisha Verma Communications wants to help you keep your holiday season strictly merry. We have brought in the best social media specialists in the country to deliver our favorite tricks of the trade on how to leverage social media in a professional yet fun way. So, lets begin.

Poppy Vert, [Media Relations, Argyle


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! 1. Each social media platform is unique. They each serve a purpose different from their counterparts. This being said, each social networks needs to be utilized different, and it is important to know how to use what network. LinkedIn is for business. 5% "#$%&'%()*%+*,%-%+++."#$.$&/%%-%0&'1&'%&223$*4%556.%768.597:! !

!"#$%&'%()*%+*,%-%+++."#$.$&/%%-%0&'1&'%&223$*4%556.%768.597:;! 9! ! Twitter is for thoughts under 140 characters. Instagram is for the beautiful things you experience during the day. Facebook is for real-time interaction. Learn this and live it. easy way to ensure that no lines are being crossed is to picture your boss scanning your profile. Are you posting something that you would be comfortable with him seeing?

Lillian Basil, [Creative Director,


Alexander Terschi, [Corporate

Communications, DDB Public Relations]

2. This is a golden rule of life, and social media is no exception. You are your best person when being sincere and genuine. To post authentically is the easiest way to articulate the sort of individual you are. If you create a sort of phony person and disseminate this persona over social media, people will expect to meet that same person in the flesh. Because your colleagues and connections will meet you face-to-face eventually, it is best that they get to know the real you. The best foot you can put forward is your own.

4. Being social media savvy takes wit. However, you dont have to be Jimmy Kimmel 2.0 to excel at social networking or to gain respect from your followers. Besides being sincere and straightforward, one must also remember to avoid repetition. Often times, you will have connections that follow you across a variety of social platforms. No one wants to see the same message six times over in one day. Tweet wisely, and express your personal diversity through different messages on your difference networks.

Nathaniel Seal, [Executive Vice

President, National Public Relations]

Speak to the AVC Editor-inChief, Priya Das. Mobile: 226.978.9896 Email: Office: 226.569.2357 ext. 2763 LinkedIn:

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3. We live in an invasive society. This means that it can be difficult to separate your business life and your personal life. Although social media is structured as a personal device, it is now being used to optimize business practices. Social media is being used to deliver ads, and messages to the audience of businesses. A quick and

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